Craft Storage that Really Works!

Craft Storage that Really Works via Clean Mama

On Monday I shared 5 simple steps to organize your craft area (room, drawer, jar, etc.).  I have to preface this post by telling you that I was an art teacher for nearly a decade so when I store art supplies I go for practicality and ease of use more than eye candy.  That said, I love a pretty container and a good label, so today’s post is all about good (and cute) storage that really works.  I hope you find an idea or two that you can take and use somewhere in your home.

When like items are grouped together, cleaning up is easier and little ones know where to return items.  Labeling is a good idea if you want items to be returned to ‘their spot’.

Group Like Items Together + Label via Clean Mama

I have these four little melamine dishes (from Target) stacked up on the kids’ art table.  When they take out markers or crayons they put them in the container.  It makes cleaning up so much easier.

Make Cleaning Up Easy - Use Small Containers to Keep Supplies During Projects via Clean Mama

I keep most supplies out on our art tables at all times.  If things aren’t returned to where they belong this privilege goes away, but it’s so much more fun to create when you have full reign and lots of artistic choices.  The beauty of having supplies in portable containers is that they can also take a jar downstairs for homework or a project that they’re working on in the kitchen.

Supplies are accessible via Clean Mama

Don’t be afraid to get creative when figuring out storage for your art supplies.  I use a vintage Jell-O mold to store washi tape.  My daughter put the container in the middle to keep our overflow of washi tape.  Great solution and no cost.  Win-win.

Use What You Have via Clean Mama

Any extra supplies or supplies that aren’t stored out all the time (Play-doh, Rainbow Loom, paint, etc.) are stored in a closet.  I also have a couple in-progress bins that projects that are in-progress can be stored in.

Store Supplies in Covered Boxes via Clean Mama

I like to keep things multi-purpose so the craft room also doubles as a reading room complete with a little reading nook.

Books and Reading Nook via Clean Mama

Any craft storage get a little revamp this week?  What have you been working on?


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  1. Where did you get that adorable bookshelf on wheels?? I am redecorating my boys room for their birthday and this would be perfect! Thanks for the great post 🙂

  2. Do you have a chore chart for kids to go along with the daily cleaning routine?

  3. Awesome! Thank you! I love your cleaning schedule and have shared your site with everyone I know:))

  4. Where did you get the plastic tote boxes?

  5. Love this! Where did you get the turquoise lidded storage boxes/containers?

  6. I wish my craft stuff was this manageable! I don’t have any kids but I have a lot of scrapbooking and crafting stuff 🙂 I am working on decluttering it, but it’s a bit of a slow process lol. I love containers but I know I need to wait to buy any more until I get my stuff down to a manageable amount. But until then I can drool over everyone else’s organization, yours included 🙂 Thanks for a great web site! I really liked the cleaning the washing machine with vinegar post too – I knew I needed to do that (and I was not wanting to buy the expensive machine cleaner), but I couldn’t find a good explanation that I could print out for future reference. I’ve finally realized I needed to make a cleaning binder with all the good printables (like yours!) so I can refer to it when I forget how to do a cleaning task – I have fibromyalgia and it’s really messed up my memory so I can’t remember anything. Thanks again!

  7. I am LOVING your little reading nook on wheels! Is there more on this idea?? What’s inside the boxes below?? So cute!!

  8. I love the table with the white legs. Did you cover the top yourself? And with what and how? 🙂

  9. Where did you get the white rotating craft caddy? I’ve been trying to find one like that for about 2 years now. I’m in Australia so I’m probably going to have to order one online from there… which is fine if they ship to here. I love your site….. so much info and inspiration! THANKS!!!!!

  10. Hi I am in quite the bind I have moved into a 1 bedroom with no storage room from a 3 bedroom with 3 storage rooms I have rubbermaids full of yarn all over and no where to put them I have bought 2 under the bed and have them filled is there any other way to store it without rubbermmaids as there is no room for them and I use my yarn all the time anad dont want to get rid of it because it is so expensive please help thanx

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