Clean + Organized 2013

It’s officially 2013 – Happy New Year!  Ready to get started on a ‘Clean + Organized 2013’?  It’s going to be a great year – full of new habits and routines.  You’ll be cleaning a little bit every day – just for 15-30 minutes.  Think of all the time you’ll save not having to look for things – they’ll be where they need to be.   Did you grab the cleaning calendar?  Go to this post to see an infographic and explanation of my monthly cleaning schedule and the FREE printable.

It you bought my eBook, hopefully you’re in (or ready to get into) decluttering mode.  Pulling Yourself Together: Creating a Cleaning Routine that Sticks has a great decluttering section and worksheet sure to get you motivated and on the right track.  I’ve been re-working and decluttering  a couple areas in my home this weekend and I’d love to share them with you.

First up?  Kids’ dressers.  I went through everyone’s clothes and packed away the outgrown clothes, put some in a donate basket, and tossed a couple worn out socks and undies.  Then I put the clothes back like this:

If you don’t fold and put away kids clothes like this, you are missing out!  I’ll have a tutorial this week (it may seem silly, but it will revolutionize your laundry).

We paired down the large toys in the family room to one big basket (on sale at Target this week).

Then I added a couple baskets to the master bath closet and reworked the toiletries a bit.  Nothing too spectacular, but definitely much easier to find everything.

What’s up for you today?  Relaxing?  Taking down Christmas decorations?  Starting in on your resolutions?

Today’s the last day for the big sale in the shop:

Did you see the new Work @ Home Kit?  It’s intro priced at $6 through today – use the 25%off coupn and it’s only $4.50!


  1. I started folding and storing my husbands shirts like you do your children’s because he is a T-shirt guy and has many. He can see what each shirt looks like without taking it out and unfolding it. I am also going to copy your storage area for the toys in the living room. I needed an idea and this will work great considering I have some of the baskets already. Thanks again for the tips and Happy New Year!

  2. Just bought the ebook! Can’t wait to jump right in & get organized! I went back to work full time a couple months ago and everything seems so hectic and crazy! Looking forward to finding ideas to help me reign in the chaos. 🙂

  3. carol jane says:

    I started to take down Christmas stuff and some organizing. Where did you find the white baskets? I love all white of anything. Always looks fresh and clean!

    • Hi Carol Jane!
      I just got the baskets the other day at Target in the ‘new year/organizing’ section. Cute, right?
      xo, Becky

  4. I love your wicker baskets! So cute. My resolution is to spend at least 15 minutes a day to get rid of my paper clutter and get everything electronic.

  5. I will have to see if my Target has that toy basket. I love it!! I also want to check out your e-book. It looks great!

  6. Started with the printables that came with the e-book! They’re a great reminder!

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