Quick DIY Floor Cleaner (for any floor surface)

Sometimes you need a quick floor cleaning solution and you don’t want to drag out your mop and bucket.  I like having a spray bottle with cleaner ready to clean up small or large messes that need it.  BONUS:  it’s ridiculously simple, yet effective.  This is time-saving and helpful when it comes to little kitchen messes or quick clean ups before guests arrive.  Did someone spill a glass of milk or walk in with muddy shoes?  No need to haul out the mop and bucket, simply spray this SUPER simple solution on the mess and wipe up.  No rinsing required.

New here? I’ve written a lot about DIY cleaners here on the blog and in my 2 books – Simply Clean and The Organically Clean Home.


  • choose either castile soap or Sal Suds (both of the solutions I’m referencing are made by Dr. Bronner’s, but there are other brands of castile soap) – you’ll need 1-2 drops of the soap or cleaning concentrate (adjust as necessary – you want a little bit of bubbles, but you won’t be rinsing it, so you aren’t looking for a ’soapy’ solution).

  • 2 cups warm water
  • 16 oz. spray bottle (here’s my favorite glass spray bottle)
  • 1-2 drops of Sal Suds or castile soap
  • 3-5 drops essential oils if you’d like a little scent – some of my favorites are lemon + clove for the castile and pine + lemon for the Sal Suds (it has a pine-y scent already)
  • my favorite application is with a spray bottle and microfiber cloth but you can also spray and use a microfiber mop or spray mop (you can see my favorites here) or pour the solution into a small bucket and wipe up with a microfiber or cleaning cloth

Once you’ve cleaned up your little or big mess, move on to more important things!  Did you know that I have a floor cleaning recipe label pack in Clean Mama Home?  Check it out here.

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