SHOP SALE + Planner Update!

A little printable shop update (and SALE) is in order – lots of changes, a couple new products, simplification, and a new look!  But first….

Did you hear that I have a PRINTED planner coming out?  It’s at the printer’s now, getting one last tweak and it’ll be ready.  I’m crossing my fingers for the week of November 14th.  Here’s a sneak peek from Instagram if you’re curious.

What is the Clean Mama Planner?  A simple undated planner for keeping track of homekeeping and the everyday.  You’re going to LOVE it – it’s completely different from any other planner or tool.  I’ve also put a digital version in my shop if you’d prefer that method or just want a sneak peek.  Take a look – the digital version is similar to the printed version – the biggest difference is that the actual printed planner is completely printed and bound beautifully for you, rounded corners, protective cover, and more.  The digital version is 18 documents and half size.


I love sharing printables with you here and in my shop.  If you’ve ever purchased a printable from me or downloaded a free one, I hope you have found a little organizational goodness in your home through the tools.  I’ve simplified the shop, kept the best products and added a few new items.  Come see….


2017 Calendars are in the shop and I’ve added a new kit too – I made this for me and decided to list it in the shop – it’s the JUST ONE PAGE kit.  Sometimes one page is all it takes to break things down, simplify, and see things on paper. The Just One Page Kit is just that – simple, easy, and perfect for getting your thoughts and tasks on paper.  Instead of pages and pages of printables to sort through, I’ve created 10 pages that are flexible, intended to be used in more than one way, and easy to look at.


Here’s a close up at a couple of the pages:


I love this new kit – it might just be one of my favorites!

Head on over to the Clean Mama Printables and use the coupon code 25FALLBACK for 25% off your entire order through Monday, November 7th at 10pm CST.


2017 Calendars are in the shop!

I’m in the process of updating my Etsy shop but I thought I’d pop in and let you know that my 2017 calendars are in the shop!  I have 2 versions of blank 2017 calendars – both come in half and full size and are fillable (you can type in the full size forms if you’d like).  (The Clean Mama planner is still coming – thanks for your patience!)


2017 – AQUA



I also have an updated 2017 cleaning calendar as well – perfect for keeping track of your cleaning and homekeeping all year long – also available as full and half size in the same purchase.

2017-everyday-calendar-prefilled2017 Cleaning Calendar – aqua

Cleaning Routine STICKERS!

Clean Mama's Cleaning Routine Stickers - Clean Mama

I’m so excited to share an itty bitty something with you today – I have itty bitty Clean Mama’s Cleaning Routine Stickers in the shop this weekend!   Even if you don’t follow my cleaning routine you can use these in your planner or calendar 🙂

Cleaning Routine Stickers Close Up - Clean Mama

I’ve had SO many requests for stickers and finally got it together enough to add a few to the shop – go take a peek and grab them if you’re interested – I have a limited quantity available to test it out 🙂

toilet plunger/brush : Monday is bathrooms day
duster : Tuesday is dusting day
vacuum : Wednesday is vacuuming day
bucket : Thursday is floor washing day
garbage can : Friday is catch-all day (a day to catch up)
towels : Saturday is sheets and towels day

Cleaning Routine Stickers in Calendar - Clean Mama

These are professionally printed vinyl die-cut (kiss-cut) stickers with my cleaning routine icons – there are 6 icons and 12 of each icon for a total of 72 stickers per pack and shipping is FREE.  The stickers are removable and re-positionable so you can move them around and change your mind without them tearing or looking funny.  They’re also black and white so they’ll coordinate with anything and everything too!

Itty Bitty Cleaning Routine Stickers - Clean Mama

What would you possibly use these adorable stickers for?  They are perfect for calendars and planners or use them on cleaning bottles and accessories.

Cleaning Routine Stickers on Cleaning Bottles - Clean Mama

They are a little under a 1/2 inch in diameter so they will fit easily on calendar and planner pages with room left to write important dates and other information.

Clean Mama's Cleaning Routine Stickers via Clean Mama

Happy Cleaning!  Go here to check them out!

Clean Mama Printables NEW LOOK + 30% off Flash Sale!

I’ve been working behind the scenes on some really exciting updates and additions to Clean Mama and the first up is a Clean Mama Printables update!  I’ve added a couple new products and changed the shop up a bit – go take a peek and use the coupon code 30FRESHSTART for 30% off your ENTIRE order!  Hurry sale ends Tuesday, October 27th at at 10pm CST.

Fresh Start Sale -  Clean Mama

UPDATE : Everyday Cleaning Planner

Everyday Cleaning Calendar Close-Up - Clean Mama

Just popping in to let you know that the oh-so-wonderful Everyday Cleaning Planner has been updated for 2016!  If you’ve been waiting for the 2016 pages, they are in the shop separately as just the calendar and if you haven’t grabbed the Everyday Cleaning Planner yet, you can get that with September 2015-December 2016 cleaning calendar pages ready for you!

Everyday Cleaning Planner Sept2015-Dec2016 - Clean Mama

EVERYDAY CLEANING PLANNER – over 50 pages + September 2015-December 2016 calendars (pre-filled AND editable/fillable)

If you already have the Everyday Cleaning Planner or just want the cleaning calendar, I made that available too.  This is very similar to what I provide free every month BUT you get the editable/fillable version as well so if you want to add your own daily and rotating tasks you can type those right in and print away.

Clean Mama's Everyday Cleaning Calendar - September 2015-December 2016 - Clean Mama

EVERYDAY CLEANING CALENDAR (no cleaning pages, JUST the calendar – pre-filled AND editable/fillable) – September 2015-December 2016

Editable-Fillable Fields - Create Your Own Cleaning Calendar - Clean Mama

If you aren’t following me on Instagram, you should be!  I post daily cleaning reminders, post simple homekeeping tips, and hold great insta-sales (hint, hint).

Want more details on HOW to make a cleaning planner?  Check out this post!

How to Make a Cleaning Planner via Clean Mama

Reset Your Schedule and Organize Your Life

Have you ever felt like you needed to change up your day but felt paralyzed as to HOW to actually make any changes?  If you feel stuck in a holding pattern and feel like you don’t know how or when to get started, I have a couple new products in the shop sure to help you get started!

After going through seasons with so many variables and ever changing schedules, I’ve figured out the perfect way to simplify the process of planning the day.

Schedule Reset main via Clean Mama

First of all I’ve developed THE SCHEDULE RESET GUIDE.  This simple instructional guide is the way to make real changes that will positively impact your days.  Follow along, implement the simple steps and you’ll have a brand new workable schedule that actually works for YOU!

The Schedule Reset main via Clean Mama

The guide includes 11 pages – instructions, brainstorming, goal setting, and daily and weekly planner pages.

Habit page - The Schedule Reset via Clean Mama

If you need to work on a new habit, you’ll love the habit page – perfect for starting and completing a new habit.

Time Tracker and Goals - The Schedule Reset via Clean Mama

Sometimes getting started is difficult, use the time tracker and goals to examine where you’re spending your time.

Simple Steps + Brainstorming - The Schedule Reset via Clean Mama

Just follow the simple steps + do a little brainstorming and you’ll be well on your way to a better day.

Daily Planner - The Schedule Reset via Clean Mama

I love this simple daily planner page – use it in a binder or put it on a clipboard to keep your day at a glance.

Weekly Planner Close-Up - The Schedule Reset via Clean Mama

Of course, a simple and easy to use weekly planner is included to get you started on your planning.  You can use what’s included in the guide to keep your schedule in check or you can move on to the EVERYDAY A LITTLE SOMETHING PLANNER…..

2 Page Weekly Planner MAIN - Everyday a Little Something Planner via Clean Mama

Once you’ve come up with the perfect schedule and reset how you manage your day and week, you need the perfect printable planner to get started.  That’s where THE EVERYDAY A LITTLE SOMETHING PLANNER comes in at just the right time.  It’s dated from September 2015-December 2016, so you can start whenever you want to and plan ahead.  If you’re still in vacation mode this month, take your time and you’ll still be making real, lasting changes that will impact your days going forward.

Endless Printing Options main - The Everyday a Little Something Planner via Clean Mama

You can configure this planner any way you’d like – it comes with instructions and tips and tricks for printing and easy assembly – it’s perfect for 3 hole punching, discbound punching, coil binding (at your local copy shop) and printing half-sized (included in your purchase).

Planner with Coil Binding - Everyday a Little Something Planner via Clean Mama

I printed my planner at home and brought it to Office Max and had it coil bound for $3.49 (see above pic) and added these stickers for monthly tabs.

Planner Close-up - Everyday a Little Something Planner via Clean Mama

You’ll love the simple and fun color scheme and touches throughout the planner – it’s just the right amount of fun and function.

2 Page Calendar - Everyday a Little Something Planner via Clean Mama

2 page monthly calendars are included with mini month before and after calendars – I love this feature!

Blank and Pre-Filled - Everyday a Little Something Planner via Clean Mama

BOTH blank and pre-filled planner pages are included – you’ll see my daily tasks and time slots for each day are on the pre-filled planner version and it’s blank on the ‘blank’ version.  Perfect for those of you that use my daily tasks and those of you that don’t.  Or if you change your mind and want to switch, you can do that too because BOTH are included in your single purchase.

Covers + Instructions - Everyday a Little Something Planner via Clean Mama

2 planner cover versions and an instructional page with print release is also included.

Important Contacts - Everyday A Little Something Planner - Clean Mama

Add your important contacts in to your planner if you want to keep those contacts close at hand, or leave them out if you don’t think you’ll use this feature.

Important Dates - Everyday A Little Something Planner - Clean Mama

Important dates –  I love having all those important dates on one page!  Never forget a birthday or anniversary again!

Schedule Reset + Planner Bundle 2 via Clean Mama

If you want to grab BOTH kits, I have a great special on them – if you purchase them as a bundle, you get 25% off and can get them both for $19 $14


Shop Update + SALE : Homekeeping Foundations + 2016 Calendars

I am so excited to share a brand new product with you today! I’ve been working on an updated home management binder kit for what feels like years and finally have it ready!  Managing a home can be complicated and I wanted to take the guesswork out of it and create something that is pretty to look at and functional.  Enter THE HOMEKEEPING FOUNDATIONS KIT.  Each section is color coded, it prints off in one easy print document OR you can print individual pages.  I also included an editable/fillable version for all you that ask for that.  It’s included in the listing.  AND, I also included the pages as half size (A5).  And guess what!?  I am also offering this kit as PRINTED FOR YOU.  For an additional price, you can get the whole digital kit PLUS I’ll send you the first copy professionally printed just for you!

Homekeeping Foundations MAIN via Clean mama

The Homekeeping Foundations Kit

Here’s what’s included:

Want to simplify your homekeeping? Take a minute to print out this kit and you’re half-way there. This kit is my virtual hand reaching through the computer to help YOU put your home information together in one, easily accessible place.

If you’ve wanted to finally get your family’s information all together IN ONE PLACE, this is the perfect kit! I’ve compiled all my must-have printables in one easy to print, simple to use printable kit. Just print, hole punch, and put in your favorite binder. You’ll love the easy-to-use format and intuitive nature of Clean Mama’s HOMEKEEPING FOUNDATIONS KIT.

Homekeeping Foundations all sections via Clean mama
There are 6 sections included – Family Information (teal), Calendar (multi-colored), Homekeeping (Clean Mama aqua), Menu Planning (soft orange), Budget (lime green), Projects + Home (strawberry pink). Each section is color coded and includes a cover page to make it even easier to set up your homekeeping binder. You’ll love the subtle, attractive details, and fun color scheme.  If you want a calendar, I have one that matches this kit but it’s sold separately.  (Keep reading!)

Homekeeping Foundations planner pages via Clean Mama
Want a little more flexibility with the kit? This kit includes:
– FULL SIZE (8.5×11 pages) – each page individually and EASY PRINT format, just print once
– FULL SIZE EDITABLE/FILLABLE pages – in case you want to fill in the forms on your computer and print them out
– HALF SIZE (5.5×8.5 pages) – formatted in the EASY PRINT format

Editable Fields - Save your info and print
• Homekeeping Foundations Binder
• Home Management Binder
• Blank – Editable/Fillable

Homekeeping Foundations section by section via Clean Mama
• Cover Page
• Important Dates
• Insurance Information
• Important Contacts
• In Case Of Emergency
• Child Information
• School Information
• Medical Information
• Pet Information

CALENDAR (multi-colored)
• Cover Page
• Daily Planner
• Weekly Dockets – Sun/Mon starts (2 versions/2 pages)
• Perpetual Monthly Calendars – Sun/Mon starts (2 versions/2 pages)
• Year at a Glance

HOMEKEEPING (Clean Mama aqua)
• Cover Page
• Perpetual Monthly Cleaning Calendar
• Clean Mama’s Cleaning Routine Info – 2 pages of instructions and implementation ideas to get you started
• Rotating Cleaning Checklist

MENU PLANNING (soft orange)
• Cover Page
• Family Favorite Meals
• Meals to Try
• Meal Plan for the Month – Sun/Mon starts (2 versions/2 pages)
• Weekly Meal Plan + Shopping List
• Grocery Shopping List

BUDGET (lime green)
• Cover Page
• Bill Checklist
• Monthly Budget Worksheet
• Checkbook Register
• Debt Worksheet

PROJECTS & HOME (strawberry pink)
• Cover Page
• Project Checklist
• Automobile Maintenance Log
• Appliance Maintenance Log
• Service Professional Contact List

Year at a glance Close up via Clean Mama
Use it in a homekeeping binder, or pick and choose the individual printables to use in your home. They look great on a clipboard too!

Shopping List and Menu Plan - Homekeeping Foundations Kit via Clean Mama

2016 Calendars are also in the shop!

Homekeeping Foundations Calendar Close-up via Clean mama

The June 2015 – December 2016 HOMEKEEPING FOUNDATIONS CALENDAR (not included in the Homekeeping Foundations Kit)

2016 Everyday Calendar close up


Hop on over to Clean Mama Printables to see more pictures and information on these products – I know you’ll love them!

If you’d like a little more information on the different lines I carry in my shop and what’s best for your purposes, go to my Clean Mama Printables FAQ page – I discuss the differences and give you some tips on printing and using the printables.

Shop Update : Recipe Binder and Printable Stickers

Happy May!  I have some exciting updates in the shop this month and am excited to introduce two new products today!  (Subscribe in the sidebar so you don’t miss the updates and new products.)

An updated Recipe Binder Kit has been in the works for months and I am really excited with how it all came together:  CLEAN MAMA’S RECIPE BINDER KIT – it’s perfect for keeping all those favorite and important recipes in one place.  Go here to see how I put mine together 🙂

Clean Mama's Recipe Binder Kit via Clean Mama

Complete with new references pages, an updated how-to, and an editable recipe page. You’ll love the fresh design and updated format, it’s perfect for any kitchen and decor and is made with you in mind.

Extra Pages - Clean Mama's Recipe Binder via Clean Mama

Dividers for Clean Mama's Recipe Binder via Clean Mama

A greatly requested product is stickers to go with my cleaning routine – CLEAN MAMA’S CLEANING ROUTINE PRINTABLE STICKERS

Clean Mama's Cleaning Routine Printable Stickers - main image

Love Clean Mama’s Cleaning Routine but want to make it even easier with the ease of stickers? You’ll love these simple cleaning routine stickers. Perfect for adding to any Clean Mama product or your planner or calendar.  This listing includes two formats – one if you want to print the stickers on 4×6  3/4″ pre-cut stickers and one if you want to print on sticker paper and hand-trim or if you’d like to use your Silhouette and kiss-cut your stickers.

Clean Mama's Cleaning Routine Stickers with planner via Clean Mama

Hop on over to Clean Mama Printables to see more pictures and information on these two products – I know you’ll love them!

Shop Update : Notepads!

Shop Update - Homekeeping Notepads - Clean Mama

For those of you that have asked for printed products, I’ve added a limited quantity of 2 different adorable notepads to my Etsy shop – perfect for homekeeping and menu planning.  They are affordably priced and ship for free (to the US only).

Menu Plan for the Week - Full - Clean Mama

Clean Mama’s MENU PLAN for the Week NOTEPAD 8.5 x11 inches
Looking to streamline your menu planning? This functional and adorable notepad is perfect for putting your menu plan into practice.  Each day of the week has a large space for meals (Monday-Sunday) and room for a small shopping list, tasks in the kitchen, and a place to plan for the upcoming week too!

  • 8.5×11 inches
  • signature aqua + black color scheme
  • 50 sheets – cardboard backed
  • bright white 24# paper
  • packaged in a clear cello sleeve with a Clean Mama sticker closure
  • ($10) FREE SHIPPING, shipping to the US only

Homekeeping Notepad Full - Clean Mama

Clean Mama’s HOMEKEEPING ROUTINE NOTEPAD 5.5×8.5 inches
Need a little spot to jot down those homekeeping to-dos? This handy notepad is perfect for daily household to-dos and tasks. Stay on top of the list with this adorable and functional notepad. Its small size is ideal for your dailies.  There’s a place for the week, Monday-Sunday with 8 spots for each day, notes section at the bottom with a visual reminder by way of Clean Mama’s Cleaning Routine Icons on the bottom of the notepad.

  • 5.5×8.5 inches
  • signature aqua + black color scheme
  • 50 sheets – cardboard backed
  • bright white 24# paper
  • packaged in a clear cello sleeve with a Clean Mama sticker closure
  • ($8) FREE SHIPPING, shipping to the US only

Notepads in Cello - Clean Mama

Want them BOTH?  Get BOTH homekeeping notepads for the discounted price of $16 (regular price is $18) – Clean Mama’s 2 Pack of Notepads – Homekeeping +Menu Planning

Sneak Peek

Don’t miss the Spring Cleaning Bundle – coming this FRIDAY to the blog!

Shop Update : Get Organized for 2015

I’ve been updating the shop and getting things ready for 2015 and thought you might like to take a peek!  Come see what’s NEW!

Everyday Work @ Home Kit main - Clean Mama Printables

Time Tracker and Year at a Glance - Clean Mama Printables

EVERYDAY Work@Home Kit – perfect for small business owners to get their stuff together and to get organized.  If you own your own business or work from home, this kit will help you get organized once and for all!


2015 Everyday Calendar Main - Clean Mama Printables

2015 Everyday Calendar - Clean Mama Printables

2015 EVERYDAY Calendar – simple, vertical format.  Add it to your planner or binder and keep track of all those important dates.  I use mine to map out my year for blogging and business-ing.  I put to dos in the notes section and keep track of themes and commitments.


Everyday Health + Fitness Kit main - Clean Mama Printables

Everyday Health + Fitness Kit full - Clean Mama Printables

EVERYDAY Health + Fitness Kit – looking for a little accountability in your health and fitness routine?  You’ll love the attractive and easy to use format of this new kit!  Make 2015 your year to get healthy!


Everyone loves a discount so I bundled some kits together to give you a little discount…

Everyday Complete Kit - Clean Mama Printables



Everyday Resolution Kit - Clean Mama Printables




Clean Mama Printables Streamlined Life RESOLUTION Kit


Clean Mama Printables Black Friday Sale

Just popping in with a HUGE sale in my Etsy shop, click vialis 40mg Clean Mama Printables starting NOW through the entire weekend.  I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and are gearing up for a great weekend.  Use the code 40BLACKFRIDAY for 40% off your ENTIRE order!   Please make sure that you enter the code in the coupon code area at checkout and act fast – sale ends 12/1/14 at 7pm CST!

Have some questions about my printables and products?  Check out my FAQ page – it breaks down my 3 product lines, purchase gives ideas for how to implement the printables, doctor how to print and resize, and lots of other helpful tips.

Clean Mama Printables BLACK FRIDAY SALE via Clean MamaI’m beyond thankful for my readers and customers – have a wonderful weekend!  Head over to the shop and use the code 40BLACKFRIDAY for 40% off your entire order.

Shop Update : Half Size (A5) Printables

Shop Update - Streamlined and Everyday Lines Include Standard and Half Size Printables via Clean Mama

Big news!  I’ve added half letter size (A5) printables to The Streamlined Life Line and The Everyday Line.  What does this mean?  If you order anything from these lines you will get both sizes included (for the same original price).  No more having to resize, simply print out your printables and start using them.  This is especially great if you want the versatility of using a smaller planner and a larger homekeeping notebook – you don’t have to choose which one to purchase – you get both sizes included!

In case you’re curious, I still prefer the larger standard size, because it offers more room for handwriting but the smaller size is great if you want to incorporate some pages into your planner or create a half size planner.  The smaller pages are centered on the page and you’ll see that there is a little more room above and below the text than in the standard size – perfect for notes and decorations.  They print perfectly back to back and can easily be hole-punched with plenty of room to spare.  Yay!

Half Size Printables via Clean Mama

If you have purchased anything from either of these lines recently and want the smaller A5 half letter size, email me at clean dot mama at yahoo dot com with your receipt (looking up your order takes time, so please be considerate and forward me your receipt) and I will happily send the additional printables for free.  Hooray for options!  Happy printable-ing!  Questions about my printables?  Check out my FAQ page – I have lots of helpful tips, favorite products, and links to posts about printables.


Shop Update – The Everyday Line

Along with the re-branding and new look of my website, I’ve been doing some revamping in my shop.  I’ve added some kits, changed some names, simplified the product lines…. each new product is introductory priced!

First up, I want to introduce you to my newest product line – The Everyday Line (click on link to see all kits in the shop on one screen).  Last month I introduced Clean Mama’s Everyday Planner and I’ve created the perfect component to that with two new kits and a cleaning planner.  Yes, a CLEANING PLANNER!  So today I’m going to introduce you to the lovely new product line – it’s perfectly simple black and Clean Mama aqua – I think you’ll love it as much as I do!

(My printables are designed as 8 1/2 x 11 pages, but are easily resized – here are two posts:  RESIZING    2+ TO A PAGE Try it out with a free printable or two and see if your printer accommodates.)

First up, the Clean Mama EVERYDAY CLEANING PLANNER – because why not plan your cleaning, right?  This planner is full of possibilities AND has some editable/fillable components as well – hooray!

Clean Mama's Everyday Cleaning Planner via Clean Mama

•    The Clean Mama ‘Everyday a Little Something’  Cleaning Routine – 2 page explanation (one page of daily tasks and one page of weekly tasks) to guide you through the kit and establish an amazing cleaning routine
•    Everyday Cleaning Planner COVER
•    Once-a-Week Cleaning Checklist – blank –  EDITABLE/FILLABLE so you can add your own routine
•    Once-a-Week Cleaning Checklist – pre-filled
•    Weekly Cleaning Checklist – blank – EDITABLE/FILLABLE so you can add your own routine
•    Weekly Cleaning Checklist – pre-filled
•    Quick Clean Checklist – Whole House
•    Quick Clean Checklist – Living Spaces
•    Quick Clean Checklist – Bathrooms
•    Quick Clean Checklist – Bedrooms
•    Quick Clean Checklist – Kitchen
•    Quick Clean Checklist – Kitchen Appliances
•    Rotating Cleaning Checklist – with months- pre-filled
•    Rotating Cleaning Checklist – no months – pre-filled
•    Rotating Cleaning Checklist – blank – EDITABLE/FILLABLE so you can add your own routine
•    September 2014-December 2015 Cleaning Calendar – blank – EDITABLE/FILLABLE so you can add your own routine
•    September 2014-December 2015 Cleaning Calendar – pre-filled (similar to what I give away on my blog, but now you can get the whole year at a time instead of month by month)

Come see this post on how-to make a ‘cleaning planner’ – it’s full of ideas for making your own EVERYDAY CLEANING PLANNER!

The next new kit is CLEAN MAMA EVERYDAY BUDGET + BILL PAY KIT and it includes 8 documents:

Clean Mama's Everyday Budget and Bill Pay Kit via Clean Mama

•    Everyday Budget + Bill Pay COVER
•    Bill + Payment Checklist
•    Checkbook Register
•    Debt Eliminator Tracker
•    Debt Tracker
•    Monthly Budget Worksheet (with categories)
•    Monthly Budget Worksheet (without categories)
•    Password Log

And the last all new kit is the CLEAN MAMA EVERYDAY MENU PLANNING KIT includes 14 documents:

Clean Mama's Everyday Menu Planning Kit via Clean Mama

•    Everyday Menu Planning COVER
•    Kitchen Inventory
•    Pantry Inventory
•    Refrigerator Inventory
•    Freezer Inventory
•    On the Menu Plan for the Week (Sunday start) with Shopping List
•    On the Menu Plan for the Week (Monday start) with Shopping List
•    Grocery Shopping List – 2 versions – 1 block font and 1 script font
•    Menu Plan for the Month – 2 versions – 1 Sunday start and 1 Monday start
•    Shopping List + Menu Plan
•    Recipes to Try
•    Family Favorites

I’m so excited about these printables and the fresh and simple look – perfect for that time of year when things start to get busy again and a little routine is in order, don’t you think?  Come see them in my Etsy shop, Clean Mama Printables!

Clean Mama Printables NEW Product Line - Everyday Life Line via Clean Mama


Shop Update : Clean Mama’s Everyday Planner + FREE August Planner Pages

I’ve been working on a new planner style and format since I created a planner last year – for real.  I took a lot of things into consideration and have come up with a simple and perfectly functional planner that I absolutely LOVE and hope you will too!  Clean Mama’s Everyday Planner incorporates a few things that are really important to me – it has a straightforward and simple design, it’s super easy to print, and it prints perfectly back to back (hooray!).  It’s only available in black and white to make it easy to print on any printer (color, black and white, laser, inkjet….) and to keep the printing cost low.  I love the black and white design – it can be put in a fancy binder or planner, you can jazz it up with stickers, sticky notes, and washi tape and make it yours.  Better yet, if you combine it into a homekeeping notebook it’ll blend beautifully with what you have.  How about a couple pictures so you can see it?  (Make sure you scroll ALL the way down to the end for the FREE pages too!)

Clean Mama's Everyday Planner - A Simple, Perfectly Functional Planner via Clean Mama

Clean Mama’s Everyday Planner includes 160+ documents and has everything you need to assemble your own simple, perfect planner. Clean Mama’s Everyday Planner is in a simple and attractive format that works for any lifestyle and schedule. Print what you need or print it all out – either way you’ll love the black and white color scheme and ease of this planner. The planner is designed to be printed and bound or hole-punched – put it in a binder or have it professionally bound.  I printed my own on my inkjet printer and put it in a discbound notebook – I use an ARC punch and the Martha Stewart discbound notebook (both found at Staples).

Clean Mama's Everyday Planner via Clean Mama


Clean Mama's Everyday Planner - Monthly Calendars via Clean Mama


Prints perfectly front to back - Clean Mama's Everyday Planner


2 Versions of the Weekly Planner are Included via Clean Mama


Important Contacts - Clean Mama's Everyday Planner via Clean Mama


Notes page and Important Dates to Remember - Clean Mama's Everyday Planner
This listing is in 2 zip files – one for a blank planner and one for a planner with daily tasks (this is my FAVORITE feature!) – save and download both or just the one you will use. Each category is in its own file within the zip (the planner is together as one ‘document’), the calendar is separate and the pages are saved individually….this is so it’s super easy to print back to back or as A4/A5 size.

  • 16 Month Planner – each week on a 2 page spread – 140 pages – blank AND with Clean Mama’s suggested daily tasks are both included
  • Everyday Planner cover page – simple and sweet to match the planner
  • September 2014-December 2015 Calendar (vertical, binder style) – 16 pages
  • Notes page – ‘Jot It Down’
  • Important Dates to Remember – 1 page
  • Important Contacts

I know you’ll love Clean Mama’s Everyday Planner – I’ve added more products to match the planner in black and Clean Mama aqua – see the entire line here.

Not sure how to print a 140 page planner?  First of all, think about HOW you want the pages set up….you could print the calendars back to back with the ‘jot it down’ pages and then insert them between the planner pages.  Print the important contacts pages back to back and set up a little address book in your planner.  I love the important dates to remember page – perfect to write down all the special dates for each month – keep it front and center so you don’t forget that birthday again this year!

How in the world does one print a 140 page planner back to back without going through reams of paper in the process?  The EASIEST way is to print page 1 first by itself without anything on the back of it.  Then, print pages 2-140 BACK to BACK. Your printer will most likely stop halfway through and give you instructions on how to feed the already printed pages back into your printer. If you are unsure on how to do this, I recommend trying it out in ‘draft’ printing mode and printing page 1 and then pages 2-6 to make sure you get how to print back to back first. You can always send to a copy shop and have them print it back to back for you. Because the planner is one ‘document’ this is easy for them to upload and print.   Have a A4/A5 planner and want to resize?  Check out this post!  Want color and a non-dated planner spread?  Check out The Streamlined Life 2014/2015 Calendar and Planner Kit.

Want to try out the planner and see what you think?  How about getting August 2014 for FREE!?  Go here to grab August’s pages in my shop and here to grab them on Googledocs.

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ENDED :: Summer FLASH Sale – 40% off!

Clean Mama Printables Flash Summer Sale

This sale has ended…but you can always use the code 10THANKYOU for 10% off your purchase.  I thought it would be fun to kick off summer with a little summer sale in the shop!  From now until Monday morning at 10am cst, use the coupon code 40SUMMER for 40% off your entire order.  Need a little structure and organization in your summer routine?  Fun colors and functional printables?  Head over and fill your cart – ACT FAST– this sale will not be extended!  (I’ve added some 2015 calendars to the shop too!)

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