4 Steps to an Organized Nightstand

4 Steps to An Organized Nightstand via Clean Mama

This week’s organizing focus is the NIGHTSTAND.  If you haven’t grabbed May’s FREE cleaning and organizing calendar yet, you can go here to grab it.

Your challenge this week is to take 15 minutes to tidy up your nightstand.  Put the books where they belong, dust off the surface, clean off your lamp and lampshade (a lint roller works great for this!), and decide if there’s a better way to keep and store your must-have nightstand items.

Keep Books in a Basket and Small Personal Items in a Cute Dish via Clean Mama

4 Ideas for Nightstand Organization:

  • Keep a book or two on your nightstand – only your current reads are necessary.  A small basket might help to keep the items where you want them.
  • Put hand lotion, lip balm, etc. in a cute container to corral these items and to keep it neat and tidy.
  • Use a drawer organizer in your drawer(s) to contain any other items.
  • If you keep your phone on your nightstand as far away from your head as possible because of possible radiation.

(Basket and dish are from Target and Bread & Wine is a favorite book from Shauna Niequist.)

What’s your best nightstand organization tip?  Share in the comments!

And of course, grab my book – it’ll look great on your nightstand!

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  1. Drill a hole in the back of your nightstand drawer and plug in a charger — it keeps phones & kindles off the top.

    Love the lint roller idea!

  2. Kathleen says:

    So…random question, but we’re going through a master bathroom renovation and also painting our master bedroom…do you happen to have the name of the paint color/brand in your bedroom? Love it!!

  3. That looks just like the color we chose. We got it from Home Depot. It is Bher brand and the color is Winter Pond. Check it out.

  4. Catherine's not naturally crafty says:

    I have a couple, if you aren’t ready tostart drilling holes in uyour night stand, then go ahead an screw the surge protector up near the top/back of the nightstand. This will do a couple of things:
    1. Keep the chrger cords accessible
    2. Other cords for the clock and beside light plugged in and corralled and off the floor
    3. make it much easier to move the stand out for cleaning
    4. You will actually be able to unplug the items on your stand without having to try to crawl under/behind the bed to get at the one plug in the center of the wall.

    Why do builders do this? One plug on the only wall you can put a bed on. Anyway…

    I actually did this when we got a Roomba. It goes under the bed and stands so easily but was getting blocked in by the cord monster behind the stands and under the bed. Nearly every surge protector comes with little tabs and holes specifically designed to be fastened in place. Works like a charm and helped me tame the wire monster. Actually helps collect less dust and makes it easy for me to keep the cords and plugs clean and dust free,

  5. Catherine's not naturally crafty says:

    And I almost forgot, keep a pad of paper and a pen by your bed for quick notes when you wake up and think of something or if someone calls and you need to jot something down. For an impromptu jewelry cache at home or in a hotel, use a water glass to put my jewelry at night. It completely eliminates the one lost earring that flew off the nightstand. I use mis-matched thrift and garage sale glasses and crystal cups for trinket keepers and vanity holders all the time. They are perfect and pretty for storing jewelry, swabs, cotton rounds or puffs, and hair-bobs.

  6. Marilee Crowell says:

    Keep pajamas in drawers of nightstand

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