Maximize Your Time and Minimize the Fuss – Spring Cleaning with Clean Mama

Maximize Your Time and Minimize the Fuss - Spring Cleaning With Clean Mama

If you’ve tackled all the spring cleaning tasks on your checklist or only one or two, there’s plenty of time to continue with your spring cleaning.  I thought it would be fun to round up a few past spring cleaning posts and posts from this year to get you inspired to continue on your spring cleaning ‘adventure’.

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The Organically Clean Home - Clean Mama

I’m using the hashtag on Instagram #springcleaningcm for my spring cleaning tasks and you can too! Follow me here!

This post is part of a spring cleaning series – go here to see all the posts.


  1. Thank you for this list. I have downloaded it and sent it to my e-mail to print out when I get home.
    – Heather

  2. Yes, thank you for this checklist. I added your blog to my feedly reader, and had not looked at it since. I decided to open it up today and catch up on reading. Clicked on this article, because not only do I need a checklist, I was hoping to find motivation too…and I did! Love your blog/website and want to say thank you for sharing your passion for keeping things clean with us. I lived in a filthy house when I was young, and our family was as chaotic as our environment (that is typically the case…messy house = messy mind). As an adult, I am almost on the OCD side with things being kept neat and in order. I dont understand how people can relax in the evening or when they are ill when there is a ton to do around the house. Thanks, again!

  3. It’s really an inspiring post for all mums who have difficulties in home cleaning and organizing. CleanMama is a perfect to find the solution regarding to cleaning. Awesome tips here for mom’s to make their home cleaning much better and effort less.

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