Cleaning Around the Seasons: Deep Cleaning On Your Schedule

The calendar turns to March and thoughts turn to spring cleaning.  Need a plan for spring cleaning or deep cleaning and not sure where to start?  Curious what the most effective method would be for your schedule and timeframe?  I’m so excited to introduce you to Cleaning Around the Seasons: Deep Cleaning on Your Schedule.  With a love of all things clean, I walk you through the process of deep cleaning.  Knowing that everyone’s schedule is different, this guide will help you determine the best method for your schedule.

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In Cleaning Around the Seasons: Deep Cleaning On Your Schedule, I take the guess work out of the plan.  Decide on a time frame of completion and I’ll show you what you need to do to get your home spring cleaned in a day or a month.  It’s all about your schedule and what you can accomplish in a variety of time frames.


Who is it for?

Cleaning Around the Seasons is a comprehensive guide for anyone that needs to do some deep cleaning and doesn’t know how to start or where to fit it in to a busy schedule.  With an easy to read style and quick start approach, you can read it and get started all in the same day.   I’ve put together a plan and several easy to follow methods sure to get your home sparkling in a hurry.

What does it include?

6 quick read chapters

Chapter 1 The Motivation – Seasonal and Deep Cleaning

Chapter 2 First Things First – De-Clutter

Chapter 3 Choose Your Method

Chapter 4 Gather Your Supplies

Chapter 5 How to Start Deep Cleaning

Chapter 6 Ideas for working Deep Cleaning into a Full Schedule

7 printable deep cleaning guides/worksheets

De-Clutter Before You Clean Checklist

The One Day Clean

The Weekend Clean

The One Week Clean

The 31 Day Method

The Deep Cleaning Checklist

The DIY Deep Cleaning Checklist

 This is a color PDF eBook (instant download) that you can print out (recommended method), read on your computer screen, or your iPad or tablet.  I know you’ll love my favorite methods for deep cleaning your home and the simplification a good deep cleaning that this ebook explains will provide.

Priced at just $10, it’s an inexpensive way for you to put some order in your life.

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  1. K. Jones says:

    I would like to purchase this but I dont use PayPal.
    Is there another method of payment?
    Thank you.

  2. Starlett says:

    Thanks Becky, looks like just what I needed!!! I absolutely love your printables!!!

  3. I was wondering is the printables in this ebook the same as the printables in the cleaning kit? Or is it different?

  4. Phyllis says:

    How many pages is it completely printed out? Is it available to order as a hard copy? I’d much prefer that.

  5. Phyllis says:

    What is the book “Pulling Yourself Together”? The link on your site takes me to a blank page and Amazon has nothing. Thanks!

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