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Easy to Clean Mud Room - Clean Mama

I’m slowly making it through my home tour this year and today I’m sharing the mud room with you.  It’s a simple space but it definitely gets a daily workout.  In the original home plans it’s supposed to have a closet laundry room but the original owners moved the laundry room upstairs (thank you to them!).  The mudroom is the first room you enter if you are coming in from the garage and while I would love custom built-ins and cubbies for the kids, it’s completely functional and easy to keep clean and neat.  Here’s a little peek:

Mud Room Entry - Clean Mama

We removed the original linoleum and had tile put in a couple years ago.  I love the look and how easy it is to clean.  I vacuum it weekly on Wednesdays and wash it on Thursdays.  (See my cleaning routine here.)

The paint color is what’s in the majority of the house – Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter – it’s my favorite neutral.


I love the cast-iron rack for coats and such – we only keep one or two coats per person here and store the extras in our entryway coat closet.

Mud Room Bench + Hooks - Clean Mama

The bench is from Pottery Barn too – it’s done really well for 7 years – I just replaced the cushion this month for the first time.  The baskets are from Target.  Each kiddo has their own basket for shoes and they are in charge of putting their own shoes away.  They just toss the shoes in the baskets and tuck the basket back in the slot.

Mud Room Bench - Clean Mama

The closet is my cleaning closet and holds all those goodies – you can see that part of the home tour here.

Mud Room Closet - Clean Mama

I love having a big basket for backpacks – the kids just put them in here at the end of the school day and they’re ready to grab on the way out the door – simple and decorative.

Back Wall - Mud Room - Clean Mama

There’s an utility sink in the mud room that definitely comes in handy and I keep our cordless vacuum at the ready as well – it’s great for grabbing to quickly vacuum up crumbs, dirt, grass, whatever gets tracked in.

A couple musts for an easy to clean mud room?

  • shoe storage
  • coat rack
  • rug for wiping feet
  • easy to clean floor
  • storage for backpacks if you have kids

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Friday is Catch Up Day – How to Clean Up After a Tile Job

How to Clean Up After a Tile Job

Since today (Friday) is designated as my catch up day, I thought I’d share what I’ve been working on this week and what I’m catching up on today.  I can’t take credit for the work, but I did choose the tile so I guess that counts for something, right?  This could be a DIY project with a low price tag and great results.  The linoleum in our mudroom was getting worn and the room gets so much use that tile just seemed like a better, more durable option.  After considering a couple of quotes and comparing that to if we wanted to tackle this project ourselves, we decided to hire a professional.  If you have tiling experience and a small room to tile, I say go for it, but it just didn’t work for us right now.  I love the look of bluestone and slate so I chose a tile that mimicked that – it’s this one from Home Depot (this IS NOT a sponsored link, I just love the product).

Mudroom Floor - Clean Mama

Once the tile was in and had set up for 24 hours and the trim and molding was back in place, I washed the floor 3 times with plain water and a microfiber floor pad (rinsed often).  This gets any extra residue off of the tiles and grout.   Once a room is emptied out for a project like this, it’s a great time to dust the walls, tops of doors, and trim if necessary.  Then I washed the doors, trim, and molding with a mixture of warm water (about a gallon) and a tablespoon of Borax.  I used a microfiber cloth and rinsed it often while I was washing the trim.  (This is my favorite door and trim washing solution – it works SO well!)

After I completed this, I washed the walls – it was either re-paint or see if I could get the walls clean.  Guess what?  Washing the walls worked.  It’s really important that you test out this cleaning solution in an inconspicuous spot first, but once you see if your paint will work with this solution (it should), then start with a microfiber cloth, and about a gallon of warm water and a tablespoon of Borax (same solution as the trim and door cleaning mixture).  Dip the microfiber cloth in the mixture and WRING OUT like crazy.  Then start at the top of the wall and work your way all the way down the wall in a straight line.  Then go directly next to that line and repeat.  Do this until you have made your way around the room or walls with vertical lines.  Rinse often and continue to wring out the mixture completely.  This method is a no streak, no show wall washing solution for me and I use flat paint throughout my house.

So now that the clean up is complete, I’m working on putting the mudroom back together today.  The bench is going back in, a rug, shoe storage, cleaning supplies, and of course shoes and coats will make their return.

Any tiling experience out there?  I’d love to hear your experience!


Quick Tips for Organizing a Mudroom + FREE Printable Labels

FREE Mudroom Labels - Clean Mama

I love having a mudroom.  Shoes and boots come off at the door and the room is used for what it is intended – containing the mud.  If you have a mud or utility room you know that it serves a great purpose, but like everything else, needs a little organization to keep it running smoothly.  Our mudroom will undergo a couple minor changes later this year, but for now here are a couple organizing tricks I use.  As you’ll see this really is a cleaning closet…

mudroom organization - clean mama

I hang cleaners that I don’t use all the time on the wire shelving to keep it out of my cleaning bucket, but still handy.  Label, label – it makes everything look better and I know what’s in the containers above my head.  I love using ‘s’ hooks to hang tools, mops, and brooms.

use 's' hooks to hang tools - Clean Mama

Not sure what an ‘s’ hook is?  They are about 3o cents each and you can find them at any hardware store in a variety of sizes.

put floor pads in a bucket 'to be washed' - Clean Mama

I keep a bucket in the closet for floor pads to be washed and wash them every week or so.

I printed and laminated these labels.  Then I cut them out and attached them with double-stick velcro.  It’s a great solution – that way I can change the labels around if I want to.

Want to make some mudroom or utility room labels too?  Here’s a free printable label set for you!

Mudroom Labels - Clean Mama

Go here to download – print, cut, label!

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Ending the Mud Room Mayhem

Every home has a place where stuff gets stashed, coats are dropped and supplies are hidden.  This may be in several areas of your home or you may have a mud room as your go-to place for these items.  Regardless, adding a little organization to the general area(s) is always helpful. 

Our mud room has a closet with double doors – it’s not as functional as it might sound because there’s a dog kennel in front of one of the doors, but there’s a lot of room to store mud room-type stuff.

Here are a couple ideas for getting and keeping the stuff organized:

group like items together – in baskets, bins, boxes…
I put all the weird household stuff (legs for the washing machine, cabinet knobs, door stops, etc.) in Ziploc bags and then put all those bags in a bin labeled miscellaneous
Plastic shoe boxes are great for storing smaller items like batteries and electrical cords.  I put the batteries in individual Ziploc bags by type/size inside the box for easy access

hang what you can off the floor to maximize your space

label, label, label
I printed my labels on cardstock, cut them out and laminated them

I attached them to my containers with stick-on velcro so I could move them around and change if needed.

overview of the mudroom closet
Do you have a mud room that needs some identification?
Go here to get some specific mud room labels like the ones that I used.
You can go here if you want some blank labels like these.

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