Book Day! Simply Clean is here!

It’s Tuesday, March 21st and that means that it’s officially book/birth day for my brand new book, Simply Clean!  If you pre-ordered, you have some happy, happy mail coming today and if you haven’t ordered, go do that or grab your book at your favorite bookstore TODAY! I cannot wait to see how Simply Clean changes the way you clean – I hope that you find it revolutionary in the simplest and best possible way.  Don’t forget to tag me on social media (@cleanmama) and use the hashtag #simplycleanthebook – I’ll be featuring pictures from YOU all over the next few weeks!

Here’s one of my favorite QUICK TIPS from the book:

Simply Clean will change the way you clean – in the best possible way.

I have some media and TV appearances this week – and a book signing in Naperville, IL at Anderson’s Bookshop (3/22 7-9pm) – I’d be THRILLED to meet you!

If you’re just landing here, and if you’ve wanted to start a cleaning routine but haven’t known how or where to start, The 7-Day SIMPLY CLEAN Kick Start Challenge is how the book begins.   If you need a little encouragement and help sticking with a cleaning routine, you’ll love this challenge as well.

This challenge is straight from Simply Clean – go to this post for the details that go along with the book!

Order Simply Clean and follow along! Check out the links below for where you can find me and follow what works for you:

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  1. Where did the aqua bucket come from?? I got the new petite towels the regular white towels the white ribbed towel the white bucket and pretty much all of it actually in my cart but I am wanting to make a caddy for each bathroom and category!!

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