The 7-Day Simply Clean Kick Start Challenge

Yahoo!  That’s a wrap!  If you completed The 7-Day SIMPLY CLEAN Kick Start Challenge – way to go!  If you loved the challenge, I’d love for you to order Simply Clean! Don’t forget to tag me on social media (@cleanmama) and use the hashtag #simplycleanthebook – I’ll be featuring pictures from you all over the next few weeks!

Simply Clean will change the way you clean – in the best possible way.

If you’re just landing here, and if you’ve wanted to start a cleaning routine but haven’t known how or where to start, The 7-Day SIMPLY CLEAN Kick Start Challenge is for you.  If you need a little encouragement and help sticking with a cleaning routine, you’ll love this challenge as well.

This challenge is straight from my book Simply Clean.


If you want more details and tips about each day, Chapter 3 of Simply Clean goes much more in depth.  Just sayin’ 🙂

Here’s how the challenge works – every day for 7 days you’ll have an assigned task to complete – you’ll see that the tasks semi-mirror my cleaning routine.  Once you’ve completed the 7 tasks, you’ll be ready to continue with the Simply Clean Method as you move forward. Want to join in and get a jumpstart on your cleaning routine and bring a little order to your home?

Order Simply Clean and follow along!


Coming in a little late?  No worries!  Start when and where you can and follow along!  Check out the links below for where you can find me and follow what works for you:

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  1. I’m up for a challenge!
    I think I will give this a try!

  2. Gala Rydberg says:

    I bought Simply Clean, but I haven’t received anything in my email. I thought I bought through your sight. I know I ordered it through Amazon. I guess I just thought your site sent me there. I so enjoy your 1st Clean book, and I am so looking forward to the new book.

  3. I completed the 7 day challenge yesterday. My house looks great! Thanks for providing the direction and motivation, I’m excited to get my book!

  4. Diane McCormack says:

    I found Amazon notice that I’d get your book tomorrow by 8 pm and I am excited for us both! Congratulations.

  5. Celine Dunne says:

    Hi Becky
    Just received my copy of simply clean in the morning post I ordered from Book Depository Ireland the book looks so good
    I’m going to clean the bathrooms and then relax and ready it cover to cover
    Thanks Becky

  6. I received my book Simply Clean on March 23,2017, and I absolutely love it!!????????Now that I’m finally back from my daughter Surgery and she’s doing a lot better now, till the next one that’s will be in 6-7 months. We still have a long road ahead of us. Now it’s time to get on with getting my house back in order. I wanted to say Congratulations Becky on your new book!!????????

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