The Perfect Picnic Bag

The Perfect Picnic Bag via Clean Mama

I like to plan things out and being spontaneous isn’t one of my best qualities.  But I’ve found that I can embrace spontaneity with a little planning ahead.  And guess what?  No one needs to know that the surprise picnic was easy to pull together.  In the summer it’s fun to grab sandwiches for lunch or dinner and head to a park for a little impromptu picnic.  This perfect picnic bag is how I pull it off with ease.  It’s super easy to pull together – you might even have the necessities already!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a bag large enough to hold your supplies
  • plastic bags to tote away any garbage
  • disposable plates
  • wipes for hand and face wiping
  • silverware and napkins
  • plastic straws (if necessary)
  • bath towel to wipe down any tables or equipment
  • tablecloth for sitting on or covering a picnic table
  • large rocks (in a plastic bag) to hold down the picnic tablecloth or blanket

Picnic Bag Supplies via Clean Mama

I love having silverware ready to go – this works great for get-togethers and for this picnic tote.  If I’m doing this for a get together I’ll put the wrapped silverware in a basket at the start of the buffet line or in the middle of the table.  Easy peasy!  All you need is silverware (disposable or not), napkins, and washi tape.  Simply roll the silverware into the napkin and adhere a little washi tape to keep it together and that’s it!

Pre-Wrap Silverware via Clean Mama

Ready to make a little spontaneity in your meal planning?  My favorite part of picnic-ing (next to the quality family time, of course!)?  No kitchen mess!


  1. C.Brooke says:

    This will be a great way for me to organize my picnic supplies on my bottom pantry shelf. Right now, it is a slipshod disaster. I’ll organize it in the bag and it will be easy to grab from or take the whole bag along – already packed. Wonderful!!!

  2. What a fun, simple idea! We have not done a single picnic yet this summer, mainly because I just don’t think to do it! Maybe having the supplies will inspire us to get out and go. 🙂

  3. Something that I find we always need at the end of a picnic are small plastic tubs or ziploc bags to store leftovers. This allows us to easily wipe out larger dishes of food and put any leftover food right into the fridge when we get home – saves a lot of time and makes for an easy and clean post-picnic load-out. Great tip on packing the large towel!

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