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Disclosure: I am an Aprilaire Ambassador and this is a sponsored post from Aprilaire – I am receiving Aprilaire products and compensation in return for this post and promotion.  All opinions (as always) are my own.

It’s not often that you probably think about the air quality in your home – unless something isn’t working properly.  Or doesn’t feel comfortable.  Right?   I am an Aprilaire Ambassador and have been working with a local Aprilaire dealer to assess the air quality in our home.  The process has been really informative and helpful as we look at the air quality in our home.  To give you a little insight, we have a newer house and it’s fairly air tight, we have two furnaces and haven’t really experienced any issues, except for the occasional window condensation.  When I was asked to be an Aprilaire Ambassador I was excited to see what they could do in our home to make the air quality even better.

“To help you protect the health and comfort of your family, the only truly effective solution is a whole-house solution. That’s why Aprilaire considers your entire home when creating indoor air quality solutions.”

When the Aprilaire dealer came to our home to do an assessment, they had a really neat computer iPad app that asked questions to really see where any trouble spots were (see something similar here).  Some of the questions were if anyone in the house suffered from allergies, asthma, dry skin, if the house smelled musty, or if the air felt too dry or too humid.  After answering the questions, we went down into the basement so they could take a look at what we already have in place.

Aprilaire Comfort Advisor-Humidifier

The initial assessment was that our original humidifiers (attached to the furnaces) only run when the furnaces are running.  Aprilaire’s humidifiers run automatically and only when needed.  Better yet, Aprilaire’s humidifiers are controlled  at the thermostat, not on the furnace.  No more running to the basement to adjust the humidity levels!

Another suggestion is that our home could benefit from an ERV – or a Whole Home Energy Recovery System – to bring in fresh outdoor air.  I had never heard of an ERV before, but I learned that it gets rid of the window condensation we see, clears out any lingering smells, and expels some the unhealthy indoor air pollutants we can’t detect like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dust, bacteria and cancer-causing radon.  And it saves energy by retaining the energy of the stale indoor air as it exchanges for fresh outdoor air.

Aprilaire Comfort Advisor - Ventilation

And the suggestion that I’m most excited about is the Air Purifier.  The Air Purifier attaches to the furnace and is a whole-home product that removes indoor air pollutants from every room in the entire house!  According to the Aprilaire website, “The EPA has named indoor air pollution as one of the top 5 environmental risks to public health. The EPA also reports that indoor air can be up to one hundred times more polluted than the air outside. One hundred times! And while you are offered many options — standard 1″ furnace filters, portable purifiers and ionizers — there’s only one truly effective solution: an Aprilaire Whole-House Air Cleaner.”  We have suffered from allergies (especially my kids) this year and I am really excited to see the difference that the Aprilaire Air Purifiers make in our home’s air quality.


From Aprilaire:

What does your home’s heating and cooling system have to do with your health?  Surprisingly, quite a bit. As anyone who has ever suffered in a house that’s full of allergens, too hot, cold, humid or dry can attest, the air conditions inside your home can have big effects on your physical comfort and mental well being. But did you know Indoor Air Quality has very real effects on your health?

Whether it’s pollens that cause runny noses, sneezing, itchy eyes and more; asthma triggers that can lead to potentially severe reactions; or airborne bacteria and viruses that can cause colds and flu, Indoor Air Quality is an important factor in your family’s overall health.

Aprilaire Whole-Home Indoor Air Quality products can give you a comprehensive way to help protect your family. They are designed to work together invisibly, silently and automatically to treat and clean all the air in your home all year-round. If you want your family to breathe, smell and feel the cleanest, healthiest air possible, contact your Aprilaire Indoor Air Specialist for an in-home consultation.

I’m excited to continue telling you about Aprilaire and show you how it’s working in my home.  Interested in learning more about Aprilaire?  Check out the Aprilaire website to see how they can help you improve your home’s air quality!  Follow Aprilaire on Facebook for great tips on improving the air quality in your home!




  1. This would be great for us but we are on a fixed income and we wouldn’t be able to afford this system. I wish you good health and a happy Thanksgiving.

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