Kitchen Organization – Create Zones

There are oodles of ways to add some organization to your kitchen.  For me, the most effective way to save time and energy in the kitchen is having zones.  Taking a little time to organize like items together is such an effective way to simplify your prep and clean up time.  My favorite kitchen zones?

The dishwasher zone – easy access and put-away-ability is the key to this zone.  Dish soap, silverware, storage containers, dish towels, and dishes.  I can stand in one place to empty and load the dishwasher.  Nice and easy.

The baking zone – baking supplies, flour + sugars, stand mixer, spices, cookbook holder all at the ready make a great baking zone.

The coffee zone – having mugs near the coffee pot is a simple and quick fix to create a mini zone in your kitchen.

Do you have zones in your kitchen?  What’s your most effective zone?  Is there a zone that you could implement today?

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  1. So what about when your kitchen is not set up in a way that is condusive to zones? Mine is not really at all!

    • I have a split dishwasher zone. Dishes are in the cabinet above the dishwasher, but glasses and silverware are on the opposite side. I don’t have drawers near the machine.

  2. While I’ve never divided my kitchen into zones consciously, I have done this just by streamlining my work process and keeping things close at hand. When I stand at the sink and do dishes, my dishtowels are directly to the left of the sink for easy access in the small drawer. My dish drying towels are to the right in the opposite drawer. Dishes are in the closest cabinets for easy put away.

    All of my spices are above the stove and the pot holders as well.

    I just love things to be as easy as possible making things more streamlined! Why put the hotpads over by the sink? 😉

    Great article!

  3. I do have zones but right now they aren’t working as well as I would like. Using your post as inspiration, I need to rethink things. You see, we just renovated our kitchen and the new cabinets (which are wonderful) are different than what I was used to. Learning new ways!

  4. I have multiple zones in the kitchen as well – baking zone (which needs to be purged and re-organized), breakfast zone (coffee maker, travel cups,toaster and bread box), dishwashing zone and the command center. You have inspired me to clean up the baking zone this weekend.

  5. Our kitchen is too tiny! 🙁 But I hope that when we move to a larger house in a few years, I will be able to do this.

  6. Cindi Sikora says:

    I am getting a new countertop and refacing the kitchen cabinets. I am wondering what kind of countertop you have and how you like it. There are so many out there and I want to be happy with what I pick. I am so thankful for your blog. I have been inspired to organize and de-clutter. It is slow going but slow and steady wins the race! I can definitely see progress and my daughter has been teasing me about always organizing something. It is a very freeing feeling!! Thanks alot!

    • Hi Cindi! I’m so happy that you’ve been inspired 🙂 I have a laminate countertop and truth be told if I could replace it tomorrow I would. I love granite countertops and would snag one of those if I could. Our countertop is a higher end laminate so most people think it’s granite until they touch it realized it isn’t cold to the touch.
      xo, Becky

  7. Jeannette says:

    I have my kitchen divided into zones, Hot, cold, wet, dry. Anything I need to cook is by the stove, cold storage containers by the fridge, sink area houses supplies and items I will need to hold or soak up liquids and dry area is for dry goods.

  8. I am REALLY struggling with my kitchen in so many ways! its not effective , i cant find anyhing and i’m just not sure what to do with it if I sent you some pictures would you be willing to give some suggestions? I need to make it easier to work in so that I actually like to work in it again I am so FRUSTRATED

  9. Anjanette says:

    We have a dishwasher zone but it is our lower cabinets with the pull out drawers. This way my kids can load and unload without climbing into the counter tops. I have loved it.

  10. I noticed yesterday that my silverware basket has an annoying handle on it…..whaaaaaat? Where am I suppose to be going with it?!

    The dishwasher is right next to the drawer so I yanked the handle off.

  11. Janine Mineo says:

    I am kitchenn and after looking at your kitchen tour, I want to know what faucet you have. I love it

  12. I like a breakfast zone/coffee zone. Then only one part of the kitchen gets dirty. This is a mix up of bread,cereal, condiments for breakfast, coffee, tea, hot chocolat, small plates, mugs, bowls, tea spoons, kettle, coofee machine, toaster and maybe the microwave. I would this next to the dishwashing zone and away for the banking,cooking zones.

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