An Organized Nail Care Bin

I love a good organizing project and this is one that has worked well for me for a couple years so I thought it might be helpful for you too.  If you have nail polish and nail implements, you might need a place to store them.  I am an occasional/not very often nail polisher so this works well for me.  I like having the supplies in a small box so I can tote it downstairs or out on the patio.  My daughter likes to polish her nails from time to time too and this is handy for her to grab too.

I keep the mani + pedi bin in our bathroom closet – you can see how I re-organized this closet here.

I use the box within a bin method fairly often and for this project it does not disappoint.  Keeping polishes separate and contained from all the other stuff is really handy.  Both this bin and the smaller container with a lid are from IKEA.

Here’s where the easy part comes in – put the nail polishes in one small box or bin that will fit your polishes.

Put the smaller bin in a larger bin and place larger supplies like polish remover, cuticle creams and oils, nail files, and other supples in the bin.  I like using a handled bin so it’s easy to grab and bring it wherever I want to use it.

Summer’s upon us – how do you store your polishes?  Up for a mini organizing project?  This is a great one!


  1. Do you remember what the name of the bins are and the size?

  2. Tonya Parker says:

    Do you know the name of bins that are shown in pictures? I am trying to find them!
    Thank you!

  3. I tend to organize my polishes by color: blues go in one Ziploc baggie, reds go into another, etc. All of those baggies go into my black and gold train case that I purchased from Walmart, along with some tools. Because I don’t want to risk spilling my bottles of nail polish remover, I keep those in a bin in the bathroom.

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