Sink Side Organization


I love an organized sink!  Having a little sink side system and organization in place will help you  keep your sink neat and tidy.  Need a little inspiration for your sink?  I’ve put together a handful of sink organizing ideas – grab an idea and get started!

First of all, you need a couple items to get your sink organized.  Here are a couple ideas:

  1. Start with a tray – this will keep drips and water off your counter and it helps to contain your items to keep them organized.  Bonus: it looks cute!
    pictured are a plate from Target, a Fiesta bread tray, a small casserole from Crate&Barrel, and a small wood cutting board from Macy’s.trays-clean-mama
  2. container to hold scrubber and/or sponge – if you do a little or a lot of dish washing, you need some type of scrubber or sponge.  Save space by using vertical storage, choose wisely and make sure that whatever you use allows it air-dry between uses. Pictured are a narrow mason jar, a couple vintage creamers, and a vintage planter – I bet you have something  already.containers-clean-mama
  3. scrubber and/or sponge – every sink needs a scrubber – the type of dish washing you do will determine the scrubber you need.
    pictured are a bubble up, a glass cleaner (I use this for washing out the coffee pot), and a dish scrubberscrub-brushes-clean-mama
  4. hand soap, dish soap, counter spray – these 3 things are why you need a little sink side organization.  Use products that you love – I like having the scent coordinated and I enjoy using seasonal scents to bring a little festivity into the the kitchen.
    pictured are my granite cleaner and spray bottle, Caldrea Pear Blossom Agave and Mrs. Meyer’s holiday collection
  5. soap-and-spray-clean-mama

Once you have your sink side components it’s time to organize them.  Put them next to your sink and arrange them in a way that makes sense for you and your needs.  Add a kitchen towel and you’re all set! Don’t you just love a simple organization ‘project’?


Do a little revamp of your sink or ‘doll’ it up for the holidays – either way, washing dishes will be a little easier on the eyes and your sink will stay organized a little longer!



  1. Hi Becky – can you please give us a link for the Target dish/tray? I cannot find it on their website.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. I keep a nylon scouring pad at the bottom of my jar of long handled scrub brushes. This allows them to drain, and the handles dry quickly.

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