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Happy May! If you’ve been working through the Start Here. calendar since January I hope you’ve met successes and made some oodles of progress in your home. If you’re new here, check out the first post in this series for a little more explanation.

What’s behind the success of any clean and organized home?

Consistency and follow through.

This series Start Here. is a great place to start (and finish) because without starting something, you’ll never finish anything. Don’t get bogged down in the every day messiness that is life, you have to start somewhere to get anywhere and that’s what we’re doing today. Start here.

Ready? We all have to start somewhere – let’s Start Here.

Here’s a little infographic that explains the cleaning and organizing schedule…

Start Here.  Cleaning + Organizing Calendar Infographic via Clean Mama

Want to join in on the fun? Grab a FREE cleaning and organizing calendar for May (this is free in my shop – if you’d prefer to grab it from Googledocs, you can go here to grab it) and give it a go. Follow along all month for motivational posts and tips to keep up with the daily and weekly tasks. Need a little more explanation? Here’s a post on Weekly Cleaning Tasks and a post on Daily Cleaning Tasks. I’ve/we’ve covered a lot of cleaning and organizing ground – you can go here to see all the posts in this series.

FREE Cleaning + Organizing Calendar for May 2014 via Clean Mama

Go here to grab your FREE calendar for May 2014!

Want to make 2014 the year that you cleaned and organized everything? Me too!

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(If you like this calendar style, you’ll love The Simplified Life Series in my shop!)

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  1. Thank you very much for the free printable Becky. 🙂
    I wonder if you could do a version where the week starts on monday instead of sunday? It’s a small thing, but it keeps confusing me 😉

    Can’t wait for amazon to ship your book btw. It takes a little bit longer to Europe so I bought the kindle version as well. But still, I’m looking forward to my printed copy 😀 It’s so useful!

    • Thanks Eliane! I’ll see what I can do for the future 🙂
      xo, becky

    • Oh yes, this confuses me too. I’m so used to that the week starts on Mondays. Just printed your calendar for the first time in colour on my new colour printer: it looks so much nicer now. I love your colour choices!

  2. Kimberlee says:

    I love your book! I look forward to cleaning now because so many of your cleaners smell so good!

  3. Great calendars! Thanks for sharing! Check out our Pinterest boards for other great cleaning tips and organization tutorials too:

  4. When do you do the dishes!!???

  5. Krista says:

    What does Friday catch-all day mean?

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