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Free Kids Routine Checklists - via ABFOL

I’m over at A Bowl Full of Lemons this week with 2 free printable checklists sure to get your routine on track in a hurry.  If you’re kids are anything like mine we need to little review of routines and the order for the day.  A simple chore chart or routine list helps create a little structure that is helpful in getting them out the door for school, ready for bed, and everything in between.  I’m sharing a simple routine checklist with you today that can be used a couple different ways.  It’s meant to be used either as a two week checklist or as a morning and evening checklist.  The key to this checklist is that it isn’t necessarily a chore chart, but it’s a reminder list.  A list like this may yield better results for your littles – no nagging, just check the tasks off the list.  Go here to see the whole post and to get the free printables.

Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend – I’ll be back on Tuesday with some new routines here as well!



  1. Hi there & thanks for your tips and printables. Do you have a kid’s chore checklist on which the tasks are listed and can be assigned to each child? Also trying to create a system to allow my kids to earn computer/video game/TV time. Currently they earn time (5, 10, 15 mins) for various things (getting dressed first, first to fasten seatbelt, etc)

    • Hi Tacha!
      I have a chore chart kit in my shop and am working on a couple different options – stay tuned!
      xo, Becky

  2. These are wonderful and I can’t wait to use them with my seven year old son. Last year for kindergarten our routine was a bit hectic and now for first grade I know he needs more responsibility and accountability and these are simple and perfect. Thanks Becky!

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