Essentials for Getting Kids Involved In Cleaning + Organizing

Essentials for Getting the Kids Involved In Cleaning - free printables and tips that work! - Clean Mama

Let’s just say it – it’s not easy to get the kids involved with cleaning and organizing.  It takes thought, planning, educating, and lots of patience.  Most of the time it probably feels like it’s easier to just do the cleaning and organizing yourself, but it’s worth it!  Involving the kiddos around the house not only encourages independence and responsibility, it helps kids learn lifelong skills for caring for and maintaining a home.  Today I’m rounding up my favorite posts all about kids, cleaning, and organizing – take a peek, print something out, and include those kiddos in the care of your home!

Create a simple homework caddy to cut down on misplaced supplies and homework chaos.A Simple Homework Caddy via Clean Mama

Teach your kiddos how to help with cleaning with these printable chore lists.  Laminate to make it a reusable list with the help of a dry erase marker.

Let's Clean House - 2 Free Kids Cleaning Checklists - Clean Mama

This simple chore and reward system helps encourage independence and add a little fun to the routine. Includes free printables to get you started!

Simple Chore Chart and Reward System Your Kids Will Love via Clean Mama

How about a room-by-room guide of things that your kids CAN clean?  This guide is the perfect place to start30 plus things your kids can help clean - a room by room guide for the home via Clean Mama

Wondering just what you can expect your school-aged child to do when it comes to cleaning and helping around the home? These lists are the perfect place to start. Includes printables too!

Chores and Responsibilities for the School-Aged Child via Clean Mama

Just because they are young doesn’t mean your preschooler can’t help with simple cleaning tasks! Check out these ideas and printables to help foster pride and independence with your child.Chores + Responsibilities for the Preschool Child via Clean Mama

Put together a cleaning caddy with fun tools and kid safe cleaners. Includes great ideas, DIY cleaner recipe and resources to make cleaning more fun.

Tools for Cleaning With Kids via Clean Mama

Have a tip or struggle to share?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Essentials for Getting the Kids Involved with Cleaning- Clean Mama




  1. Any tips for reluctant teens? The mess sits around their feet for days on end. If I ask, they pick it up but they don’t seem to see if if I don’t point it out. AND, there seems to be no need for an organized space…until they can’t find the sweatshirt they’re looking for. I’ve tried to work with them to put systems in place – i.e. short sleeve shirts in this drawer, shorts/pants on this shelf but mostly the clothes stay on the floor in piles. The natural consequences routine doesn’t seem to work (not being able to find shirt or sweatshirt). I have to admit to making their beds each day because I like them made. They could care less.

  2. I love the ideas for creating a kids cleaning caddy. I think it’s really helpful for them to take ownership of their items, and it makes them special! My kids love vacuuming but I haven’t tried creating a caddy with cleaning supplies for them yet. Add that to my list of things to make!

  3. This is great! I wish I had known these tips when we had little one but now we’re in between…waiting on the first wedding then grandkids. What a great idea teaching them young. A question though; do you find the little boys are just as eager as the little girls? My children are a son and a daughter. Both are out of the house now. My daughter has an immaculate apartment off campus and my son thinks his is clean…thinks! So when teaching the little ones have you found any special encouragement needed for the boys or do they just “get it” because they are still so young?

    • Thanks Ken-
      I find that it really depends on the child – my 3 kids have each been motivated in different ways. Keeping it simple and starting early are probably the most important things and then determining what works for each kid 🙂

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