Let’s Clean House – Cleaning With Kids – 2 FREE Printable Chore Lists

Let's Clean House - 2 Free Kids Cleaning Checklists - Clean Mama

Want to teach your kids how to help around the house with daily tasks and chores?  Make it fun and easy for them to help out!  Today I’m sharing a little cleaning checklist that I made for my kids to help clean right along with me.  One is a picture version and one is a word version, perfect for different ages.  The tasks are simple and most are appropriate for preschoolers on up through middle and high school.  This could be used daily or weekly, depending on what works for your family and schedule.

(Obviously, you know your children and know what they can/cannot do on this list, this is merely a suggestion and starting point.  Please use care to provide non-toxic cleaners or water in a spray bottle for your children.)


  • microfiber cloths
  • sponge
  • baby wipes
  • duster
  • hand vacuum
  • water or non-toxic cleaner in a spray bottle
  • small cleaning caddy – the one pictured is from Target – it’s actually a silverware caddy

Cleaning Cards for Kids - Clean Mama

I printed out the FREE Let’s Clean House printable on white card stock and cut it in half.  Then, I cut them the paper in half and laminated the chore cards.  I put a dry erase marker in the bucket for my kids to check off their chores as they complete them.  Then, once the tasks are completed they can wipe off the marker and it’s all set for the next round of ‘Let’s Clean House’.

Let's Clean House - 2 Free Kids Cleaning Checklist printables - Clean Mama

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  1. These are really, really cute!

  2. WOW! Cool! My boys will love this. AND….. I can’t WAIT for the planner! It sounds just like something I could use…

  3. I am *so* going to use this!! Just curious what type of laminator do you use? Thanks!!

  4. I love this! Thank you so much! 🙂

  5. The chores lists are a really cute idea. I could see my kids actually getting involved with this – thanks!

  6. jen in pa says:

    great idea! and i love the cloths in the picture–where are they from? fun tools make for more cooperative kiddos 🙂

  7. I absolutely LOVE these children posts!!!!! So positive and refreshing. My kids love helping me clean and when I introduce new little things like this it reinvigorates us all.

    I have a “helping bottle” which is a spray bottle containing white vinegar, water, and a little bit of eucalyptus oil (the only pregnancy friendly essential oil i have right now but it works a treat to stop the house smelling like a fish and chip shop when they use it) and they cleaned all the walls last week, had a fantastic time and it was a great job. I would love to get them a little caddy like yours to keep their own supplies in, thanks again. 🙂

  8. A great piece of posting on the topic of Home Cleaning, enjoyed reading the information shared.

  9. Contrary to popular belief home cleaning can actually be fun and is a great way to get your family to spend some time together. Love the way you laminated the lists to make them reusable; cute and eco-friendly!

  10. I’m in love with your printables. They are so convenient, this one is deffinitely going to be a great helper when I use the services of a cleaning company such as http://www.cleaninghousemelbourne.com.au/

  11. BRILLIANT!! Thanks!

  12. I have seen this exact caddy on a number of blogs and love it! It is the perfect size for my kiddos and it’s pretty (let’s face it, sometimes you have to have that to motivate you!). However, I have checked Target online and can’t seem to locate it. Do you happen to know the actual brand? I know Target has RE and several others.


  13. These are great!! Thanks. Love the pictures for the little ones!

  14. cute! i like the graphics…did you draw them? Any new projects this summer? I’ve been brainstorming a system of “merit badges” for my kids to pass off skills I think they should know (like hanging up a shirt, making a sandwich, starting the dishwasher, change the toilet paper roll, etc.) I’m trying to think of a fun way for them to show what “badges” they’ve earned. Then when I see that their shirt isn’t hung up, they can’t tell me, “I can’t!” If you like the idea, feel free to help me create it! 🙂

    • Maybe make up a chart similar to the ones used in kids Sunday school for learning your verse, bringing your bible, etc. Have a picture they can color in or a sticker they can put in a box, and have it displayed somewhere, kinda a cross between the chart idea and a scout badge vest.

  15. This is lovely. My kids love cleaning, and are willing to clean up the whole house. I hope you share more articles!

  16. Have you given any thought to a customizable one for sale in your shop? For example, you provide the layout ant adorable pictures, and I can delete the ones that aren’t applicable. Like cleaning her own bathroom, doing her own laundry, scooping out the dang cat litter, taking Justin Bieber posters off her wall…

  17. Contrary to popular belief home cleaning can actually be fun and is a great way to get your family to spend some time together. Love the way you laminated the lists to make them reusable; cute and eco-friendly!

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