The Clean Mama MENU Planner!

One of my secrets to a successful week is to do a little menu planning on Fridays.  I find that when I have a plan for meal times the whole day runs more smoothly.  I’ve been selling printable menu planners since 2010 and I decided that it was about time I put one in a spiral-bound planner format.  Introducing the Clean Mama MENU Planner!  I’m loving it – come see for yourself and grab it while it’s intro priced….
The Clean Mama Menu Planner is a simple, undated menu planner for keeping track of menu planning and grocery shopping.  Create your menu plan and take your shopping list with you – the menu planner will fit right in your purse!  The Clean Mama Menu Planner is the perfect companion to the Clean Mama Planner.
  • 76 pages
  • smooth, bright white 70# paper
  • 100# card stock front and back covers with clear protective cover and wire-o binding
  • made in the USA
  • paper size is 5.75” x 8” – size with the binding is 6” x 8″

• CLEAR Protective Cover and COVER PAGE

• TITLE PAGE – 3 lines for you to personalize your planner

• 6 – 2 PAGE BLANK CALENDARS – the perfect 2 page monthly calendar complete with a darling meal ideas list on the right hand side

• 5 WEEKLY DOCKETS for each month (30 total) – This page also includes a make again section for a winner dinner + a next week check list as well

• 5 WEEKLY MARKET LISTS for each month (30 total)  – 12 grocery sections – lined and with check boxes (produce, breads/bakery, deli/meats, condiments, baking, canned goods, baked goods, dairy, frozen foods, snacks/beverages, laundry/cleaning, and everything else)
• SUBSTITUTIONS – this for that – run out of something?  Check out my substitutions page to see what you can sub in place of buttermilk, baking powder, powdered sugar and more

• MEASUREMENT EQUIVALENTS – how many teaspoons in a tablespoon, cups in a pint, ounces in a quart?  Consult this page for your
• FAMILY FAVORITES – simple checklist with a spot for the recipe, source, special ingredients and a +/-  for keeping track of favorite meals and meals to make again




  1. Sharon Morgan says:

    I totally LOVE this! I’m not gonna lie, I’m too lazy to formally meal plan…I usually just plan in my head, make my list and then of course forget what I’m supposed to buy when I pass something bright and shiny! LOL
    I will ACTUALLY use this, especially since it will fit in my purse and will always be to hand! Thanks!

  2. I Love This! But i can’t picture spending almost $30 for it ???? looks awesome! I just wish the price was a bit more reasonable. ❤

    • Hi Bree – Thanks for your feedback – It’s for a whole year, spiral bound, and has a plastic cover, and it’s made in the US – this quality is important to me for my shop. I offer printables (both free and purchased) too if you’d prefer to print something up for yourself 🙂

      • Isn’t it just for 6 months? Everything listed as 5 per month is noted at 30 total (so only 6 months.) Plus your response to someone back in Sept clarifies that it is 6 months only and apologizes for the confusion. Yet now you are saying it is for a full year. Which is it?

        • This is a 6 month planner and has always been a 6 month planner. Are you referring to the the 12 grocery sections? Let me know if you have any additional questions!

  3. Michelle Smith says:

    I like the idea of this planner, I have been doing meal plans a couple of weeks at a time (Coordinating with paychecks) for several years. It does help to have a plan. The best part is, when someone asks what’s for dinner, I know and I can send them to the posted menu. I don’t like the idea of adding another “book” to my life. I have your Clean Mama planner and love it. I use the last line on the left side for writing that day’s dinner meal. It would be nice to have a spot to keep a groc list in the planner but I also use the Homekeeping Society Pages so I always have a running list on my clipboard.
    I am trying to reduce, declutter and simplify my life with less paper not more:)

  4. Looks wonderful! I love ❤️ menu planning ????

  5. Looks great. Will the Clean Mama Planner be back in stock anytime soon?

  6. Could you post a picture of the monthly part of the calendar? Thanks!

  7. I received my planner and I can’t wait to use it!! I wish that you would design a food and workout journal too 🙂

  8. Carrie Koenig says:

    Hi Becky,

    I recently ordered another menu planner because I filled up the first one and loved it so much! When I received it was disappointed to see that there are only 6 monthly calendars again. This is advertised as a 12 month planner but, it only has space for 6 months of meals. Did I get an older one by mistake?

  9. Kareen Bigalk says:

    Will the meal planner be back in stock to order soon

  10. Kathryn Dunkleberger says:

    I can’t wait for this to arrive, it’s exactly what I need. Organized is less stress and keeping track eliminates uncertainty. Love that it looks nice with planner, as you say, if it’s pretty it gets used. Thank you for thinking of that other chore we have!


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