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  1. Becky,
    Do you know of a solution to wipe on surfaces to prevent bugs like fleas and mites?
    Our problem is fleas on an indoor cat. The cat was vet medicine treated and we are washing all linen in hot water, detergent and vinegar everyday.
    Our bed is a vinyl heated waterbed. What should we use to wipe down the vinyl waterbed that would repel the remaining fleas?
    You’re the best!
    We appreciate you!!!

    • Debi Gray says:

      I use garlic on my animals and have had no problems with fleas or tics. You may want to just sprinkle some on the bed under the sheets. The odor doesn’t last long but it will send the fleas packing. Oh I don’t put garlic on my cats directly just all of the dogs. If you have carpet it would not hurt to sprinkle some there also. I have all tile but have placed garlic on rugs. Again all animals no problem on rug either. You may want to check on Peppermint too I have heard it used.
      Hope you have good luck!

    • Gina Oberste says:

      Just a safety reminder to never use essential oils on or around cats. While dogs can tolerate some essential oils, they should never be used or diffused around cats or birds.

  2. Kay, there is a brand of essential oils called Animaleo, that has blends developed by a veterinarian to be safe for animals. There is a blend called Away that is for fleas. The website is

  3. Hi Becky! I would love to buy your fall sale product, do you ship to Toronto yet?

  4. Love your bottles but i’m afraid of the glass breaking do you offer it in a hard clear plastic?

  5. I want to purchase your labels only but the shipping fee is outrageous. Is there a cheaper way?

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