Clean + Organized 2013 – FREE February Cleaning Calendar

Ready for a reset of the cleaning calendar?

You can go here to grab February’s FREE cleaning calendar!

I’ll be talking about deep cleaning and rotating cleaning tasks in February, so if you’re curious about how I  fit those in, stay tuned!

 Need a little more instruction on the schedule?  Here’s a little infographic that explains the schedule a little bit:


Check out the links below:

Monday – Bathrooms

Tuesday – Dusting

Wednesday – Vacuum

Thursday – Wash Floors

Friday – Catch-All Day

Saturday – Sheets + Towels

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  1. Ellen D. Stone says:

    Thank you very much for your quick, easy and doable tips and steps for cleaning and organizing. I have started a binder for myself with your free printables, and it has changed the way I feel about getting up in the morning. I used to dread the thoughts of what I “needed” to do, knowing I was going to put them off. Now I am EXCITED about running my household! I am getting, and keeping, my house clean, organizing, and working on projects. Right now my projects are: home repair which includes new siding, windows, exterior wood work, etc., scheduling dog for foot surgery, replacing faucet in kitchen sink and planning a trip in March. All this, while still keeping up with laundry, clutter, cleaning and organizing.

    I didn’t mean to write so much, but I wanted you to know how much I am able to do now that I have a guide and support. Thank you again!! I look forward to my emails everyday. My husband thanks you, too, since the new sense of purpose I have and what I have already accomplished takes a lot off of his shoulders.

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