Lavender + Lemon Bathroom Disinfecting Spray

Lavender & Lemon Bathroom Disinfecting Spray via Clean Mama

Here’s a great recipe for a safe and effective bathroom disinfecting spray.  It smells clean and will get rid of germs in a hurry!  (Go to this post to see my favorite products to DIY your cleaners.)

Lavender and Lemon Bathroom Disinfecting Spray via Clean Mama

Today I’m sharing the recipe for Lavender and Lemon Bathroom Disinfecting Spray from The Organically Clean Home – you’ll love how the recipes are organized and layed out.  Each recipe has clear (easy and quick) instructions and a lot of the recipes have other tips and tricks included as well.  Many recipes have variations so you’ll see unscented versions as well as other scent combinations to try.

Lavender and Lemon Bathroom Disinfecting Spray Ingredients via Clean Mama

Gather your simple ingredients (this recipe can easily be cut in half if you don’t want to mix up a whole batch).

  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 1/2 cup vodka (excellent germ-killing properties)
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil
  • 10 drops lemon essential oil
  • 1 1/2 cups water (distilled or boiled and cooled)

I find that using a funnel makes it really easy to pour ingredients directly into a spray bottle.  Alternately, you can use a measuring cup or container with a spout with good results too.

Spray Surfaces, Let sit for 10 minutes, Wipe Clean via Clean Mama

Once you’ve mixed up your bathroom disinfecting spray you can spray away.  I like to spray all surfaces thoroughly, let it sit for about 10 minutes (to kill germs), and then wipe clean with a microfiber cloth.  In the bathroom it’s important to avoid any cross-contamination so I wipe in this order with separate cloths – mirror, sink, tub/shower, toilet.  Go to this post for my amazing bathroom cleaning strategy.

Add a Label that You Love via Clean Mama

Let’s just talk about labeling for a minute, shall we?  For me (and most people) packaging will get me to look at and sometimes even purchase a product.  If you want your quest to DIY your own cleaners to be a little more fun and to stick, you might want to add a little cuteness.  I put a little washi tape on my clear glass spray bottles and it makes it so cute!  I added a little hanging tag and put the recipe on the back of the label.  I can swap the bottle out for a different cleaner or it’s super easy to mix up another batch with the recipe at the ready.

Are you ready to make your own cleaners?  It’s so easy!  It’ll save you loads of money and be so much better for you and your family!  What are you waiting for?

Have you ordered my book The Organically Clean Home?  It’s full of practical tips and 150 cleaning recipes!

The Organically Clean Home - Clean Mama


  1. Looking forward to getting your book – it looks great!

  2. Where did you get those spray bottles? I have tried different ones and none of them seem to work well for any extended time or they come in ugly colors.
    Thanks Becky!! Looking forward to your book!

  3. I have been looking for a good DIY cleaner for a while, this sounds heavenly. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the recipe! How exciting about your new book! I am an Amazon affiliate so I put a link to your book on my homepage. My readers will love it!
    Sinea fromr Ducks ‘n a Row

  5. Good luck on your book! I was wondering… where is the best place to purchase essential oils? Thanks for any info!

  6. This recipe sounds great! Do you know if it would be safe to use on marble counters, though?

  7. I already have my book on pre-order through Amazon. Totally excited to get it in the mail.


  8. Hey Becky,
    I love this article! We just wrote a piece on non-toxic kitchens and this article would have been a great addition!

    Would you be interested in collaborating to promote your book to our audience? Your work is just the type of thing we love.


  9. I have pre ordered your book and can’t wait for it to be delivered. I am not sure if you have this covered in the book but I was wondering how long can you store the homemade cleaners before they lose their effectiveness. Thanks!

  10. Laura Berndt says:

    Beverly, the best essential oils are from DoTerra. Ive noticed thats what Becky also uses.

  11. Very inspiring! Gets me excited about cleaning! Where do you get your spray bottles? I love them! Are they glass?

    • Yay! Yes, the spray bottles are glass and they can be found in my Amazon store on the lower sidebar 🙂 xo, Becky

  12. Hi Becky, I preordered your book, it should be here tomorrow! Do you have a recipe in it for a cleaner that is safe to use on marble?


  13. What can I use instead of vodka? Is there a substitution? We do not use or keep alcohol (well, rubbing alcohol… quite different LOL).

    Also, is this safe for granite counter tops??

    Thank you!

    Mrs. U

  14. Becky, I have loved your blog for a few years now, and when I saw you wrote a book, I pre-ordered it right away!! I’ve been looking through it and it’s just fantastic! Congratulations. Wishing you loads of success!!

    -Sam Schasteen

  15. Michelle says:

    I wonder if you could use this in the kitchen (granite countertops) for disinfecting, instead of this one:
    I prefer the smell of lavender and lemon over tea tree oil. Would this one work just as well? (Also be nice to have ONE disinfecting spray for all rooms 😀

  16. Just made it last night, LOVE it! Especially the scent! You are changing my thinking 😉

  17. Hi!

    Talking about packaging and labeling, where do you get the clear spray bottles? and what size do you recommend?

  18. NadyasMom says:

    I just made your disinfectant and I am in love. I made a bottle for my mom n bff not to mention now I have to buy your book. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any essential oils so my bathroom smelled like a salad but it was germ free. Thanks your site is great.

  19. Lisa Reuben says:

    Hi. Would rubbing alcohol work in place of the vodka?

  20. Hi Becky..I just purchased your book The Organically Clean Home…excited to read it and put it to use. One question is where do you purchase your essential oils?


  21. I have and love your book, somethings haven’t worked out for me but that’s okay. It’s fun to try. You mention here mirrors; do you use this disinfecting spray on your bathroom mirrors also or is that just your general cleaning order?

  22. How do you launder your microfiber cloths? All together? Separately to not cross contaminate? And what laundry soap do you use on your microfiber cloths?

  23. Can this spray be used on stainless steel faucet handles? I think mine are brushed nickel, but they actually may be stainless steel. Just in case, is this cleaner safe? (LOVE all your stuff!)

  24. Love that you made them pretty – where did you get the cute tags you label them with?

  25. Hi Becky,
    I love your book, thank you for sharing your recipes with the rest of us, I absolute love them! I have granite in my bathrooms and you have mentioned that vinegar is not good for it, what if I try this cleaner without the vinegar, would it have the same effect? Thank you.

  26. anita dotson says:

    Just wondering where you get your labels for your bottles?

  27. Where do you purchase your glass spray bottles? Thank you!

  28. where do you purchase your pretty microfiber clothes from? i’m just getting into making my own cleaning products and the prettier they are the more i’ll be encouraged to use them!!

  29. Can this be used for all rooms in the house, besides bathroom? Also, I was looking for something that I can use like a clorox spray to disinfect, would this recipe serve that purpose? Thanks!

  30. Where did you get your funnel from? I love the color!

  31. Hi Becky! Just one question, I did not see it addressed earlier — do the spray bottles HAVE to be glass? Will the oils react with plastic? I ordered the plastic ones from Amazon, along with the set that includes the juicer — but should I have gotten glass? Thanks!

    • You can buy vinegar in glass bottles & repurpose them for your cleaners & their less than $3

      • Miranda says:

        I also find that Arbor mist bottles work great here. I but cheap sprayers from the dollar tree and they fit fine. Saw a post someplace saying what sprayers hold up to essentials well. I guess you can buy them online. I need to look back into that. In fact looking through the cleaning recipes, I think I need some wine 🙂

      • If you repurpose a glass bottle (say a vinegar bottle), where can you buy the sprayer from?

  32. The best ‘mostly’ homemade cleaning potion I’ve used is to clean the bathtub. Fill a spray bottle with 50% white vinegar and 50% liquid soap. spray liberally in the bathtub and sink. let sit for 30-60 minutes. Wipe all the soap scum away with no scrubbing and then rinse! I’ve used liquid Castile soap and method dish soap. Both work beautifully. The vinegar smell will go away shortly after you wipe down and rinse the tub.

    Best regards!
    Stepney Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

  33. Deb Lervaag says:

    Becky do you have any cleaning recipes that work on iron stains from well water? This is my biggest problem in the bathrooms.

  34. Hi,
    I’m wondering if the lemon / lavender are central to the disinfecting properties or if I could use orange oil and get the same results.

  35. Hi Becky!
    Can i use lavander oil with tea tree instead of limon oil?? Or should I just use tea tree oil??

  36. Roz Behan says:

    Would I be able to use peroxide instead of vodka I think it’d be a lot less expensive.

    Thank you for all your cleaning recipes.

  37. Would plastic bottles be ok for this? At least to start? I’m starting my beautiful cleaning collection but the glass bottles are too much for me all at once. I figured I’d start with plastic and get glass when I can.

  38. Jaclyn says:

    I thought you should only use amber or blue glass only bottles with essential oils .. truth to this ??

    • If you are storing pure essential oils they need to be in an amber or blue glass bottle – if you are mixing them with water, vinegar, etc. and using them for cleaning I have never had a problem with them. They are just as effective – DIY cleaners are also not meant to be stored for months at a time so it’s perfectly fine to use clear glass for storage.

  39. I wouldn’t use the rubbing alcohol, I would use witch hazel instead of vodka.

  40. Can’t use vinegar in the house-what’s the alternative?

    • It depends on what you are cleaning, but I also use rubbing alcohol, castile soap, and vodka. Hope that helps. xo Becky

  41. Joanne Goldberg says:

    My 5 children gave me this book for Mother’s Day and I love it. I now make my own laundry detergent, and most of my cleaning supplies. Thanks!

  42. Can I substitute rubbing alcohol for the vodka?

  43. Is this safe for granite and marble?

  44. Any substitutes for the alcohol?

  45. = don’t have Lavender oil, I have Lemon, Peppermint, Tangerine and Thieves. Which combo would be best?

  46. Hi Becky! I love your site. It seems like this bathroom spray could also be an all-purpose spray – do you think so? Also I would like to know your own favorite all-purpose recipe if you don’t mind sharing 🙂

  47. Pamela Caldwell says:

    I think the lavender and lemon scent is intoxicating, I can’t get enough of it.

  48. Love the simplicity of this recipe, have ordered the book, looking forward to it arriving. Love your blog too, frequently recommend it to other people xx

  49. Are the lavender and lemon essential oils necessary for cleaning or are they only for smell? I have all the other ingredients handy and would love to make a batch of this without having to make a trip to the store.

    • The lavender and lemon do have some disinfecting properties, but they are NOT necessary for the cleaners 🙂

  50. I can’t wait to try this! I’m seeing a lot of comments asking about use on granite and marble. What about wood floors?

  51. Can I use rubbing alcohol for the lavender and lemon bathroom disinfecting spray?

  52. I read in one of your writings about toilet bowl cleaning, that sounded like you use a store product to clean inside your toilet bowl because you find toilet bowl scrubbers gross (which you’d have to use with your homemade recipe). I totally agree and had been using the Scrubbing Bubbles handle that you attach a scratchy type pad to (rather than the material flaps attachment). I ran out and can’t find either one now in the stores. What are you using? My toilets really need cleaning and I hate to buy a brush.

  53. Heidi Gerrol says:

    Hi there! Is it safe on polished nickel? Thank you!!!

  54. Okay so I love all natural everything. It I detest the smell of vinegar. Suggestions?

  55. Where do you get your nifty labels Becky?

  56. Just got your book and just getting started. I have a daughter who is highly allergic to Lavender. What essential oil can I used in it’s place? Thanks so much!

  57. Hi Becky, can I use Spring water instead of distilled water? Thank you

  58. Mitzi David says:

    Hi Becky!

    Can I use fragrance oils in stead of essential oils? Fragrance oil is way cheaper than essential oils. Many thanks!

  59. I know vinegar is a no for marble and granite surface. Can I use this recipe for tiles floor/surface?

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