Spring Cleaning My Closets + The Spring Cleaning Challenge

I’ve teamed up with some amazing cleaning bloggers to bring you a Spring Cleaning Challenge!  If you missed the details or need a refresher, check out this post and join us!  We have rounded up some awesome prizes, including a customized closet organization system valued at $1000!!   You can enter the challenge below!

Today I’d like to share my final spring cleaning project – closets!  Closets tend to get neglected at my house, but I had had enough and needed to bring a little order to the spaces.  I followed a simple formula of 4 easy steps and worked quickly to tackle 4 closets over the course of a weekend.  (This is not an organizing post, this is a clean out the closets post.)

Take a couple minutes to make a plan of attack – make note of any changes and what you might need to spring clean your closet(s).  Grab your supplies – garbage bags, vacuum cleaner, bins, baskets – gather your supplies and get started!

Quickly go through your closet(s) and move unwanted items into 4 categories – toss, sell, give away, relocate.

Once the purging and relocating has taken place it’s time to arrange clothing in a way that makes sense.  Group like items together – pants together, shirts together, and so on.  You can get as organized as you’d like – in rainbow order, separated by lights and darks, by season, etc.  When I went through my kids’ closets I packed away outgrown clothes, grouped clothes by season and together – shirts, dresses, etc.  The point is to make things easy for them or me to find and put away.   We also store some toys in their closets too so storage/organization is necessary.  Here are a couple after shots of my kids closets.  Now that I have the closets all cleaned out and everything is in the appropriate places, I can decide if different or better storage is needed.



Once you have everything sorted and put away, it’s time to clean it!  Wipe down what needs it, dust as necessary, and vacuum.  I found that I could do most of the work with my vacuum cleaner and the hose attachment to get in the corners.

So how about you?  Any closets need some spring cleaning?  What are you working on for the Spring Cleaning Challenge?

Be sure to show us your progress by linking up pictures to Pinterest or Hometalk.  We can’t wait to see what you’re cleaning!  And don’t forget to come back here (see below) and enter to win some amazing prizes! The challenge will end Sunday, the 14th.  Happy Spring Cleaning!

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  1. I need to work on three bedrooms in my house.

  2. Your spring cleaning project was very nice to read 🙂

  3. You have wonderfully big closets. Mine aren’t as big, but they get pretty cluttered none the less!

  4. Thyra Bari says:

    Now to get (more) organized. I love reading it and getting motivated. Thank you.

  5. I need to do this in all my closets. Got rid of a whole garbage sack of clothes last night. Sadly, I could probably do that every day for a week…. 🙂

  6. I read somewhere else to flip your cloths hangers backwards once a year. Then as you take them out the hangers will get flipped to the right side again. Anything left backwards next year you have never worn in a year and should get rid of.

  7. Great post Becky! I’m super jealous of your closet sizes!! 🙂


  8. I need to Spring Clean my garage. I try to stay on top of it but the other members of my family DO NOT. 🙂 I am jealous of your closet sizes too. 🙂

  9. Ann Elias says:

    I need to get at my closet..getting ready for a rummage sale.

  10. I need bigger closets, or less clothes, or a genie.

  11. I am totally ready to organize my hall closet!

  12. gabby banales says:

    I really need help in my master closet!

  13. Kathleen says:

    The garage! It always becomes our dumping ground for stuff we don’t want in the house, but aren’t ready to part with yet.

  14. Looks great Becky! What nice closet space you have!

  15. My master closet is first on my list. Ugh, what a mess.

  16. I have been working on spring cleaning for a while. The one place I keep forgetting is the furnace vents still need some care in my home.

  17. I love that your closets aren’t jam packed! Makes finding things so much easier 🙂 Thank you for the motivation today!!

  18. Sigh… so jealous of your big closets! I have to work on my closets too actually, just wish they had as much room as yours! 🙂

  19. My master bedroom closet/laundry room is in the middle of a makeover

  20. Erica Scafe says:

    Our closet has been a disaster ever since I unpacked from our recent move. I almost feel like I need to pull everything back out and start over now that I have a better idea of the space (we have a lot of built-in shelves, cubbies, etc.)

  21. Our house is over 110 years old, so that means tiny closets and little to no storage. What a great way to motivate me to actually go through and get rid of some things.

  22. I like how you speak about an assessment. I think that is a crucial part to getting things done – otherwise our disorder would fly into place as if we were Mary Poppins!!

  23. Kathryn Patterson says:

    I literally need to spring clean my entire house! I plan to start the challenge tomorrow. Thanks for the great challenge!

  24. I need to work on storage boxes in my master closet. I have plenty of surface space but everything is just piled up in there. Organized boxes would make a huge difference I think!

  25. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been working on all rooms in my home. I am learning that organizing and cleaning is a constant thing that is never accomplished. Each season the needs of the rooms change and need to be cleaned and organized all over again.

  26. I really need to get organized and decultter my entire house. We are contemplating downsizing after our son leaves for college this fall and have 3300 sq feet, we need to reduce to 1500. I am excited to get started and can’t wait to see what the weeks ahead bring me.

  27. Beth Bennett says:

    If I start with the basement I can set up a bit of a staging area for the rest of the cleaning/organizing projects that may take place more gradually throughout the summer. It stays cool down there, so I can always retreat when the rest of the house is too hot to work in. Ideally, I go through every drawer and every box every year – but it doesn’t always happen that way.

  28. I lost weight and can’t wear anything in my closet anymore. That made things easy. And Goodwill received a large clothing donation. 😉

  29. I seriously need to manage to really clean out my closets in my room!

  30. Julianne Johnson says:

    I really need to clean my craft closet!!

  31. The whole house needs organized!! But I think I’d start with my laundry room.

  32. Rebekah Woosley says:

    my kitchen!

  33. We just bought our first house and boy do we need to spring clean and find new ways to organize this entire house.

  34. I really need to work on my Master Bedroom AND deep cleaning my whole house.

  35. Richelle G says:

    I love your closets!!!

  36. I need to spring clean my dining room (catch all) and my master bedroom!

  37. I desperately need to clean my basement!! I’m going to tackle it on thurs though.

  38. jenny martin says:

    Just moved into a new house…spring cleaning the new one from top to bottom….and then a move out clean at the old one!

  39. Christine P. says:

    My office needs some help…and the garage!

  40. gretchen s. says:

    Storage. Closet!

  41. I need to organize,as my storage space is limited. AND Spring clean!

  42. samantha says:

    I definitely need to do some spring cleaning in all my closets, they all just seem to be filled with stuff!

  43. jennifer ebner says:

    my entire house needs spring cleaning right now! but i’ say my closets and my garage need it the worst! (oh and the shed but that’s a completely different topic lol)

  44. I need to work on the entire house, but most definitely the garage!

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