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Have you ever felt like you needed to change up your day but felt paralyzed as to HOW to actually make any changes?  If you feel stuck in a holding pattern and feel like you don’t know how or when to get started, I have a couple new products in the shop sure to help you get started!

After going through seasons with so many variables and ever changing schedules, I’ve figured out the perfect way to simplify the process of planning the day.

Schedule Reset main via Clean Mama

First of all I’ve developed THE SCHEDULE RESET GUIDE.  This simple instructional guide is the way to make real changes that will positively impact your days.  Follow along, implement the simple steps and you’ll have a brand new workable schedule that actually works for YOU!

The Schedule Reset main via Clean Mama

The guide includes 11 pages – instructions, brainstorming, goal setting, and daily and weekly planner pages.

Habit page - The Schedule Reset via Clean Mama

If you need to work on a new habit, you’ll love the habit page – perfect for starting and completing a new habit.

Time Tracker and Goals - The Schedule Reset via Clean Mama

Sometimes getting started is difficult, use the time tracker and goals to examine where you’re spending your time.

Simple Steps + Brainstorming - The Schedule Reset via Clean Mama

Just follow the simple steps + do a little brainstorming and you’ll be well on your way to a better day.

Daily Planner - The Schedule Reset via Clean Mama

I love this simple daily planner page – use it in a binder or put it on a clipboard to keep your day at a glance.

Weekly Planner Close-Up - The Schedule Reset via Clean Mama

Of course, a simple and easy to use weekly planner is included to get you started on your planning.  You can use what’s included in the guide to keep your schedule in check or you can move on to the EVERYDAY A LITTLE SOMETHING PLANNER…..

2 Page Weekly Planner MAIN - Everyday a Little Something Planner via Clean Mama

Once you’ve come up with the perfect schedule and reset how you manage your day and week, you need the perfect printable planner to get started.  That’s where THE EVERYDAY A LITTLE SOMETHING PLANNER comes in at just the right time.  It’s dated from September 2015-December 2016, so you can start whenever you want to and plan ahead.  If you’re still in vacation mode this month, take your time and you’ll still be making real, lasting changes that will impact your days going forward.

Endless Printing Options main - The Everyday a Little Something Planner via Clean Mama

You can configure this planner any way you’d like – it comes with instructions and tips and tricks for printing and easy assembly – it’s perfect for 3 hole punching, discbound punching, coil binding (at your local copy shop) and printing half-sized (included in your purchase).

Planner with Coil Binding - Everyday a Little Something Planner via Clean Mama

I printed my planner at home and brought it to Office Max and had it coil bound for $3.49 (see above pic) and added these stickers for monthly tabs.

Planner Close-up - Everyday a Little Something Planner via Clean Mama

You’ll love the simple and fun color scheme and touches throughout the planner – it’s just the right amount of fun and function.

2 Page Calendar - Everyday a Little Something Planner via Clean Mama

2 page monthly calendars are included with mini month before and after calendars – I love this feature!

Blank and Pre-Filled - Everyday a Little Something Planner via Clean Mama

BOTH blank and pre-filled planner pages are included – you’ll see my daily tasks and time slots for each day are on the pre-filled planner version and it’s blank on the ‘blank’ version.  Perfect for those of you that use my daily tasks and those of you that don’t.  Or if you change your mind and want to switch, you can do that too because BOTH are included in your single purchase.

Covers + Instructions - Everyday a Little Something Planner via Clean Mama

2 planner cover versions and an instructional page with print release is also included.

Important Contacts - Everyday A Little Something Planner - Clean Mama

Add your important contacts in to your planner if you want to keep those contacts close at hand, or leave them out if you don’t think you’ll use this feature.

Important Dates - Everyday A Little Something Planner - Clean Mama

Important dates –  I love having all those important dates on one page!  Never forget a birthday or anniversary again!

Schedule Reset + Planner Bundle 2 via Clean Mama

If you want to grab BOTH kits, I have a great special on them – if you purchase them as a bundle, you get 25% off and can get them both for $19 $14



  1. Amazing! ~ Just out of curiosity… What program do you use to design your planner? You are quite talented in doing so; I’m not quite computer crafty. Thanks!

  2. I would really love to do this, but I would love to have a printed version mailed to me instead. Would you provide this service?

    • Jessica, at this time, we only pre-print our Homekeeping Society monthly subscription and our Homekeeping Foundations kit. But you can always order and then email the document to your local home office store like Staples or FedEx Office for printing.

  3. Can the 20% be used on the bundle as it’s already reduced? Loving my first Homekeeping Society 🙂

  4. How disappointing! Saw this, got excited reading through it all, and read that it ends 8/8 10pm CST at 10:03pm CST… BIG BUMMER

  5. Hi! Would love to own the martha disc bound if you ever sell let me know??!

    • I don’t sell them. They used to be available at Staples, but have since been discontinued. Sometimes you can find one on eBay or Amazon though! xo Becky

  6. Is coupon code no longer valid? I just tried but it didn’t work

  7. I am preparing to buy my 2016 day planner and wondered if these are yet available in the 2016 versions? I would be interested in one for the entire calendar year. What is the cost on a pre-printed version for Jan – Dec. 2016 in the Bundle? Thank you!

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