DIY Homemade Cleaners : Nightly Sink Scrub

Nightly Sink Scrub - Clean Mama

My favorite DIY recipe is also my favorite nightly ritual – the Nightly Sink Scrub.  It’s a recipe I came up with a few years ago and it pretty much started my DIY cleaners obsession which also turned into my first book, The Organically Clean Home.  The great thing about this recipe is that it’s so simple to whip up and it does such a great job at giving the sink a little scrub, you’ll love it!  Did you know that the sink is pretty much the dirtiest spot in your whole home?  Another reason to give it a nightly scrub!

DIY Nightly Sink Scrub - Clean Mama

Gather your simple ingredients:

  • 2 cups baking soda
  • 10 drops lemon essential oil
  • 10 drops clove essential oil
  • castile soap (or dish soap) (this is not added to the baking soda until it’s used – keep reading!)
  • container with a lid or a shaker top (I like a mason jar, this one specifically :)) – I’ve previously used a shaker top but have switched to a lid – either way works!
  • sink safe scrub brush – I use this one and keep it under my sink in a vintage mason jar.  I can toss the head in the dishwasher to sanitize it as needed.

See how easy it is to mix up and use…

  1. put baking soda in your container
  2. add essential oils to the top of the baking soda
  3. stir and combine with a kitchen knife
  4. wet your sink
  5. sprinkle liberally in your sink
  6. add a squirt or two of dish or castile soap
  7. scrub with a sink-safe scrubber
  8. rinse thoroughly

Sink Scrub

I keep this jar and scrubber under the kitchen sink just for cleaning the sink – it’s convenient and easy to grab every night.

Nightly Sink Scrub Under the Kitchen Sink - Clean Mama

There you have it – a simple and effective DIY cleaning recipe to add to your repertoire!

Nightly Sink Scrub and Brush - Clean Mama


Nightly Sink Scrub - scrub rinse repeat - Clean Mama

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Looking for some natural cleaners to clean your kitchen?  Today I’m sharing my 8 favorite DIY Kitchen Cleaners AND a free printable too!  Chances are you have most of these ingredients in your kitchen already, let’s put them to work.  It’s time to bust the common misconception that in order to clean well, you need chemical-laden cleaners to get the job done. Cleaners should contain ingredients that you can actually pronounce and be safe to use around your family, two important criteria that many common under the sink cleaners can’t meet. Try your hand at these natural and effective kitchen friendly DIY cleaners and see what a difference natural cleaners can make in your kitchen and home.

8 Simple DIY Cleaners - FREE Printable via Clean Mama

Download the 8 Simple DIY Kitchen Cleaner Recipes printable here

It’s time to take a closer look at your commercial kitchen cleaners and make the switch to safer alternatives. You’ll be surprised by just how well they work!

8 Simple DIY Cleaners - Clean Your Kitchen with Natural Ingredients - Free Printable via Clean Mama

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The Organically Clean Home

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Here are just a couple of the recipes:

  • Lemon and clove hardwood floor cleaner
  • No-bleach laundry whitener and brightener
  • Peppermint glass and mirror wipes
  • Lavender and lemon bathroom disinfecting spray
  • Citrus foaming hand soap

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Cleaning With Castile Soap – 11 Simple Recipes

I’ve shared a free printable for Cleaning With Baking Soda, a free printable for Cleaning With Vinegar, a free printable for cleaning with Borax , a free printable for cleaning with lemons and today I have 11 simple cleaning recipes that use castile soap.

Castile soap is an all natural, vegetable based product made primarily of coconut and olive oils.  My favorite is brand is Dr. Bronner’s and I love the citrus version.  It smells fresh and citrus-y.  It also comes in unscented, almond, lavender tea tree and many other scents.  If you have never heard of Dr. Bronner’s you can purchase online through Amazon or I purchase at my local Target (in the natural beauty section).  It’s extremely concentrated and will last a very long time.  One word of caution – castile soap and vinegar can create a funky sludge.  None of these recipes use vinegar – I do use one or two other recipes with a teeny tiny bit of castile soap and vinegar and haven’t had a sludgy reaction, but just be careful as you’re mixing up cleaning concoctions.

Cleaning With Castile Soap - 11 Simple Recipes - Clean Mama

Grab the FREE printable here and if you prefer black + white go here to grab that version.

Put it in your cleaning binder or just pin it and reference it as needed – happy {castile soap} cleaning!   Looking for more DIY Homemade Cleaning Recipes?  Check out this series.

What’s your favorite way to clean with castile soap?


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