Vacuum Cleaner Review – Dyson DC41

Dyson DC41 Review - Clean Mama

Disclosure:  I received the Dyson DC41 with the hope that I would like it enough to post about it.  I absolutely love it and that”s why you see this review.  I only mention products that I love and know my readers will love too.

The folks at Dyson sent me the DC41 to review.  I have a great vacuum cleaner and was extremely happy with it, view but said I”d give it a try.  So I vacuumed my whole house with my vacuum cleaner and it looked good.  Then I got out the Dyson and vacuumed my whole house again.  Now this is where I was surprised, seek floored actually.  As I started vacuuming, ailment I noticed that the Dyson DC41 was picking up dirt and dust.  Which didn”t make much sense to me considering I just vacuumed with my other vacuum cleaner.  The canister started filling up and the carpets started looking amazing.  The pile picked up and looked fluffy on the plush carpet, and the berber started to look better (which is hard to do with berber).  I vacuumed the hard floors (tile and hardwood) and took a look at the canister.  When my husband came home he even commented on how great the carpet looked and felt.

Check this out:

Dyson DC-41 Review - Clean Mama

If you”re a clean freak like me, you”ll understand that I was mortified and super happy at the same time.  Look at all that dirt and dust!  We”ve been living with this in our carpets – disgusting!  So once I got over the initial shock of how poorly my vacuum cleaner was cleaning, I put the attachments to use.  The DC41 comes with the best assortment of vacuum cleaner attachments I have ever seen.  And they have soft touch points on them so they won”t scratch up your furniture or walls or blinds.  I vacuumed furniture and blinds, corners, and ceiling fans.  The hose reach is amazing – you can do a whole flight online casino of stairs with the vacuum cleaner at the bottom of the stairs!

I love this attachment for cleaning the blinds – completed in record time and with perfection.

Great Tools - Dyson DC41 Review - Clean Mama

My favorite qualities of the Dyson DC41?  The suction (yes, it”s amazing!), the ease of use, the attachments, how well it vacuums on hard floors, how well it vacuums my floors.  I could go on and on.  If you”re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, or if your vacuum cleaner isn”t performing like it used to, you need to check out the Dyson DC41.

Here”s what the folks at Dyson have to say about their awesome machine:

  •      The self-adjusting cleaner head that reduces air leaks and allows for constant, powerful suction across floor types.
  •      Ball technology that allows the DC41 to turn on a dime.
  •      Radial Root Cyclone technology that allows for pick-up of the smallest particles down to .5 microns
  •      Durability – DC41 is built to survive 10 years.

If you want to see some how Dyson tests their vacuum cleaners and how they perform compared to other vacuum cleaners, check out this video.  It shows how they test to make sure the Dyson performs on steps, on tile floors, edges, and how the filters work – pretty neat stuff!



  1. I have a Dyson canister vacuum and absolutely love it. Picks up do much cat hair!

  2. Evelina Snell says:

    What was the cord extension like? Were you able to do multiple rooms or did you have to unplug and replug in a lot? Thanks for the review – very helpful. Enjoy your day! Evelina

    • Cord reach is fantastic! I can do my master bedroom and all the way down the hall with the cord plugged in in the bedroom. I’ve had mine for more than 5 years and I still love it! There’s just no downside to this vacuum!

  3. I’ve always wondered about the Dyson vacuum! Sounds amazing

  4. That’s awesome Becky! Kind of makes me rethink using that “other” vacuum. :/


  5. That’s so cool! I’ve been wanting to get a dyson vacuum for a long time, but I didn’t know if the steep price tag would be worth it. I think it might be after your blog post and the video you shared! Thanks!

  6. Stephanie Hicks says:

    You think it’s amazing now, but wait ’til you have to clean it…it comes (nearly) totally apart and makes for super easy cleaning! That, to me, is one of it’s greatest features and one I never hear mentioned on reviews. We’ve had our Dyson (not sure which model #, it’s been so long) since 2008 and it still works as wonderfully as the day we bought it…and any time it starts getting that “vacuum smell”, we take it apart and give it a good cleaning! If you have pets, it does an amazing job on picking up all the hair. We also splurged and bought the pet vacuum attachment (to actually vacuum the dogs) and it is awesome! Really helps to pull out that undercoat when they’re heavily shedding and reduces the dander (the cause for pet allergies)! I never thought I’d love an appliance so much…I’d recommend a Dyson to anyone!

    • Jennifer L says:

      Yes I agree Stephanie Hicks. Love how easy it is to take apart. No one ever talks about that. Me being a neat freak about certain things this is a plus..

  7. Kristin P. says:

    It’s too bad they didn’t offer to give one away free or offer a discount code! Those vacuums are VERY expensive for the average family!

    • They are an investment, but after using mine, I would purchase one with my own money. (Otherwise I would never recommend it to you!) A great warranty and built to last 10 years means it’s cheaper than replacing vacuums every couple years. A discount code would be awesome 🙂 xo, Becky

      • Kristin P. says:

        I’ll just have to save up! 🙂 Our much cheaper one has lasted a good 10 years, but it’s definitely near the end of it’s life.

  8. I’m seriously SO glad you posted this. I’ve NEVER had a vacuum I’ve liked, and have been thinking about a Dyson for years. I trust your review, that canister of dirt is pretty powerful evidence! Guess what I’m putting on my Christmas list this year!

  9. Margaret J. says:

    Does anyone know why my DC41 has never worked through the hose? I love it for carpets (always have a Labrador Retriever in my life) but never was able to get much suction with the attachments and hose. Also, some of the parts (like the inner filter) that are supposed to get dirty, never do. The upper part of the plastic filter in the dirt-catching canister gets filthy very fast, but in the several years I’ve had it I have never seen any dirt on the white filter. I do wash it but nothing comes out of it, either. Any suggestions? I’ve had it way too long to return it or ask for help with a warranty, so I need to find the fix for myself. Thanks for any help you can give!

  10. Looks like this is called the DC65 now – just so you know 🙂

  11. Margaret I saw you never got a reply. Check the whole hose and the clear part under the canister. I started getting frustrated that I wasn’t getting much suction and tried cleaning it out. Worked just like new!

  12. I have a Shark and am very happy with it and the amount of suction and it is lightweight and less expensive than the Dyson.

  13. This is one of the best vacuum cleaners there is in my opinion. Its exactly like how you described it – capable of cleaning everything from the carpet to the blinds in no time. It has the right attachments for any kind of cleaning job and is overall a very solid choice if you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner. Its true the vacuum is expensive but its worth it in the long run.

  14. has refurbished Dysons.

  15. I have a Dyson and love it. I also did the same experiment. Was shocked at how much dirt my old vacuum left behind! I do wish the cord was as long as the cord on my Oreck. My Dyson cleans so much better though. This was a good pick and mine was on sale, $150.00 off!

  16. I wish they’d send you the Dyson Stick vacuum to test! I’ve had my eye on that one for quite a while now, but it’s so expensive that I can’t justify it yet. Other stick vacuums just don’t cut it, especially the cordless ones. It’d be great to hear your thoughts and reviews on that vacuum!!

  17. Jennifer L says:

    It’s crazy that this popped up! As I am sitting here reading this, my Dyson 25 Animal is sitting outside drying. I ❤️ LOVE mine! I have 4 dogs, carpet, linoliam, and hard wood floors. I’d say I use my vacuum 6 out of 7 days most of the time. Everything from regular vacuuming, rugs, baseboards, dusting, and stairs. I think the thing I ❤️ Most is that I can take it almost completely apart to clean. No directions needed, it’s so easy! I use baking soda on my carpets & sometimes it gets moist (A/C, air, rain, etc) & it gets stuck in the hose creases, all I do it pop it off real quick, turn the hose on & spray it out. How easy is that! I’ve had it for years & if I need a new one it will definatly be getting a Dyson! Well worth the investment!!!!!

  18. Coreen Pike says:

    I love my Dyson, I had two abd gave the other to my daughter. Ive had many different kinds of vaccums, this by far has been the best.

  19. I love the way you explain about this vacuum cleaner, thanks for review.

  20. Tom young says:

    Funny, I think I’m the only guy on this thread.. recently divorced and I am a clean freak! I’ve always been enamored by the Dyson but could never afford it.. fortunately I found a used dc41 which I purchased for 80.00 from a pawn shop!! I seriously vacuum everyday just because it’s so cool to see all the dirt it picks up!! I literally bring to my friends house with pets and they’re amazed by its performance!

  21. I’ve not heard of this brand before either! We have one ‘proper’ hoover (a Dyson) and one handheld (again, another Dyson) and I find myself using the handheld one all the time simply because dragging the big vacuum up and down stairs is such a pain. This sounds like a perfect compromise! Thanks for the intro!

  22. Cynthia Hook says:

    I have had my Dyson dc 41 for 6 1/2 years and love it. Picks up great, but lately, it is very hard to push! I changed my filters and it is no better. Went online and have found no help. Any suggestions? Many thanks as I use my Dyson often and love it.

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