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Disclosure: I am an Aprilaire Ambassador and this is a sponsored post from Aprilaire – I am receiving Aprilaire products and compensation in return for this post and promotion. All opinions (as always) are my own.

I am an Aprilaire Ambassador and have been working with a local Aprilaire dealer to assess the air quality in our home.  My local dealer (who was amazing, by the way) recently installed our equipment and I thought it would be fun to give you a little update on what they installed and the difference in the air quality in our home.

The crew of 3 came the first week of December and spent the day installing new equipment.  Other than a little banging around in the basement, I hardly even knew they were here!  They started by bringing the new equipment in and then they began the installation process.  They installed two air purifiers (we have two furnaces), two humidifiers, two new thermostats, and an ERV or a Whole Home Energy Recovery System which brings in fresh outdoor air.


It’s been two months since our equipment was installed and to say that I am pleased would be an understatement!  The change in our air quality has definitely been observed, noted, and it’s obvious.  Considering our home is only 7 years old, I didn’t expect to see a huge change, but we did!  My husband keeps adding things to our list of improvements too so we’re all loving the Aprilaire!

I thought I’d list the tangible changes that we have observed – these are all things that never were noted as a problem for us, but now that it’s not happening, it has made quite the difference.


THERMOSTATS:  The thermostats are wonderful and so easy to use!  They are programmable and control the humidifiers as well.  I can see the air temperature inside and outside on them which is nice when I’m in the bedroom (where one of the thermostats is) and not sure how warm or cold it is outside.  They also have this great feature called Heat Blast – if I’m coming in from being gone for the day or if the kids were outside playing in the snow I can hit the Heat Blast button and it forces air up to 3 degrees warmer into the air.  I can instantly feel it working.

Aprilaire Thermostat via Clean Mama

AIR PURIFIERS:  I love having the air purifiers.  The Air Purifier attaches to the furnace and is a whole-home product that removes indoor air pollutants from every room in the entire house!  Knowing that these unknown pollutants are being removed is a huge benefit for me.  I’ve noticed some other obvious benefits to the air purifiers too.  We have an office with a treadmill and when we would get done working out and we went from that room to the hall, you could feel how stale (and stinky) that air was in the office.  Now there is NO difference between the two rooms – amazing!   And the dust!  There is so much less dust in the air and on furniture.  And as much as I like cleaning, I’m happy to have less dusting to do.  I’m really excited to see how the air purifiers work when spring allergy season rolls around, but we have all noticed less irritation in our noses as well.

 Humidifiers and Air Purifiers from Aprilaire - clean mama

HUMIDIFIERS:  The humidifiers are controlled at the thermostat which is a huge plus.  We don’t have to run down to the basement with a flashlight to adjust the humidifier on the furnace anymore.  Aprilaire’s humidifiers run automatically and only when needed.  We love that!  It also tells the level of humidity in our home on the thermostat – that’s a great feature.  It’s recommended that the relative humidity in your home is between 30-50% so I can check to see what ours is at and adjust as necessary.  The humidifiers have also helped to regulate the air in our basement – it’s much more comfortable and less basement-y feeling.  And if that isn’t enough, the windows no longer have any condensation because the humidity is controlled properly.

 Aprilaire ERV via Clean Mama

ERV:  Whole Home Energy Recovery System – this brings in fresh outdoor air.  I had never heard of an ERV before, but it gets rid of the window condensation we see, clears out any lingering smells, and expels some the unhealthy indoor air pollutants we can’t detect like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dust and bacteria. And it saves energy by retaining the energy of the stale indoor air as it exchanges for fresh outdoor air.  We can feel and smell the difference with this – the air in the house is fresh and has no musty or closed up room smell.  This is most noticeable in the bedrooms – I love it!

From Aprilaire:

What does your home’s heating and cooling system have to do with your health? Surprisingly, quite a bit. As anyone who has ever suffered in a house that’s full of allergens, too hot, cold, humid or dry can attest, the air conditions inside your home can have big effects on your physical comfort and mental well being. But did you know Indoor Air Quality has very real effects on your health?

Whether it’s pollens that cause runny noses, sneezing, itchy eyes and more; asthma triggers that can lead to potentially severe reactions; or airborne bacteria and viruses that can cause colds and flu, Indoor Air Quality is an important factor in your family’s overall health.


Aprilaire Whole-Home Indoor Air Quality products can give you a comprehensive way to help protect your family. They are designed to work together invisibly, silently and automatically to treat and clean all the air in your home all year-round. If you want your family to breathe, smell and feel the cleanest, healthiest air possible, contact your Aprilaire Indoor Air Specialist for an in-home consultation.

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