How to Implement the Homekeeping Society

How to Implement the Homekeeping Society via Clean Mama

The response to the HOMEKEEPING SOCIETY has been amazing – thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I am so excited for so many of you to be a part of this monthly essentials subscription.  I thought I’d talk a little today about what the HOMEKEEPING SOCIETY is and what you can expect if you subscribe.  A little bit of a how to of sorts.

Here’s why I know you’ll love the monthly essentials subscription:

Homekeeping Society November 2014 - Homekeeping Focus

  • If you follow my cleaning routine, you will go bananas (mild exaggeration) over the format of the monthly cleaning checklist and the incorporated Homekeeping Focus for each month.  It’s pretty great and even more realistic.
  • No need to come up with a plan of attack for keeping your home in order, HOMEKEEPING SOCIETY does that for you.
  • If you like updated printables delivered to your inbox or your door – just print or open and use.
  • Need seasonal touches and beautiful color schemes to keep you motivated and interested?  Yep, me too.  I get that and you’ll see that in your subscription.
  • Instructions and suggestions are included every month.  I’ll talk you through the game plan and give you ideas for making your homekeeping a little more enjoyable.
  • Menu planning is part of the subscription – next to my cleaning routine, menu planning is my secret weapon to running a household.  Use the simple (cute) format and start figuring out what to eat before 5pm.

Menu Planning Pages - Homekeeping Society - Clean Mama

Still a little unsure of how the subscription will work?

  • The 15th of every month I’ll have a blog post that will show what the next month’s HOMEKEEPING SOCIETY looks like.  (October 15th previews November, etc.)  you can order ANY time but if you’d like to order the next month’s subscription you’ll need to do so by the 20th of the month.  For instance – if you want November’s subscription you’ll need to order it by the 20th of October.  If you sign up after the 20th of October you’ll be added to the next month’s list.  Note:  you’ll get immediate access to the digital download at the time of your order.
  • You will also receive an email reminding you to login and access your monthly essentials as well – you won’t forget!

Homekeeping Society - November 2014 Important Information

Every month includes these essentials:

  1. INSTRUCTIONS – tells you how many pages to print out of each page and suggestions for implementing and making the pages work for you
  2. COVER PAGE – with the month and the inspirational quote for the month – great for putting in your binder or homekeeping notebook
  3. HOMEKEEPING FOCUS page – every month will focus on a room or area in the home (November is the kitchen) – this page lays it out and gives you room for making your own adjustments and goals.
  4. TO DO LIST – every month features a new, and highly functional to do list
  5. DAILY PLANNER PAGE – great for those busy days (or every day!) includes schedule, to dos, notes, meal
  6. WEEKLY DOCKET– Use the weekly docket to see your whole week and schedule on a page. Includes phone calls, emails, appointments, and planning for the next week.
  7. MENU PLAN FOR THE WEEK WITH A SHOPPING LIST- make a menu plan and take it with you
  8. MENU PLAN FOR THE MONTH – always includes a list for recipe ideas or ingredients to pick up
  9. 2 MONTHLY CALENDARS (1 blank, 1 pre-filled) – suggested daily cleaning tasks, weekly cleaning tasks, rotating cleaning tasks, organizing suggestions
  10. SEASONAL PREPARATION PRINTABLE – a helpful seasonal prep printable is always included in the monthly subscription – perfect for placing in a binder (November is a detailed shopping list)
  11. KITCHEN SINK QUOTE– the quote for the month – 5×7 – frame and put at your kitchen sink or tape to your fridge to give you a little motivation and inspiration for the month
  12. INFORMATION PAGE – at least one each month – fill it out and save in a family info section of your homekeeping binder or notebook and you’ll have a complete information section by the end of the year (insurance, 401K, etc.)

You can get the HOMEKEEPING SOCIETY as a digital download OR as a printed for you package.  The printed for you package is only available to the US at this time and it includes 22 pages (4 pages for the weekly dockets, menu planners for the week, etc.).

Homekeeping Society November 2014 Printed for You via Clean Mama

Want to learn more?  Go to this post.  Ready to sign up?  Go here to sign up for a digital subscription or go here for the printed for you subscription.

Please note:  You will be able to download your digital subscription every month by going to your account page, click on the link for November and it will allow you to download the monthly essentials zip file.



  1. Sorry, I know you’ve said this, and very well, my brain isn’t absorbing it tho….I signed up but haven’t got my download yet…when does it come? I’m so excited I think I’m missing it. ;D

  2. Hi Becky,
    Are these forms different from your free printables, and the ones in your Etsy shop? I’m a little overwhelmed with all the forms! But I love your blog!

    • Yes, they are completely different from what I offer in my shop and as free printables. There may be a duplicate title like menu planning for the month and it does the same thing, but the look and color scheme is brand new. Let me know if you have any questions!

  3. Hi Becky – I’ve logged in and it says my order is processing still. Is that why I’m not seeing how to download my digital version? If not, can you tell me where I’d see it? I’m thinking I’m missing something 🙂


  4. I still can’t access my download and have clicked every single link on my account. The only headers on my account are My Subscriptions and Available Downlods. And the only thing that says November is where it says my next payment will be billed.

    I don’t like bothering people when I order from them but $25 is expensive for 22 pieces of paper and a digital download! I have emailed twice and gone on to my account a handful of times. I just hope this doesn’t happen every month!

    • Anne-
      Not bothering at all! I changed your order yesterday to completed and emailed you back – you should be able to log in and download. I will email every member on the 20th with a link to the downloads for the month but they will be accessible on the 15th. Your printed order will be shipped on the 22nd or 23rd of every month. I emailed the downloads as well just to be sure. Your patience is appreciated 🙂 Here is where you can login anytime to access your files:

      Let me know if you have ANY additional questions!
      xo, Becky

  5. Hi Becky. Is there any way you can do a 2 page PDF for the Daily Planner Page? I would love to be able to print this out as a two sided document to save paper. Thanks. Evelina

  6. Also – I just tried to get to the pages again at my account, but it only takes me to the make a payment page. How do I get to the pages again? Thanks!

  7. Just wondering where you got that cute turquoise notebook?

  8. Hey Becky, I have pretty much copied your home keeping binder method for most of the year and its great and mostly effective and now I love this new Homekeeping Society so I was wondering how you plan to implement this into your homekeeping binder? Or are you starting a new notebook? I know its not rocket science and I’m sure in time I would figure something out but I was just curious on your plans and if you could do a blog post on your new plans? I know it would be helpful for me 🙂
    Thanks for all you do!

    • Hi Tiffany!
      I will use both, the Homekeeping Society will be used on clipboards and on the fridge and displayed. The budget stuff always stays in my planner and so does my main calendar. I’ll work on a post with pics and more explanation 🙂 xo, Becky

  9. Becky, I just gave up my IPSY susbscription for you. Thank you so much! I cannot wait to get my home in great shape…. 🙂

  10. Does the homekeeping-society include budgeting tools? I am so excited to try this.

  11. All straight forward, all figured out and all ready to roll…toward a cleaner, more organized and happier me! Thank you!

  12. Hi, I know this has been asked and answered, but I’m still not seeing any link when I log in to my account. Thanks for your help, Becky.

  13. Geez cleanmama, I so, look forward to coming to ur site n blog daily, been following u for a couple months.. Decided to make a binder thanks to ur awesomeness and selflessness. Wish I could join n get all those great printables n ur shop, I can barely afford to pay attention these days. Ur book looks awesome n I just appreciate all the freebies u do give out!! U definitely motivate me!! I have to turn ur printables I get to black n white, that printer ink expensive but always seem to have plenty black ink.. I am trying to put together my(ur) first binder.. Wish me luck, keep ya posted n thanks again!!

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