Kitchen Organization – Under the Kitchen Sink

The space below your kitchen sink can easily turn into a messy catch-all of sponges, drug cleaning supplies and plastic bags.  But with a couple containers and a little organizing and planning, the space under your kitchen sink can quickly become the efficient space you need it to be.

What goes under the kitchen sink?  It depends on what you need at-the-ready in your kitchen and near your kitchen sink.  For me, health it”s a spot to dry dish cloths, store extra hand and dish soap, kitchen cleaners, veggie scrubbers, garbage bags, pot scrubbers…

Use containers to hold similar products – sink and dish scrub brushes are in an upcycled flower pot, veggie scrubbers are in a little dish, and sink stoppers are in a wire container


Need to access cleaners in a hurry?  Try a lazy susan – always have your cleaning products easily accessible.

Some other ways to pretty up the cupboard under your kitchen sink?

  • contact paper – adds a pretty touch and protects the cupboard from leaks and spills
  • containers – group like objects together
  • cover the box for garbage bags with contact paper to coordinate with the bottom of the cupboard
  • lazy susan – keeps spills and drips on the lazy susan and off the floor of your cabinet

What do you have under your kitchen sink?

Curious about my favorite cleaners?  You can check out my updated “cleaning routine” page.

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  1. I just whipped under my kitchen sink in shape! The baskets have made it so much easier. It’s such a deep cabinet that everything used to get lost! I even made room for our Pet Grooming supplies, as it had not other “true” home!

  2. I have a slide out wire basket (sort of like an Elfa shelf) and my cleaning stuff in a large plastic tote. We have lined all of the shelves under our sinks with the plastic that is normally used to cover florescent lights. It cuts fairly easily and makes a tough easy to clean liner for areas that get more use.

  3. I so like the organizing method of this blog it really gives me an idea how to clean and save space my house.

  4. I love your solutions! I really think I need to invest in a veggie scrubber and a little dish 🙂

  5. I love the container for the veggie brushes and the wire one for the sink stoppers! Do u know if i can find similar ones at target?

  6. i saw a picture where you hang a tension rod inside the cabinet and hang all the spray bottles.

  7. Kathy Rose says:

    I saw this idea for an inexpensive lazy susan. And it is under $5! You buy 2 cae pans from t y e dolar store and a bag of marbles. Fill one of the pans with marbles, (one layer),place the other one on top, And voila! Lazy Susan…also, magazine holders are perfect for your foil and plastic wraps. (I store mine underneath the sink)

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