How to Keep Your Bedroom Tidy (Most of the Time)

The bedroom can feel like a catch-all for laundry, projects, stacks, and other miscellaneous items from the day or week.  Our bedrooms should be a safe haven at the end of the day and they should feel relaxing and inviting.  If you’re bedroom isn’t giving you those calm vibes, try these tips for keeping your bedroom tidy (most of the time).

Make your bed every single day. I know it can be hard, but this little step every day just might catapult you into a full-blown cleaning routine.  It’ll set the tone for the day and if you don’t accomplish anything else, hey, you made your bed 🙂

Do not store laundry baskets with clean (or dirty) clothes in the bedroom.  Bedrooms can be a dumping ground for clothing (clean or dirty) and if you want to feel calm when you step into your bedroom, a pile of clothes isn’t the way to create that calm feeling.  Try to fold and put away clothes as you wash them.  This will keep your bedroom tidy and keep that overwhelmed feeling of all.the.laundry away.

Use a basket or bowl by your nightstand for books, jewelry, lotions and potions, etc.  If you have a bedside table, corral those must-have items in a cute dish or basket so they stay where they’re supposed to and look cute at the same time.

Clear your dresser and put a storage system in place to keep it clean and uncluttered.  Keep that dresser cleaned off.  If it’s a hodgepodge of stuff, use a dish or jewelry box for your jewelry or a tray for your perfumes.

Put a donate basket in your bedroom closet.  Try on a shirt that you realize doesn’t fit or you don’t really love anymore?  Instead of hanging it up, put it in your donate basket.  When the basket is full, toss the stuff in a bag and bring it to your favorite shelter or donation spot.

Put things away daily and repeat.  Maintenance is key to a tidy bedroom.  Pick up in the morning after you’ve made your bed and do a quick tidy in the evening before you jump into bed.  It’ll probably take less than a minute morning and night but those minutes add up.

What would you add?  What’s your best tip for keeping your bedroom tidy?


  1. Heidi keller says:

    Please share…Where did you get your pretty turquoise laundry baskets??

  2. Allyson Pitman says:

    I ordered those pretty laundry baskets from Walmart on Monday.

  3. I’m looking at my laundry baskets and thinking they need to go out of my bedroom! Great tips!

  4. Gerri Simons says:

    a small wastebasket for trash emptied from pockets, used tissue, etc.

  5. My husband tends to sweat a lot at night and after a while I can smell it. The smell seems to be trapped in the pillow and mattress. I’ve tried airing it by opening the windows for hours. Wash pillow cases twice a week. Spray air freshener once in a while and it doesn’t seem to last. HELP ANY IDEA!!!

    • Kathie Spencer says:

      Research how to make your own fabric refresher with essential oils. Not sure if this would work for you but it does for me

    • I spritz the sheets and pillows with a natural lavender spray or eucalyptus and let the bed air before I make it. It helps!

    • My husband is like that too! The only thing that helps is having him shower every night before bed! Annoying, but totally worth it!

    • I’ve hit a stage of life where I sweat a lot 🙂

      I vacuum my mattress regularly and wash the mattress protector regularly as well.

      Here’s a cleanmama post with fantastic instructions:

    • Rebekah W says:

      I have this same problem! I have sprinkled the mattress with baking soda then spritzing vinegar over it in the morning and letting it sit all day. Vacuum at night and out in fresh sheets; it’s done great things! And I wash my pillows in the washer 😁 hot water; and make sure they’re thoroughly dry before using again.

    • Catherine Hyland says:

      I have heard that if you do a mix with vodka that will help keep the smell at bay. I have not tried it but it made sense to me. Noted it because my husband also sleeps hot but he showers every morning and night.

  6. Where do you keep your dirty clothes? Thx!

  7. Beth Gordon says:

    I needed this reminder to stop making our bedroom a holding zone for my children’s things, not putting my items away properly and store unneeded items on my bedside table. I’ve been really restless at night lately. I’m not sure how much is related to seasonal issues, health issues, and/or just being in a cluttered environment. Either way I am going to start with a quick tidy of my bedroom.

  8. Jamie Medrano says:

    I need to find a system for our bedroom. We are currently staying with my mother in law and everything for our family of 5 is in our room, except the kids’ toys. It can get so overwhelming.

  9. My bedroom is definitely a catch-all. Hubby has way too many clothes, but simply refuses to pare down. He grew up a poor boy and getting rid of perfectly good clothing is a sin in his mind even though he can’t/doesn’t wear half of them. I’ve tried telling him that it’s a blessing to pass them on to others, but he’s not buying it! He also has a habit of wearing something for a short period of time, then putting it on the rocker in the bedroom because he plans to wear it again and doesn’t think it needs washing yet. THAT looks ugly, too. I am a stacker, so I have too much stuff in and on my nightstand. I am very bad about washing, drying and folding clothes, but leaving the folded clothes in the laundry basket in our bedroom. It was interesting to read this article because it addresses so many of my organized bedroom fails. Looking at your minimalist bedroom makes me want to tackle our bedroom clutter. Thanks for the PUSH!

  10. Our bedroom is a dumping ground for ao many things and it really bothers me. I just don’t know where to start, it is so discouraging. But I have just decided that t9morrow, 30 min of each day will be dedicated to clearing SOMETHING in my bedroom. I am promising this to you all! And to myself.

  11. Would you mind sharing what gorgeous color you’ve painted the walls?;)

  12. Where can you purchase hanging hampers? And your clock on the night stand–is that a free standing, battery operated clock? I know it’s recommended to avoid digital clocks, especially in a bedroom.

  13. Kathryn Moore says:

    Thank you, my bedroom has a lot of clutter. I will start working on this today. I thought I was the only one!

  14. This isn’t a cheap fix, but I got a Roomba a few weeks ago, and I programmed it to run in my bedroom daily. That has been the biggest motivator for me to get my room into a decent state, and then to keep things picked up off the floor. I finally got my “donate” boxes to the thrift store, and I’m even dusting more often, knowing that the vacuum will be running the next day no matter what day I do it.

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