Modern Day Homekeeping – The Printable Kit

The Modern Day Homekeeping Kit via Clean Mama Printables

I am so excited to get started on this new series with all of you!  If you ever wonder if you”re the only one that struggles to keep up with it “all”, sick just go to the first post in this series and read through the comments.  Homekeeping is something that is learned and perfected and just when you think you have it mastered, viagra something will change and it”ll all be thrown out the window.  My hope is that this series helps you start enjoying the process of homekeeping.  I am so excited to share some simple ideas and lessons with you over the next few months.  I know you”ll love it!

My mind works in graphics and checklists so it only makes sense to create a new printable kit, buy The Clean Mama Modern Day Homekeeping Kit, as a tool for you (and me) to simplify the process of homekeeping.  (You don”t need to purchase the kit to take full advantage of this series, it”s just a tool you might enjoy using.  I will also be giving away some additional free printables that coordinate with the kit as the series progresses.)

The Clean Mama Modern Day Homekeeping Kit…..

The Clean Mama Modern Day Homekeeping Kit via Clean Mama

If you’ve struggled with homekeeping or have it all together this simple kit and format is perfect to get your home and life in order.  The colors are dark charcoal and teal to coordinate seamlessly with a variety of planners, binders, and decor.  You”ll love the simple format and adorable homekeeping icons throughout the kit.

Simply print off the pages and get ready to tackle a little bit every day and move forward to a clean and organized home.  Homekeeping shouldn’t be difficult….all it takes is a little time, a lot of effort, and consistency.  Homekeeping consists of anything it takes to keep your home in order – cleaning, menu planning, shopping, scheduling….this kit will help you master those areas of your life.  Start with one area of your life or all areas – get ready to revolutionize your homekeeping!

The Clean Mama Modern Day Homekeeping Kit 2 via Clean Mama

INTRODUCTION – simple start-up guide and instructions (1 page)
CLEANING ORGANIZING printables (5 pages):

  • 30 Days to a Clean House/30 Days to an Organized House (use these lists together to get your home in shape in a hurry or do cleaning the first month and organizing the next)
  • The Clean House Cleaning Routine (my daily weekly cleaning tasks)
  • The Clean House Checklist (arranged by room, create your own checklist)
  • The Organized House Checklist (arranged by room, create your own checklist)
  • Rotating Cleaning Schedule (pre-filled with suggested cleaning tasks)

MEAL PLANNING SHOPPING printables (5 pages):

  • Grocery Shopping List (blank list broken down into 14 store section categories)
  • Recipes to Try (write down recipes to try for easy meal planning)
  • All Over Everywhere List (4 sections for casino online multiple stores and stops)
  • On the List – (two columns – use it for work and home, projects, or shopping)
  • Shopping List Menu Plan (keep your weekly menu and shopping list on the page to simplify meal planning)

LIST MAKING printables (3 pages):

  • Important Contacts (space for 8 contacts – keep track of service providers, family and friends – space for address, phone, and email or website address)
  • Dates to Remember  (perpetual calendar to keep important dates like birthdays and anniversaries)
  • Today – Daily Planner (perfect for the busy days when you need to keep track of your day by the hour – space for schedule (6am-8pm), to do, notes, menu)

The Clean Mama Modern Day Homekeeping Kit 2 via Clean Mama

My favorite thing about printables is that you can use them in a few different ways.  You might want to keep a shopping list in your car on a clipboard for the pick-up lane at school, but I might like it washi taped to my refrigerator.  Print them out, use them up, print them again!  Try using them in a binder or planner, on a clipboard, laminated with a dry erase marker…just use them!  You”ll LOVE the versatility of these printables – get creative and enjoy them.

Use the printable kit in a variety of ways and any place that will help your modern day homekeeping via Clean Mama

Grab your Clean Mama Modern Day Homekeeping Kit – I know you”ll love it!

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  1. Hi Clean Mama! I love the work you do to share your love or organization. Your designs are clear and attractive. I’m ordering your package now. I may post a review on my website as part of a series on decluttering.

  2. Love it! What kind of binder is in the pictures?

  3. Hi! I am about to order this kit to help me really manage my home. Really excited! What binder do you use and where can I find it? Also, what type of whole puncher do you use? Thank you!

  4. Hi Becky! I LOVE your website!! I have some of your printables already but I’m really interested in this new series. I hate having a messy/dirty/disorganized house but I equally hate cleaning it! It’s a daily struggle 🙂 I love that you Facebook everyday about your daily chore for your cleaning routine, but what do you recommend for a family with 2 hairy dogs? There’s no way I can vacuum just once a week or mop on a day I haven’t vacuumed. It makes my cleaning routine more complicated and adds extra work every single day. I’m a SAHM and have a 3yr old and a 9 month old. Can you offer any suggestions?? Help!! 🙂 Thanks!
    Andrea 🙂

    • Hi Andrea!
      Every day I ‘check floors’ – that can mean different things in different situations or for different households. In your situation you might need to vacuum every other day or vacuum the main living areas daily. Just add check floors to your routine and you’ll be able to manage the floors in your house.
      xo, becky

  5. I bought the Homekeeping Kit! I understand the daily and weekly tasks but how do I implement the Rotating Checklist? Thanks!

  6. Hi Becky!
    I love your printables and have purchased some already. Does this new set contain anything new that’s not included in previous printables?


    • Hi Elena!
      The design is completely new and if a document is similar to another, the design and layout has been reworked as well. These printables are completely new and have never been offered before in a similar format:
      *30 Days to a Clean House/30 Days to an Organized House
      *The Clean House Cleaning Routine
      *The Clean House Checklist
      *The Organized House Checklist
      *Grocery Shopping List
      *On the List
      *Important Contacts
      I hope this helps!
      xo, Becky

  7. Christie N. says:


    I enjoy your blog!! I have a question what is the difference between the Cleaning Kit and the Modern Day Homekeeping?

    Thank you,

    • Thanks Christie!
      I have 4 different ‘cleaning’ kits in the shop and they are all checklists for cleaning your home. The Modern Day Homekeeping Kit encompasses cleaning, organizing, meal planning, and planning. I hope this helps! xo, Becky

  8. christina says:

    Is this very different from Pulling Yourself Together, which I already own?

    • Yes, it’s different 🙂 These sheets are brand-new:
      *30 Days to a Clean House/30 Days to an Organized House
      *The Clean House Cleaning Routine
      *The Clean House Checklist
      *The Organized House Checklist
      *Grocery Shopping List
      *On the List
      *Important Contacts
      and it has planning/listmaking sheets and meal planning sheets as well.
      xo, Becky

  9. Love your aqua pen. What brand is it and where can I purchase them?

  10. Hi, I stumbled onto your website a long time ago and always come back to see what is new but never really jumped in.. 😛 i guess like all things it is one of those “you can only do it when you are really ready” kind of things.. I purchased this kit this morning and cant wait to get started.. a couple of questions though. what is the difference in the clean house and organized house checklists? and this may be a silly question but exactly are they for.. :/

    • Thanks Toni!
      The clean house checklist is for cleaning the surfaces and areas of your house (first step) once you have it cleaned you can take the time to go back and organize various areas of your home – think sorting, purging, and organizing.
      xo, becky

  11. Hi!!! I am curious. I have been searching MANY websites off and on for MONTHS on how to help mekeep up with housework. My problem is both my husband and I work 50+ hours a week and each of us spending 2 hours per day stuck in traffic to and from work. Now, with that being said, you wouldn’t think we would have a messy house since we are never here. That is not the case!!!!!! When we get home from our physically and mentally demanding jobs we are both EXHAUSTED!!! We either order take out, or heat up leftovers from the day off when I had slightly enough energy to cook and go grocery shopping for said meal. Cleaning has become NON EXISTENT in our home!!!! Also, the husband’s job is diesel mechanic so, as much as I try to get him to strip at the front door and jump in the shower, it doesn’t always work. Grease and oil marks are on everything. When he does strip down at the door, clothes are left where he strips. Dishes, if we actually eat food that day, are left where we eat. EXHAUSTION. Also there is a small dog in our home that loves to play with every single toy she owns!!! I have made the bed at times and found 8 squaky toys in our bed in the morning!!! I need professional help!!!!!! Please!!!!! How can a person have a 60-70 hour work week and have time to take care of all the errand running, house work, and rest time? Please help me come up with an overloaded work schedule for me to keep my house in somewhat of an order. So far this is my routine. I wake up at 5:00 am, read Bible and have coffee until 5:30am. Make bed. Get ready for work. Leave house at 6:30am. Arrive at the clinic at 7:30 am. Work until average time of 8:30pm. 4 to 5 days a week. Drive home at that late is usually 30minutes. 9:00pm walk in door. Find something to eat, collapse into bed at 10pm. Do it again the next day. My off days- EXHAUSTED!!!!! Do my best to wash clothes, recovery mission on misplaced items left lying around, and errand running, dr appts, vet appts for the dog, etc. Oh yeah, and sometimes I have to throw in a date with the husband if we can manage it. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!

    • Hi Crystal!
      Wow, you have a full schedule for sure 🙂 I think in your case I would add it in in 5-10 minute increments. Try 5-10 minutes of bathroom cleaning on Mondays maybe before work while you’re getting ready and already in the bathroom? Just a quick counter wipe down and toilet cleaning and change the hand towels. Then when you get home throw a load of laundry in or unload the dishwasher/wash dishes when you’re fixing something for dinner. Stop worrying about getting the entire bathroom cleaned or the whole dusted just do a little teeny bit every day and slowly it’ll be incorporated a little more easily into your schedule. I hope this helps! This post also offers some advice – check it out:
      xo, Becky

  12. Is this kit still available as I am very interested in it, but the links say it is unavailable. If not, what would you recommend instead?

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