Your Secret to Getting Things Done – January 2018 Homekeeping Society

I’m so excited to share the new look and feel of Homekeeping Society for 2018 with you!  My whole goal of the subscription is to SIMPLIFY homekeeping – come see how this subscription can take your hand and guide you through those mundane tasks in a mindful and productive way.

Just a heads-up – I’ll be having a HUGE sale on the Homekeeping Society subscription with some pretty great bonuses starting on 12/22 – keep on eye on your email or subscribe in the sidebar if you haven’t already!

A couple NEW things to share:

  • You can now purchase a one-year subscription for Homekeeping Society at a discount – yay!
  • You can login each month AND you’ll also get an email from Clean Mama with the next month’s subscription as a quick download with some exclusive tips for rocking the coming month – easy, peasy!

January’s Homekeeping Society subscription is up – go here to see the homepage and to see what it’s all about.

If you don’t know where to start or are feeling a little defeated, I think you’ll find encouragement in the support and structure Homekeeping Society provides!  Homekeeping Society is intended to be just the gentle nudge you need, making your tasks and to do’s more enjoyable with a sweet and simple format.  My favorite thing about Homekeeping Society is that each month is different, yet it all looks good together, and it’s complete with seasonal touches you’ll love!

Here’s what you’ll find in January’s subscription:

  • 2018 Homekeeping Society cover page
  • January 2018 Homekeeping Society cover page
  • January’s monthly focus (clutter) + quick tips page
  • 2018 important tasks
  • 2018 at-a-glance calendar
  • blank calendar
  • pre-filled calendar
  • monthly menu planning calendar
  • to do list for January
  • daily planner for January
  • 2 weekly dockets for January (Sunday + Monday starts)
  • quote for the kitchen sink


Homekeeping Society is simple to use:

  • 2 EASY PRINT packets are included – simply open and print the pages in ONE step. One version features one of each and the other is set up exactly how the printed version is packaged with 4 pages of the weekly planners, etc. You’ll love how easy this is to use!  Of course, the individual pages are also included, but if you want to print everything in one easy step, you’ll love this. If you want to print back to back, just select that upon printing and print away – easy, peasy!
  • I have a Facebook Group to help you with your homekeeping – HOMEKEEPING SOCIETY – join if you’re a member of the subscription or not, it’s a special place to discuss homekeeping struggles, tips, tricks and ask questions to other members or myself.  It’s a closed group, just ask to join and I’ll add you.
  • I have Homekeeping Society available in my Etsy shop – you can only purchase one month at a time and you will NOT have access to the previous months.  Feeling non-committal? Don’t want to subscribe?  Want to use PayPal?  This is a great option but you’ll need to repurchase each month instead of it being an automatic payment and download.
  • Another great feature with Homekeeping Society is that you can also access/save/download ALL the previous month’s of HOMEKEEPING SOCIETY!  That’s well over 400 printables that you can use!


How to login:

If you’re a member (log in here) and if you’d like to sign up today, it’s an instant download. The Homekeeping Society MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION is designed to create order out of your household chaos and help you keep your home tidy with ease and your mind less cluttered.  You can cancel ANYTIME right on your membership screen.  Take a peek at what I’ve created for the month of January – you’ll LOVE it!

Keeping a home clean can be both rewarding and frustrating. Sure, it’s possible to get your home clean, but to keep it that way can be the biggest challenge. Throw in the additions of busy schedules, jobs, kids, chaos, and lack of time and energy and it can feel downright defeating. You’ll love the Clean Mama Cleaning Routine included in every month of Homekeeping Society – it truly takes the guesswork out of cleaning and sets it on auto-pilot. If you struggle with routine and more or less free time, Homekeeping Society will help you keep on top of the tasks and provide a little structure.


Want to see more and get on the list? I can’t wait for you to join me!  Go here to learn more.  Want to see some ideas and more information on how to implement Homekeeping Society? Go here to see all the posts and past months of Homekeeping Society!

PLEASE NOTE: As a member, you will be able to download your digital subscription every month by going to your account page, click on the link for January 2018 and it will allow you to download the monthly essentials zip file.  I also email your subscription to you as well – if you don’t see it, check your spam folder.

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