4 Things To Keep Under the Kitchen Sink

4 Things to Keep Under the Kitchen Sink via Clean Mama

This week’s organizing focus is the KITCHEN SINK.  If you haven’t grabbed April’s FREE cleaning and organizing calendar yet, head on over to this post for a little more explanation.

Your challenge this week is to take 15 minutes to tidy up under your kitchen sink.  Super simple task – empty it out, wipe it clean, toss or recycle anything that you no longer need or use, and put it back together.

If you feel like the area under your kitchen sink needs a little more love than that, here are 4 musts that I keep under my kitchen sink:

  • Kitchen Cleaning Supplies: Keep your kitchen cleaning supplies, tools, sponges, extra hand and dish soap, etc. under your kitchen sink.  Easy access in the kitchen is key.  I keep my sink scrub, cleaning recipe supplies, and other miscellaneous items under the sink to keep it handy for mixing up recipes too.
  • Lazy Susan:  I had an extra one and popped it under the sink a year or so ago- total space saving game changer.
  • Containers to Hold Tools:  If you have scrubbers or other little tools, use containers that can ventilate the tools properly in between uses.
  • Hook:  If you use dish cloths, put a hook on the inside of your door to dry damp dishcloths.  When they are dry, I put them in a laundry basket for dishcloths.

What’s your best ‘under the sink’ organizing tip?  Share in the comments!



  1. Samantha says:

    Great post! I am inspired to clean under my sink today. I like to attached one of those Command Hanging Clips to the inside of the doors under all my sinks, to hang my rubber gloves from to dry. That’s my tip!

  2. I would add buckets or plastic/rubber containers of some sort at least 6″ deep to place underneath the plumbing and the garbage disposal. This is a safety catch for leaks, but the sound of drips on this might signal something’s wrong. We have done this for about 20 years in all the houses we have lived in. We also do it with the bathroom sinks.

  3. I love the idea of using a turn table under the sink! I am also going to add two command hooks for my gloves and dish cloths. Thanks Becky!

  4. Definitely love the hook idea for gloves and dishtowels. I’m doing that today!

  5. Where should one keep their dish drainer? I always see these posts with clean cabinets under the sink, but I never see any dish drainer/drying rack. I keep mine under the sink because that’s where I use it.

    • Wherever it works for you! I keep mine in the right hand side sink, but if under your cabinet works for you, that’s great!

  6. I only have three cabinets total so I have to keep my Pots and pans under the sink but I’m going to tidy & organize them 🙂

  7. We keep our garbage and recycling bins under the sink. We don’t like having them out in the open.

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