The 7-Day Simply Clean Kick Start Challenge

Yahoo!  That’s a wrap!  If you completed The 7-Day SIMPLY CLEAN Kick Start Challenge – way to go!  If you loved the challenge, I’d love for you to order Simply Clean!  If you pre-ordered, just 2 more days and you’ll have it in your hands!  Don’t forget to tag me on social media (@cleanmama) and use the hashtag #simplycleanthebook – I’ll be featuring pictures from you all over the next few weeks!

Simply Clean will change the way you clean – in the best possible way.

If you’re just landing here, and if you’ve wanted to start a cleaning routine but haven’t known how or where to start, The 7-Day SIMPLY CLEAN Kick Start Challenge is for you.  If you need a little encouragement and help sticking with a cleaning routine, you’ll love this challenge as well.

This challenge is straight from my new book Simply Clean (it comes out on March 21st!) – if you pre-order the book you get this challenge (it’s chapter 3) as an instant download with a bunch of other amazing pre-order bonuses and coupons too.

If you haven’t pre-ordered the book go here to pre-order then go and grab your bonuses (you’ll get them instantly) and come on back to this page.  Not sure if you want to buy the book?  No problem, you can complete the challenge without pre-ordering the book.

And don’t worry – I have a spring cleaning series coming up – do this challenge and you’ll be ready for spring cleaning!

If you want more details and tips about each day, Chapter 3 of Simply Clean (the one you get early with your pre-order) goes much more in depth.  Just sayin’ 🙂

Here’s how the challenge works – every day for 7 days you’ll have an assigned task to complete – you’ll see that the tasks semi-mirror my cleaning routine.  Once you’ve completed the 7 tasks, you’ll be ready to continue with the Simply Clean Method as you move forward. Want to join in and get a jumpstart on your cleaning routine and bring a little order to your home?

Order Simply Clean and follow along!


Coming in a little late?  No worries!  Start when and where you can and follow along!  Check out the links below for where you can find me and follow what works for you:

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  1. I’m up for a challenge!
    I think I will give this a try!

  2. Gala Rydberg says:

    I bought Simply Clean, but I haven’t received anything in my email. I thought I bought through your sight. I know I ordered it through Amazon. I guess I just thought your site sent me there. I so enjoy your 1st Clean book, and I am so looking forward to the new book.

  3. I completed the 7 day challenge yesterday. My house looks great! Thanks for providing the direction and motivation, I’m excited to get my book!

  4. Diane McCormack says:

    I found Amazon notice that I’d get your book tomorrow by 8 pm and I am excited for us both! Congratulations.

  5. Celine Dunne says:

    Hi Becky
    Just received my copy of simply clean in the morning post I ordered from Book Depository Ireland the book looks so good
    I’m going to clean the bathrooms and then relax and ready it cover to cover
    Thanks Becky

  6. I received my book Simply Clean on March 23,2017, and I absolutely love it!!????????Now that I’m finally back from my daughter Surgery and she’s doing a lot better now, till the next one that’s will be in 6-7 months. We still have a long road ahead of us. Now it’s time to get on with getting my house back in order. I wanted to say Congratulations Becky on your new book!!????????

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