Speed Clean Your Bathrooms

Speed Clean All Your Bathrooms in 15 Minutes via Clean Mama

If you follow along with my cleaning routine, on Mondays you clean bathrooms right along with me in your home.  Today I’m sharing a visual of how I clean ALL of my bathrooms in 15 minutes.  I have 4 bathrooms and can attest to this being the absolute easiest and quickest way to get them all clean and disinfected in a hurry.

You’ll notice that I am not sweeping, vacuuming, or washing the floors.  This is part of the time-saving magic of this approach.  I vacuum all the floors on Wednesdays and wash all the floors on Thursday, so no need to wash them on Mondays.  Also, I do a quick counter check daily to make sure the counters are not too bad.  This also keeps them cleaner in between as well.

Since we’re simplifying the season, this is a a great way to simplify a little corner of your home.  Please note:  This is not pretend or fake cleaning or making your bathroom look clean when it isn’t, this is a simple way to thoroughly clean your bathrooms quickly.   Try this today and you’ll have more time for other things that really matter.  Ready?

Supplies for Speed Cleaning Your Bathrooms in 15 Minutes via Clean Mama

Gather your supplies – this is what you’ll need:

  • microfiber cloths (alternatively you can use paper towels, I prefer microfiber) – 1 for mirrors, one for each toilet, one for each sink, and a couple extras for tubs and showers
  • glass and mirror cleaner
  • disinfecting/bathroom cleaner
  • toilet cleaner
  • empty container for dirty cloths or paper towels
  • caddy or container to carry supplies from room to room

Clear off your counters and sinks and get started.

Step One Spray Mirror and Wipe Clean via Clean Mama

Start with any mirrors – spray and wipe clean.  I use a glass and mirror microfiber for lint and streak-free mirrors.  Keep this cloth handy and reuse in each bathroom.

Step Two Spray Sink and Tubs and Toilet with Disinfecting Cleaner

Next, move on to your sink, toilet, and tub or shower (if you don’t use a tub or shower regularly, you don’t need to clean it weekly) and quickly spray with your disinfecting cleaner.  (I prefer non-toxic disinfecting cleaners – they work just as well and aren’t harmful to you or your family.)

Step 3 Swish Toilet via Clean MamaUse your preferred toilet cleaner and brush and do a quick clean of your toilet.

Then REPEAT these steps in each bathroom.  Once you’ve done that, go back to the first bathroom:

Step 5 Wipe via Clean Mama

Wipe the sink, wipe the toilet, and wipe the tub or shower – take care to use a separate cloth or paper towel for the each toilet and sink to avoid cross-contamination.

Step 6 Discard Dirty Cloths and Move On to Wipe Down Next Bathroom via Clean MamaPlace dirty cloths in container and move on to wiping down the next bathroom and the next until you have wiped down each bathroom.  And that’s it!

The simple step-by-step:

Step by Step Clean All Your Bathrooms in 15 Minutes via Clean Mama

 What do you think?  Are you up for a little bathroom speed cleaning?



  1. Is there a secret to using microfiber clothes? I have tried on mirrors/toilets/countertops they always leave lent on my mirrors, just seems to move the dust/dirt around on toilet and countertops! Help!!! Thanks in advance!

    • It might be the brand. I really like Casabella brand and Scotch-Brite makes a good one too – you might also need to dampen the cloth a bit too. If it just moved the dirt around I wouldn’t use it. Also change the cloths frequently too.
      xo, Becky

      • Hi Kris! The secret to microfiber is to dry wwithout fabric softeners. It puts a protective coating in the material, so it don’t do the job it needs to do for the type of material it is. I hope this helped:)

    • I use cloth diapers. I got a TON of them when I had my youngest.. unfortunately.. she makes SO much business that I have to use disposable diapers and hardcore diaper covers with built in diapers on top of the regular disposable diapers…. so I never got a chance to use the cloth diapers for her… BUT… they are the most absorbent, easy to rinse, most durable cleaning cloths I have EVER encountered!

    • I use last week’s news paper. Dad taught me that. I pull out one sheet of news paper and wad it up. It doesn’t leave streaks or lint. Only use news print, not the slick/shiny sales papers.

    • Use toilet paper instead of any cloth for mirrors or windows. I use that or coffee filters. Coffee filters work better.

    • Alma Godesteanu says:

      Best microfiber to use are the ones that are sold at Sams, those are the most efficient and durable!. And yes I agree on never using softener on it, regular detergent only, and some times you won’t even have to use glass cleaner, the magic of microfiber, is that you can also clean on dry and it will still look fabulous!

    • Beverly says:

      I don’t launder any materials with my microfiber cloths, for the purpose of keeping lent off them. I also add bleach to the wash. I will sometimes use a second final rinse to the cycle.

    • Yolanda says:

      It say cross contamination by using these microfiber cloths besides not cleaning then properly after use I suspect.

    • Don’t wash your microfiber clothes with any cotton rags or towels. Only wash with other microfiber clothes. Also do not use dryer sheets when you dry the microfiber clothes. Dryer sheets will leave microfiber clothes terribley streaky on glass or mirrors.

  2. Where did you get the cute caddy? Love it!

  3. My mirrors are extremely streaky after I clean them. Maybe because of hairspray?? It drives me crazy!!! Any suggestions?
    thank you!

  4. This may be a really dumb question…but do you rinse after you wipe everything down? Or do you use the cloths after making them wet??

    • No rinsing required. If the microfiber isn’t working smoothly you can also get it barely damp and wipe up that way.
      xo, Becky

  5. No one has ever motivated me so much to clean 🙂 I just had a question about how you wash your cleaning cloths (the bathroom ones and also the kitchen ones which I realize will be done separately). Do you run a sanitize wash on them if your washer has it, or do you bleach them or just a hot wash? Thanks so much!

    • Aw, thanks Gina! I run them on a sanitize cycle (if you don’t have this selection, just run on the hottest cycle) with just detergent, no softener and dry in the dryer.
      xo, Becky

      • Jacqueline Snell says:

        Hi, I didn’t realize I needed to wash bathroom and kitchen separate? Why is that? Also, do you have tips for fiberglass tubs? What about under the toilet seat? Do you have your own bathroom cleaner? Thanks! I know this is years later ha-ha but just found this

    • As a former infection control nurse, I encourage you to use a bit of bleach when washing contaminated clothes. Ugly bathroom germs & kitchen spills from raw meat cannot be killed in the sanitizing cycle because the water will not be hot enough to kill the tough bugs. Very little bleach is necessary – depending on the type of washer you use. Happy sanitizing. 🙂

  6. Thanks so much Becky!! Yep, have the sanitize cycle yay! And congrats on your recent news, super excited for you (so nice to see your beautiful face, matches your personality perfectly).

  7. Great post! Thank you for sharing. Definitely going to incorporate this, even though we only have one bathroom. I need to pick up some microfiber cloths.

  8. Sheila Eyster says:

    I believe that my microfiber cloths lost much of their absorbency because I used fabric softener sheets in the dryer. I read somewhere that this would cause them to lose absorbency but I can’t tell you where I read it. I pitched them and bought new ones and don’t add fabric softener sheets to my towels or cleaning cloths anymore. That may be Kris’s problem.

    • Yes, NO fabric softener with microfiber!

      • You should never yes fabric softener on cleaning cloths or towels. Also if you feel your cloths and towels are not coming clean enough add 1cup of ammonia to your wash loads – this helps release oils on the fibers. I do this often in the summer for my towels and sheets.

        • Be careful using ammonia if you have pets. They mistake it for the smell of urine and if they are prone to accidents this sets them up to fail.

  9. It looks like you have plastic toilet seats. I am so frustrated with how quickly the wooden seats stain and lose their finish but have worried that the plastic seats would feel too flimsy. Can you recommend a certain brand or style of seat?

  10. What toilet cleaner do you use?

  11. I would love to know what types of cleaners you use? I’m changing the products we use to reduce chemicals in my home. Today I ordered Ava Anderson Glass and All purpose cleaners that are non toxic and chemical free. I’m excited to try them 🙂

    • Ava Anderson products are wonderful! Keep looking for less pricey organic and non- toxic cleaners. I don’t like using expensive cleaners. Remember, vinegar and baking soda are good cleaning products.

    • i use method cleaners

  12. Great post! 🙂 I like to use baking soda & castile soap to clean my toilets, works way better than the store bought stuff, and no toxic chemicals.

  13. What kind of tub cleaner do you use? I find it takes forever to clean my showers and tubs because of all the rinsing (and having to rinse the shower walls carefully because of the stupid shower curtain being in the way). I use a Dawn/Vinegar solution in my tubs and showers because it’s so good at taking off the soap scum that forms from the kids’ shampoo and body wash. But there’s no way I could just wipe it without rinsing.

    • I use baking soda mixed with Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap — I sprinkle about a 1/2 cup of soda around, then squeeze a bunch of soap all over and apply a little elbow grease with a sponge (but not much). The soda is abrasive enough to tackle any rings in the tub — I have 3 small dirty kids who take lots of baths. 🙂 If I don’t have time to really scrub, I may just do a once-over with Lysol scrubbing wipes (the purple ones) to get scum off in the corners.

  14. I heard that Coca-Cola is good to use as a toilet cleaner. Just pour it in wait over night!

  15. Do you have a good recommendation for a marble safe shower/ grout cleaner? A quick wipe of the shower isn’t cutting it, and I need something to help knock out the mildew! Something safe and natural would be preferable, but I’m willing to try anything since I bet its better than what’s growing in my shower! 🙂

    • i use THIEVES house hold cleaner it is completely natural and chemical free. It works awesome for mild, mildew and and other dirt and germs. let em know if you would like more info. I clean my entire house with JUST one produt diluted at different strengths.

    • Hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle works wonders for mold and mildew. I use it in the shower, along the caulk lines in creases, the slide out soap dispenser in the washer ( be prepared to be frightened of what can lurk in there) and sometimes on the wood counter.

  16. Natalie Muoio says:

    Awesome post, great ideas you have. I do have to know (ive seen ur white metal caddy all over blogs & websites although never tell were they purchased them) i love these caddies and wish i could find them, they are so versatile for many uses in the home, can you tell me where you got yours? Thank you, love your helpful ideas…

  17. What disinfecting cleaner do you use on your sink/tub/toilet?? Thanks! 🙂

  18. Thank you for the tips! I will have to try this out. I, too, would love to know what disinfecting cleaners you use on the sink, tub, and toilet. Thank you!

  19. Great post! Okay, please don’t judge too harshly. I grew up in a home where pennies were pinched and laundry was a premium gift. To conserve, my mom taught me to use only one cleaning rag in the bathroom, using it on the sink first, then tub, and lastly the toilet. It was basically in germ-order. That may totally weird folks out, but I have less laundry and I don’t feel anyone who lives here or visits here suffers illness from it. Just a thought. 🙂 Maybe I should reform my ways. 🙂

  20. I live in an apartment (ie no washer/ dryer in unit) and I was wondering what you thought about washing the dirty cloths in the dishwasher (no dishes 🙂 ). I could maybe put a cup of bleach on the lower shelf and the rags spread out on the upper… I guess I would need to somehow pin them down. I just don’t know about using the washer/dryer that everyone else in the building uses not knowing what others put/ leave in the machine when their wash cycles are complete. Any advice?

    I am excited about following your blog.. you have opened my eyes to how easy (& quick) cleaning can be!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart… and I bet my husband thanks you as well.

  21. I wouldn’t worry too much. After all they are washing their items!

  22. My bathroom cleaning is very similar. Just one thing I do different: I use a toilet cleaner that says you’re supposed to let it sit for 5 minutes and then scrub and rinse. So the first thing I do squirt the cleaner in the toilets. Everything else is the same. Just thought I’d share.

  23. I worked custodial at a theme park for a while and we used to clean the mirrors with just a splash of water and some newspaper. No streaks, no fuzzies!

  24. Where’d you get that handy dandy bucket with sections for your supplies?

  25. Norma Jean says:

    Great post! I follow your cleaning order, BUT, since I have bad knees and a tri-level house I complete each bathroom before moving to the next.

  26. I have a mobile home. The sinks and tubs have plastic handles. How do I clean them on the inside? They look nasty even when they are clean on the outside.

    • I think you can unscrew them at the top(?) and then you could soak them or run them through the dishwasher.
      xo, Becky

  27. You’re giving me a LOT of extra rags to wash with this method, and a lot of unnecessary running back and forth between bathrooms. I scrub the showers about once a month, and they get their own rags (one for each). I use the same rag for the mirror, sink, and toilet — and I clean them in that order (mirror, then sink, then toilet). Sure, if the sink gets skipped we get out a fresh rag, but I’m all about minimizing laundry as well as steps. Once I do those 3, I get out a fresh rag for the shower (on the weeks that I do those). (And about once every 3 months, I wax the showers – we have VERY hard and lots of iron, so we wax the walls to cut back on the hard water build up and the rust stains. Any old car wax does the trick, but an aerosol can makes it EASY!) If the floor looks dusty and it’s not floor washing day, I WILL get out another rag and do a quick wipe down. THEN I move on to the next bathroom and start the process all over again.

    I love your caddy and the dirty rag bucket idea, though!!!! I don’t know why I never thought to carry around a dirty rag bucket! Then I wouldn’t have to touch them once I threw them in there!

    • Great ideas Molly! I don’t mind the extra rags 🙂
      xo, Becky

    • I LOVE the idea of waxing to repel hard water stains. We too have very hard water and I want to try this. Any suggestions for removing stains that seem to be set?

    • To keep our glass shower doors clean(er), we use the car windshield protector RainX.

      For overall cleaning & disinfecting, I use OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate. You can get ideas & DIY recipes for non-toxic, homemade cleaners at my FB page.

    • roseanne schoof says:

      you are my clone! I do all the same things…copied from my mother. I grew up in the 50’s and early 60’s and i think all our mothers did that…they were all from the Great Depression….\

    • Wish I had known your wax trick for showers years ago! Grew up with extremely hard water, showers were the pits, but have softer water and a water softener now. I’ll pass that idea on to others though! Thanks

  28. Where did you get this caddy?

  29. Michelle says:

    What do you use to clean your toilets? And, I notice you carry the toilet cleaning brush around in your caddy…where do you keep the “stick” part? lol. And, if you use an all-natural toilet cleaner, doesn’t the detachable cleaning brush have some sort of chemical in it? (I noticed the dark blue liquid) Finally, do you not keep the traditional bowl brush next to the toilets?

    Lots of toilet questions 😀 I love your site!

    (PS. You should consider setting up an amazon store. I’m sure you have affiliate links, but as I shop around on amazon I find myself thinking, “I wonder where she got this item that was in her post, but she didn’t link to”. I love amazon, and I always appreciate the direct links, but a Clean Mama amazon store would be even easier!)

    • Hi Michelle!
      In the pic is scrubbing bubbles wand cleaner – I’m not a big fan of toilet brushes 😉 That wand hangs from the side of the toilet.

      I have an amazon shop all the way down on the sideabar 🙂
      xo, Becky

      • Michelle says:

        Oh, found it! Thanks 🙂 I’m not a fan of toilet brushes either… so you must have a wand on the side of each toilet? And then you just carry the brush around? (I’m not sure which I like better – the idea of a toilet brush in the cleaning caddy or the traditional toilet brush lol)

      • Where do you buy your toilet cleaning brush? Can you explain the process of keeping that part clean? Or do you just use it, and stick it back in the caddy? (Please say no). From the picture I cannot tell if the toilet cleaning brush is a sponge or a scrubber..? If it is a sponge, do you wash it in the washing machine afterwards with the other cloths? Or if it is a scrubber, how do you keep it sanitary/clean?
        I have only ever seen the regular scrub brushes that sit in the little bowl…collecting toilet water.. and easy for kiddos to get a hold of- and I hate them so I would love a better idea!

        • So I read on and discovered you are using a disposable toilet scrubber. Where do you buy them at? And how much are they? How many come in a pack?
          Also, I’m just curious about what you do for a toilet clog/flood problem if you don’t use/store a plunger? Or maybe I misunderstood.

  30. this is probably a stupid question but all those cloths do you wash them all together in the machine? or do you separate them into the ones you have used for the toilet, the ones you have used for the sink and wash them in batches like that? :S

  31. Thank you! I tried this today to get 3 bathrooms done. It might be the first time ever I didn’t curse and despise my standing shower. So fast!

  32. 3 bathrooms in 30 minutes and did one tub, I found the running back and forth made it more like a game and therefore less of a hassle, you’re only ever in the same place 4 minutes tops haha.

  33. According to their labels, the disinfectant sprays–harsh chemical and earth-friendly–need to sit on the hard surface for 10 minutes to do their disinfecting. This makes the spray and wait method the best choice if you want a truly clean bathroom.

  34. Do you have a toilet cleaner on your site somewhere? My toilet is showing wear under the seat. I think the chemicals are too strong. Also what would be a good tub cleaner/brightene? I absolutely love your site!.

  35. I have a question about cleaning the shower curtain – always streaked and appears grimy….short of taking it down and lying it on the floor to clean it (yuck!) are there any tips to cleaning a plastic shower curtain? Thanks!

    • midwestmom says:

      Put it in the washing machine! And hang to dry.

    • Buy the cheap plastic liners (usually less than $3 at Walmart or Target) and replace them every couple of months. I have a shower head that can be handheld and always rinse the liner off after I shower. 🙂

      • I purchased a cloth liner from WalMart for $15 that can be washed in the machine over and over again. I find they are easier to clean and there is no waste.

    • To save unhanging/rehanging time between washing machine washes, I simply loosen the curtain tension rod and lower it & the curtain (still on the rod) into the tub partially filled with hot detergent water, let soak for 30 min or so, lift the tension rod & attached curtain back up into place, wash the tub with the detergent water while it’s draining, and finally rinse both curtain & tub all at once with handheld sprayer. Fast n done!

  36. Would it be ok for me to print the pictures above? I was hoping to laminate them and make a flip chart of sorts for my special needs kids to clean the bathroom. I know it seems simple but these pictures simplify it even more. 🙂

  37. Any suggestions to reach the top of the bathroom mirror? Our house has big (huge) rectangular mirrors over the bathroom sinks. Any kind of microfiber on a stick??

    • A microfiber cloth specifically for mirrors should help – you could use a window squeegee with a extension handle. I usually just stand on the sink 😉

  38. Where are the pink and light blue kind of striped microfibers from? I like that those look a little thicker than normal.

  39. Love this! I am dying to know a few things though…

    what kind of toilet cleaner/brush are you using in this? Where do you keep your brush and plunger? and where did you find the 6 pack style caddy?

    Do you think that typical wash cloths would work? Thanks!

    • Hi Melissa!
      It’s a Scrubbing Bubbles disposable toilet cleaner – no brush or plunger (they gross me out). The caddy is from Target – it’s a cutlery tray. Wash cloths would work but they won’t clean as well and they’ll leave lint.
      xo, Becky

  40. Rosalie Bateman says:

    I read somewhere that the dryer sheets work well in cleaning the sink, shower, and toilet. (used dryer sheets)
    I tried it and they work really well, in just no time.

  41. I have a question for you. I am the only girl in a house of 4. A 3yr old, 7yr old, and my hubby, who, let’s face it, acts like a kid 😉 short of standing over them while they “do their business” let’s say they the toliet is the last place most of it goes. I’m sick of cleaning everyday. All my bathrooms stink if I don’t clean everyday, I’m sick of cleaning everyday. Got any tips of anything I could spray, ect just to nuturilize the smell so maybe I could very away with cleaning every other day? And yes, I’m working on training them to hit the toliet, it’s hard work!

    • Hi Sammi!
      Have you removed the toilet seat? There are little crevices that hold that old pee….that’s the only thing I’ve found to get rid of the smell from my two little boys’ bathroom I also spray liberally at the base of the toilet and run a paper towel under there to get stuff too. Good luck!

    • My husband and I have a deal. He sits down or he cleans toilets. After all, toilets are for sitting. Urinals are for standing. He threatens to install a toilet, but never has 🙂 Fortunately, I only have daughters. A dear friend once told me that the greatest thing her mother-in-law ever gave her was teaching her husband to sit down while peeing when he was growing up.

  42. Hi Becky..

    Thanx for those great ideas in your website ..
    I want to ask .. are you use same cloths for all of your bathrooms? or each bathroom has it’s own clothes ?
    like If I want to clean 2 bathrooms do I have to take 3 or 4 clothes for each bathroom? hope my question is clear 🙂

  43. This is basically how I have cleaned my bathrooms for the last 27 years, although I don’t clean them all on the same day. I, too, have four, and since I clean my house in zones, one per day for four days of the week (master suite, the rest of the upstairs – bedrooms and family bath, downstairs living areas with powder room, and in-law apartment with bath), each bathroom has a day of the week assigned to it. But each bathroom only takes minutes of the time allotted for cleaning the entire zone.

    Two other thoughts –

    First, each bathroom in my house has its own set of supplies (cleaners, cloths, etc.) in a gallon-sized ice cream tub (recycling!) under the sink. This is nice during the years you are training children to clean bathrooms as everyone can be working at the same time. (Mine are on their own now, so it’s back to mom!) Also, if something gets majorly messed up in between weekly cleanings (a smudged mirror, for instance), it’s easier to take care of if the cleaner is right there, rather than the offending party having to go retrieve the cleaner.

    Second, all my cleaning cloths are white, so I can use bleach to sanitize them. (And I also agree with the suggestion to use one cloth per bathroom, working from least germ-filled surface to most germ-filled surface. Use more than one cloth when the first gets too wet – because too much water works against you.)

  44. what about the base board in the bathroom? Do you clean it? I found it very dirty and after cleaned, it’s back again soon, dust, you know what…..
    Suggestion what to use to clean the base board or just wet towel?

  45. I really like that bucket you put the rags in. Where did you buy it?

  46. I have my own cleaning business and blue dawn dish soap is my best friend! I use it to clean all bathrooms, even mirrors(it doesn’t streak)

  47. Does anyone think using alcohol based wet wipes is a good idea?

  48. How do I remove a ring in the toilet. My cleaner won’t remove it?

  49. I never launder my microfiber cloths with towels bc it leaves lint on them. I run vinegar through the rinse cycle & dry them on low heat.

  50. I would like a little printable I can laminate and put in my bathroom cleaning caddy for the fantasy day when someone else cleans the bathrooms. I could make one, but I’m sure you could do it cuter. If that is available in one of the kits for purchase, could you let me know?

  51. A friend, who recovered from cancer, taught me to disinfectant my washed microfibre cloths in the microwave. (& clean microwave at the same time!)
    Machine wash microfibre cloths without fabric softener. 30°C Wash is sufficient.
    Use a flat glass dish, wet the cloths to sopping wet & lay them in a single layer. Leave a thin layer of water in the dish & microwave on high for 2&half minutes or until steaming.
    Remove from microwave, but beware steam & cloth heat – Scald warning! Wipe your microwave down…. & bonus, it’s cleaner.
    I pour dish contents in washing machine & spin all (OR press excess water out) & hang to dry, preferably in sunlight.
    No risky harsh chemicals used.

  52. Excellent! Great ideas!

  53. Mirrors are so easy to clean with a squeegee, even the high mirrors!

  54. I don’t understand when you say go back to the first bathroom.

    • Hi Susana- Once you spray down all the surfaces in one bathroom you move on to the next one. Then return to the first one and wipe it down.

  55. Where do you keep the plunger?!

  56. Tara Atkins says:

    Following November 2017..thank you so much! I’m VERY NEW to “Pinterest”, but absolutely LOVE all the hacks, and DIY “pins”.. I have read SEVERAL of YOURS…very efficient, effective, and much appreciated….

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