How to Speed Clean ALL Your Bathrooms in 15 Minutes

How to Speed Clean ALL Your Bathrooms in 15 Minutes via Clean Mama

If you follow along with my cleaning routine, on Mondays you clean bathrooms right along with me in your home. (I also post daily reminders on Instagram and Facebook, click to follow along.)Today I’m sharing a visual of how I clean ALL of my bathrooms in 15 minutes. I have 4 bathrooms and can attest to this being the absolute easiest and quickest way to get them all cleaned in a hurry.

You’ll notice that I am not sweeping, vacuuming, or washing the floors. This is part of the time-saving magic of this approach. I vacuum all the floors on Wednesdays and wash all the floors on Thursday, so there’s no need to wash them on Mondays.  If this is your first time trying this routine and you want to have all your bathrooms cleaned at once, feel free to clean the floors but it will take longer than 15 minutes. Also, I do a quick counter check every day as part of my cleaning routine and that keeps the cleaning time down on Mondays as well.  Go to this post to see more about the Clean Mama Cleaning Routine.

Please note: This is not pretend or fake cleaning or making your bathroom look clean when it isn’t, this is a simple way to thoroughly clean your bathrooms quickly. Try this today and you’ll have more time for other things that really matter. Ready?

Gather Your Quick Clean Tools for Bathroom Speed Cleaning via Clean Mama

Gather your supplies and tools – this is what you’ll need :

  • microfiber cloths (alternatively you can use paper towels or cleaning wipes, I prefer microfiber) – 1 for mirrors, one for each toilet, one for each sink, and a couple extras for tubs and showers
  • glass and mirror cleaner
  • disinfecting/bathroom cleaner
  • scrubbing powder
  • toilet cleaner (I use a disposable/flushable toilet cleaning system because toilet brushes gross me out.)
  • empty container for dirty cloths or paper towels
  • caddy or container to carry supplies from room to room

Supplies for Bathroom Cleaning via Clean Mama

Clear off your counters and sinks and get started.

Spray and Wipe Mirrors via Clean Mama

Start with the mirrors – spray and wipe clean. I use a glass and mirror microfiber for lint and streak-free mirrors. Keep this cloth handy and reuse in each bathroom.

Thoroughly spray sink, toilet, shower via Clean Mama

Next, move on to your sink, toilet, and bathtub or shower (if you don’t use a tub or shower regularly, you don’t need to clean it weekly) and quickly spray with your disinfecting cleaner. (I use non-toxic disinfecting cleaners – they work just as well and aren’t harmful to you or your family.  You can see my favorite cleaners here and if you’d like to make your own cleaners, my book, The Organically Clean Home.)

Clean Toilets via Clean Mama

Use your preferred toilet cleaner and brush and do a quick clean of your toilet.

Then REPEAT these steps in each bathroom. Once you’ve done that, go back to the first bathroom:

Wipe Sink, Toilet, Shower and Bathtub via Clean Mama

Wipe the sink, wipe the toilet, and wipe the tub or shower – take care to use a separate cloth or paper towel for the each toilet, sink, and bathtub/shower to avoid cross-contamination.

Don't forget to get the bottom of the toilet via Clean Mama

Don’t forget to get the base of your toilets too – I wipe here last.

Last Bathroom - Clean Mama

Place dirty cloths in a container and move on to wiping down the next bathroom and the next until you have wiped down each bathroom. And that’s it!

The simple step-by-step:

How to Speed Clean All of Your Bathrooms in Just 15 minutes via Clean Mama

What do you think? Are you up for a little bathroom speed cleaning?

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Clean Mama Home Microfiber Cloths

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  1. Stephanie says:

    What do you use on your toilets? I looked at your favorite products link and didn’t see a toilet cleaner. I think toilet brushes are GROSS! Any thoughts on that?

    • I use Scrubbing Bubbles wand toilet cleaner with the disposable (totally not green) pads. Toilet brushes TOTALLY gross me out 😉

    • Pat Davis says:

      Toilet brushes ARE gross! I use one brush on all three toilets and then pour bleach in the water of one bowl and leave it until I use that toilet again. Not good for septic systems (bleach) but I try to use organic planet friendly products everywhere possible and leave my self this one ‘sin’. Besides I only use a cup of bleach a week.

      • Toilet brushes are non porous so it really doesn’t take that long to disinfect. You can spritz with a water bleach combo but bleach is officially found cancerous to humans when breathed vapors at room temperature.

    • Quick tip!(I’m a cleaning lady of 8 years) get Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, soak the inside of the toilet first thing, and let soak for as long as possible. (I will usually clean the rest of the house first) unless your toilet is just crazy gross, it will flush clean with no need to ever do inside the bowl! The husband can destroy a toilet in no time, another method works wonders. I’ll soak overnight, flush in the morning and have sparkling clean toilet with no backslash or nasty brush

  2. I ordered and just received your book in the post this morning!! Looking forward to trying out the recipes!

  3. So at the end of cleaning bathrooms, do you have sixteen microfiber cloths to run through the wash? (4 x 4?) Do you then wash those in your washing machine separately? I’ve always used paper towels for this job and am fascinated with using microfiber but am concerned about cross-contamination with washing bathroom cloths with towels, etc. I use in the kitchen. BTW, you’ve got the prettiest spray bottles going! I also love your homemade scrubbing powder jar!

    • At least that many 🙂 I have a tub on the back of my washing machine that I keep dirty microfiber cloths in and then run a load once a week or so. I run them all by themselves, on HOT/SANITIZE and I do not use any softener because the softener will coat the fibers and make it less effective.

  4. Where did you get that toilet cleaner brush?

    • It’s a Scrubbing Bubbles toilet wand with the disposable/flushable pads 🙂

      • Stephanie says:

        What do you do with wand after cleaning the toilets? The pads are disposable but the wand has been in the toilet just like a toilet brush!

        • I use the Scotch-Brite wand and the wand goes in the holder. I also rinse it off in the toilet and put it under the seat to drip-dry before putting it away.

  5. TwoDiffSocks says:

    WHERE did you get the caddy? I so love it!

  6. Chrissy Turnquist says:

    What type of microfiber towels do you like to use?

  7. So, if I read this correctly, you clean the mirror and spray the sink, tub/shower, toilet. Then you clean the inside of the toilet only and then do these same steps to the other bathrooms. Then you run back to the FIRST bathroom first (and then the others) and wipe down everything you sprayed?

    I assumed any time I would save would be lost running up and down stairs but this is obviously working for you. I did try this and the only thing I didn’t like was that my spray seemed to dry too quickly on the toilet, making cleaning difficult. I don’t even know how that is possible but maybe because it’s a foam spray. But I’m going to try it again because it would be nice to take less time!

  8. So, to follow up on Karen’s question, you wash ALL the microfiber cloths together – from the whole house? I’d love to cut down on paper towels but can’t get the hang of using microfiber. I feel like they push the dust/cleaner around and they have that staticy sticky feel on my hands.

  9. Becky,

    I’m in love with your blog! Your cleaning system works very well for me.

    I have some doubts:

    It’s ok to wash all microfiber cloth used to wipe sinks and toilets together? It’s necessary to put some bleach to disinfect that?

    (sorry about my english, I’m still learning)

    Thank you

    • As long as you are able to sanitize the cloths, it’s fine 🙂 Microfiber and bleach aren’t a great combo….

  10. You must not be counting the time it takes to clear counters, gather supplies, or change rugs and towels, not to mention wrangling my 2 small children while I try to do any cleaning at all! 🙂 I also have 4 bathrooms, and it took me 10 minutes just to accomplish clearing our master bath counter, since the baby woke up early from his nap and the 4-year-old had a little accident that needed tending to! Attempt number two begins now, while Daddy takes the big boy to the store…

    • Candace says:

      I feel ya… I have to do this when the kids are occupied. We have two bathrooms and the master bath tends to get cluttered, I’m not proud of this. It takes a while to clear the counters. Sometimes I do a quick clean up of the sink and facets if I run out of time to do the whole thing. Its better than nothing!

  11. Ok after trying this for real, I found that this method probably works best with maintaining an already clean bathroom, not an extremely dirty one (like mine were when I tried this). I had to really wipe every nook and cranny, so by the time I went from my second bathroom back to the first (yes, I only did two bathrooms), most of the cleaner was dry, even the excessive amount I sprayed. I’ll try it again next week when the baths are cleaner and see how it goes. I think with a very dirty bathroom, this method should be condensed down to one bath and would work great! Meaning: clear counters, wipe mirrors, spray everything, clean toilet, wipe everything. I normally spray and wipe as I go, but this seems like it would be faster!

    • My bathrooms weren’t the worst they’ve ever been, but it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve done much cleaning in there. Took me 40 minutes today to do this in my three bathrooms, including only one tub/shower. I had my doubts about doing the mirrors first, but I gave it a try. They got wet again when I sprayed in the first bathroom, so I moved the mirrors to the end of the routine. I also had to spray all over again in each bathroom because a lot of the original spray had dried. I am curious as well if this will work better if I can get to it again next week. Also wondering if it only works if you wipe up the whole bathroom everyday, though I can’t imagine that only taking me 5 minutes either…

      I don’t have any major issues with toilet brushes in particular, though I absolutely detest everything about cleaning toilets. I just couldn’t bring myself to wipe down the toilet with a microfiber. I ended up wiping off all the toilets with little handfuls of toilet paper. Maybe I’ll feel different about this if I can get to it next week too…

      Loved the homemade spray and scrub cleaners, by the way!

      • In case you see this 😉 Did you try doing the daily wipe down? We started doing that a couple years ago, and it’s been a huge joy! Every night after dinner & kitchen clean up, the bathrooms get a quick wipe. This works much better for me than the waiting and scrubbing! We have all boys, and one is potty training. Yikes! I’m teaching the oldest boys to wipe down their own bathroom. They are not great at it yet, but they do it every day. So I just keep a spray bottle and microfiber cloths under each sink. I also have Clorox wipes and paper towels * for the toilet *. I use 1 microfiber cloth per day per bathroom. Spritz the mirror and sink well, wipe mirror first and then sink. Then The toilet and floor gets wiped down with wipes or paper towels & cleaner and I toss those. That’s all I do. I keep the counters clutterfree-just foaming soap and sometimes a candle! I want to add wiping down the tub/shower each day, but for now, the bathrooms are tidy and clean every day-except for the showers! I call it the self-cleaning bathroom. 😉 I do still scrub once in a while. The floors and edges need more than just a wipe after a while, but this is amazing! I can do 1-2 min per bath which leads to a much quicker cleaning on scrub days!

    • By the way, that 40 minutes did not include clearing anything off the counter tops or anywhere else. Linden, I’m curious if you’ve done this again and if you’ve been able to cut down on the time.

  12. anyone out there have tips for taking hard water stains off of dark granite?

  13. Sheryl Galloway says:

    Barbara,I read somewhere to try a mix of baking soda and water. Like a paste, I did try it and it helped. Might take more than one time to get rid of stains. Let me know. Hope this helps.

  14. A clean home is a healthy home! By using eco-friendly cleaning strategies, it will improve the health of the entire household. I find that simple cleaning solutions, such as using microfiber cloths, do make the whole process much easier.

  15. What is the best way to clean soap scum off of a bath tub?
    Thanks! (:

  16. Candace says:

    I really like this, and the idea of tackling one category per day. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. I never had issues keeping the house clean and getting so off track until three kids… its really hard to stay focused on one task at a time without a plan of action.

    • Candace says:

      I forgot to mention.. I started using my microfiber clothes instead of paper towels for everything except the mirrors and windows. They really work so much better for cleaning the bathroom!

  17. Maybe I need to read it all again, but where do you use the scrubbing powder? Thanks!

  18. Hi! I love all your posts. Have you ever tried Norwex microfiber cloths? They are woven with anti microbial silver so they clean themselves as they dry and the silver goes to work on the bacteria trapped in the cloth. You actually can clean your mirrors and bathroom with just water as the microfiber removes everything (including bacteria) from the surface with ultra thin 1/200th of a human hair cut lengthwise microfiber. The mirror cloth is the best. You clean with a wet enviro cloth and dry with a dry window cloth. Two cloths and your whole bathroom is clean and you can reuse them because they don’t cross contaminate! You’ve probably heard of it before just thought I’d mention it.

  19. Amy DeWilde says:

    I have the Norwex cloths & they’re awesome! I absolutely hate cleaning bathrooms & it totally cuts the cleaning time down with not having to use cleaner. My friend got them for me. We have terrible hard water for I have a gross strip underneath the rim of the toilet bowl that won’t come clean with Soft Scrub & toilet brush. Any advice what to use?

  20. Love this and trust me ladies cleaning bathrooms in less then 15 minutes with little kids running around is very doable. The best way to keep the bathroom picked up is to make it a habit of putting things away when you are done using it. I don’t wait for quiet time to clean or pick up I want my kids to learn that chores are apart of every day life and need to be done.

  21. What do you use the scrub and scrub brush on?

  22. Betsyfartblossom says:

    I love to clean, but I love to be outside or do crafts better. What I did, was I put a list on my fridge with 5 days a week on it. Monday – I clean the kitchen and family room ~ Tuesday, bathrooms and living room ~ Wednesday my bedroom and my sons bedroom ~ Thursday my daughters bedroom (now a craft room) and a tidy up on the bathrooms ~ Friday I do the laundry and tidy the garage and basement. Saturday I do what needs doing – mow the lawn and yard work and Sunday I don’t do anything but putter in the yard or basement. This only takes me a couple hours a day. The first week of the month, I do a more thorough cleaning in each room (move furniture, etc.) on the schedule. This takes a bit longer, but it’s only 2 rooms a day. My kids are grown and gone, so their rooms are a snap to do:) Now I know what I have to do each day and my home is always clean. A place for everything and everything near it’s place – the same room is o.k.:) This works out very well for me:)

  23. shukrana khan says:

    I use disposable anti bac wipes for the toilets and then straight in the bin! I do a deep clean on mon and fri so on weekends kids are in and out of the bathrooms so dont like to spend to long.

  24. I can not wait to start your weekly cleaning routine, especially the bathrooms! I must admit this is one I procrastinate the most… I hated cleaning the bathrooms! I look forward to getting on a weekly schedule and hopefully cutting down the bathroom cleaning time 🙂 Thank you for the great tips.
    I started today with my saturday ‘sheets & towels’ and I also cleaned my oven which I have been putting off for WAY too long! oven turned out great!

  25. Is there a printable for the bathroom speed clean routine?

  26. Any suggestions on how to keep the bathroom floor clean from hair?! This is a daily issue as me and my daughters hair falls on the ground every time we brush our hair. With only one bathroom its gross not to clean it daily because then everyone else has to step on it.

  27. I’m wondering if I’m over-cleaning my bathrooms after reading this! Do you clean the doorknobs, fixtures, counter items, garbage cans and accessories too? This is what takes me the longest! My bathrooms are literally sparkling after I clean them. Overkill?

  28. Amy Hass says:

    Love it, thank you! As a first time stay at home mom, I’m so overwhelmed & have been looking for a way to clean easily. I’ve never been a neat freak, but am seeing that I need to raise my standard with a little one all over the floors & exploring everything haha! Can you share what you use instead of toilet brushes? Where can I buy them?

    • I use a toilet cleaner with a disposable scrubber – you can find them at Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon….Scotch-Brite makes a great one!

  29. No matter how hard I tried I get streaks on mirrors and glass shower doors, any idea? Please help!

  30. Hi Becky,
    When do you clean the shower door? With the mirrors? Also, how would you recommend cleaning the shower pan so as not to damage it? Not sure what it’s made of. (Not tile though)
    New to your blog and love it!

  31. Hello,
    I am brand-new to your site, just read this post and really enjoyed it. It motivated me to get off my couch and go upstairs to clean my master bathroom. it is all done now, and that feels great! I used to really dread cleaning my bathrooms because our counters are full of stuff that can’t fit into our drawers. It is a pain to have to pull everything off the counters in order to clean them. It slows me down. A few months ago, I went out and bought some clear vanity drawer organizers from Target and instead of using them in my drawers, I use them onto of my counters. In our master bathroom, I have one on each side of our double sinks, one for me and one for my husband. I use them to store face cleaner, contact solution, shaving cream, etc. and anything else that just won’t fit in our small drawers. Now, when I clean, I just put the trays on the floor, wipe down the counters, and then quickly put the trays with all the products right back in their place. It has saved me tons of time. Just thought I would share.

  32. Love your website! Thanks for all the streamlined tips and directions. You have me thinking about my toilet brushes….and plungers. I can get rid of the brushes…but honestly plungers totally gross me out! How to you store yours or do you have a disposable tip?

  33. I just found your site, so far I love it! I have tried twice to get my bathrooms cleaned in 15 mins without success. I have 2 full baths and 2 half baths. I know my childrens counter is cluttered so that is the only place I can figure on saving a few minutes but it still took me an hour both days I tried. However, it use to take me 2 hrs so I am happy with the hr, even half an hour would be a blessing. Any advice or ideas on what I might be doing wrong? I have all my supplies in a tote, used microfiber clothes one week and paper towels this week. Thanks for your help!

  34. When washing your micro cloths weekly, I understand you wash all together,no fabric softener,it’s ok to put in dryer?
    Also do you always use the same color for doing your toilets every week?

    • Yes, you can put them in the dryer – I sanitize them in the wash so I don’t worry about only using certain ones on the toilets but you definitely could color-code them.

  35. just wondering where you purchased your divided caddy? also what type of disposable toilet cleaner do you use?
    thanks julie

  36. Angela Faulk says:

    I’m curious which spray cleaner you use for the surfaces. Also when you go back to wipe the surfaces after being sprayed, are you using a dry microfiber cloth to do this? You don’t need to rinse/wipe with water or wet cloth?

  37. What do you use the scrubbing powder for? I know you use it for sinks in the kitchen but for bathrooms? Sink too or can it be used to scrub showers/tubs foo?

  38. whats a good way to clean hard water spots in glass shower?

  39. Good morning! I was just introduced to your page by a fb friend! I am already in LOVE!
    So excited to start your tip/tricks and recommendation:)

    Off I go….????

  40. Jaime Benavides says:

    Love your website! After reading through your post and the comments I am curious as to how often you do this 15 minute speed cleaning of your bathrooms. On your monthly cleaning schedule it shows bathrooms on Monday so is it a deep cleaning on Mondays and 15 minute speed cleaning later in the week? Thanks in advance! ????

  41. Where does the scouring powder come in?

  42. Hi Becky where did you get that toothbrush looking clear brush from?

  43. Do you not have to rinse off the tub and wall surround/glass shower door with water after wiping down? This is my biggest issue/mess. Maybe I am not using the right store-bought cleaner…

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