New Year’s Organizing Revolution – Week 1

Welcome to week #1 of our New Year’s Organizing PRIZE Challenge. We created this challenge to get you jump started into organizing your homes this year!  You can go HERE to see the introduction , grab a free calendar for the month and see all of the prizes!   Our challenge will only last for 4 weeks. We encourage you to join every challenge to be entered into the grand prize drawing at the end of the 4 weeks!


This week we are organizing the home office or a desk area that you have in your home.
I want to challenge you to start with at least one area in your desk area or office.  It could be a drawer, a shelf, your bill paying method – anything that you do that can help to move you forward in your organizing venture.  I believe in small steps that move you forward in a way that will help change your habits and consequently how you organize your life and routines.  Instead of showing you my whole office, I’m going to show you a couple little areas in the office and encourage you to do ‘a little something’ today and then ‘a little something’ tomorrow and so on.  You’ll love the results!
My favorite organizing ‘techniques’ to use in the office are to use containers and to group similar items together.  The containers keep your drawers neat and grouping similar items together saves you time and energy looking for paper clips, or paper, or the stapler.
I love clear plastic drawer organizers – visually less clutter and they have plenty of space for all the little office items.
Here’s a quick idea – kids home on break?  Have them test your pens and markers and toss the dried out and empty ones.  Then put your pens in a cute mug or cup on your desk.  See, just a couple things will start to make a difference!

Or how about organizing your bill paying this week for the new year?  Here’s a great post on how I did just that!

Ready to get started in your own home this month?  Here’s how to start:


To join our week 1 challenge, follow these 5 steps:
2. TAKE PICTURES of your organized space (you can do an after pic OR before and after pics).
3. LINK UP ON THIS BLOG POST FOR WEEK ONE (put the button on your post)  from your blog or Pinterest (by Thursday night).
4. FOLLOW the hosts of the challenge on Pinterest and Facebook (below).
5. VOTE ON THIS POST for your favorite space of the week (Friday-Sunday)


Below are the prizes for the winners of the week 1 challenge
1st PRIZE – NeatReceipts Scanner $199.95 Value
Neat® is the developer of several cloud-based Digital Filing System solutions, designed to manage personal information with ease and simplicity in order to save time and increase productivity. NeatReceipts® is a portable scanner and Digital Filing System, weighing less than a pound, making on-the-go organization a cinch. NeatReceipts also includes Neat’s unique software that identifies and extracts the important information from receipts, business cards, and documents to automatically organize it for you. All scanned and imported documents can be searched by keyword in Neat’s software so that you can find exactly what you need. Now, users have seamless access to their information from anytime, anywhere via NeatCloud and NeatMobile. We welcome you to visit our social media sites… and Twitter feed – @NeatCompany.


2nd PRIZE – $100 Gift Certificate to A Time For Everything Etsy Shop
I am passionate about people living within their means and getting out of debt, but I don’t believe a cash system of budgeting has to mean tattered paper envelopes reinforced with packing tape! I offer a variety of lovely cash envelope system wallets with the hope that each of my customers can find a product that fits her budget, appeals to her personal taste, and functionally suits her needs. My wallets and accessories are handmade by me using designer laminated cotton which is lightweight yet very durable, CPSIA compliant, and free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates. Live within your means with style!


3rd PRIZE – Clever Container: Sophisticated File Box
Is it a file box? Is it a handbag? It’s both! Sophisticated, practical and handy! This beautiful PVC tote comes with 4 coordinated standard letter-sized hanging file folders to fit the 26” file rods which are embedded in the core. The three interior pockets hold keys, phone, and accessories. (11½ x 14 x 6½)
Clever Container is an organizing product direct sales company committed to providing top quality, unique products and solutions to reduce the stress of an organizational task. We have products for kitchens, crafts, closets, drawers, children, storage, offices, and more. Clever Container Consultants provide organizing tips, techniques, and products to help simplify your life in a fun, relaxed setting. Consultants demonstrate the products, provide multiple uses, and share organizing tips which you can use as soon as you get home. Our motto is “It’s not just the product, it’s the process.” As a professional organizer striving to give people the most efficient and effective home, personal lives, and businesses possible, Ashley Meyer of DBL Designs Lifestyle & Small Business Consulting found the perfect partnership with Clever Container. Through Clever Container, she brings quality, affordable organizing products to her professional organizing clients.


Who are these fabulous organizing bloggers that are hosting? They are listed below. We would love for you to stop by each of our unique blogs and say hi.


If you are joining our organizing challenge, grab a button and display it on your blog.
A Bowl Full of Lemons


  • Organize your office or desk area – Even if it’s just a few drawers or the surface of your desk!
  • Take pictures of your finished project — Anna has great photo tips HEREto help you take the prettiest pictures!
  • Post your picture on your blog OR {if you don’t have a blog}, post them on a Pinterest Board
  • Come back to THIS post and link up your Pinterest Board using THIS POST to help you or link up your blog post.
  • On Thursday we will open up the voting, and you can send your friends here and help to vote on their favorite office or desk area!
  • There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!

If you don’t already follow them on Facebook or Pinterest you should – you’ll be glad you did, they all have some great organizing tips!

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  1. Sara Westhead says:

    Your desk really looks great… I’m personally working on my Craft desk. Started yesterday and doing a major overhaul, including trimming down the stuff I know I won’t use!

  2. I don’t have a blog, can i still enter?

  3. I am SO doing this! Already went to Target to purchase new file folders for organizing files and desk organizers! THANKS!

  4. Such a shame this is one for US residents (situated in Australia), this fits in so well with my new years resolution to get more organised in my busy mum/wife/small business owner life.
    Love the blog and your tops, good luck everyone!

  5. I just found your blog and I love it!

  6. just found your site/facebook/etc…. i’m not sure if one week is enough for my craft/office space (yes, it is THAT bad)… but i’m going to try. this is great since this is part of my new years resolution! thank you!

  7. I m so excited doing challenge! I m little confuse… where do i vote?

  8. Thank for the awesome challenge! Where do we get to vote? Do we just do it in the comments?

  9. Just found this site/challenge is it to late to enter for this week

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  1. Lisa Wenckus says:

    This is exactly what I need!!!! Awesome!!

  2. Thanks Becky! Can’t wait to read through it all & Implement it 🙂 Thank for all your hard work!

  3. Got it! Thanks!!

  4. I love it! I’m SO excited for you Becky!!!


  5. I would love to order, but had trouble trying to do so with the new windows 8. New computers UGH!!

  6. Def. Going to have to get me this book. I love everything you make and read everything lol As soon as I get paid ill be buying this one. Might even review it on my blog lol

  7. Hi there! We use your printables and love them. While I can’t afford any purchase right now, best of luck with your ebook 🙂

  8. Hi Becky!

    Just purchased your Ebook! I can’t wait to read it. I’ve been following you at CleanMama for a while now, can’t wait to be a clean mama myself! Thank you so much!

  9. Laura Pheneger says:

    3 Cheers for the most organized sister-in-law ever! Can’t wait to get organized in 2013!

  10. Is there any chance your book will be available on Amazon? My hubs got me an amazon gift card for Christmas…

  11. Hi Becky! I just purchased your book and am so excited! I have a few questions. How many pages is the book and does it come in a different font color? The font is so light that when I print the pages I can barely see it! I am ready to kick off 2013 right and am so excited to follow your blog!

    • Hi Kathryn!
      The type of the book is black – are you having a hard time seeing that or the blue/green? I’d suggest printing on better or best – if you are still having problems email me at
      Thank you for your purchase!
      xo, Becky

      • Thanks Becky. It is the blue and green. I am going to have my husband give it a go at his work! It is even very light on my computer so I will get back to you if I still can’t see it! Thank you and I cleaned all the bathrooms today! I kicked Monday to Wednesday to kick start! Now I am sore! That is some exercise!

  12. I missed your etsy sale. 🙁
    But…I just purchased this book and I’m printing it off as I type. Thank you for including worksheets!
    I’m looking forward to a cleaner, more organized, less cluttered 2013!
    Now to go sunbscribe to your blog…

  13. Hello! I just purchased Pulling Yourself Together, and it is just what I needed! Thank you so much!


  14. This looks fabulous. How many pages are there total for printing? Trying to decide if I should print at home or work 😉 Thanks!

  15. Is there a way to purchase this and get it sent to me…my printer is on the fritz =)

  16. Hi 🙂 I’m wanting to purchase this ebook, but I have a question… I would like to download it to my new Nook, so I can read it, but, I also need it on my computer so I can print the printouts. Any tips for this dilemma? Thanks!

    • You should still be able to read it on your nook and download to your computer to read and print. If you purchase and it doesn’t work the way you need it to, just let me know. xo, Becky

  17. Where is the ebook located?

  18. Jessica Mapes says:

    I am so excited to read this book. I just purchased it but nothing happened. I was emailed my receipt from pay pal but how do i download the book?

  19. Jessica Mapes says:

    Still nothing 🙁

  20. Is there an iPhone app?

  21. Lily Alvarez says:

    hola!!!! me encantaría que estuviese en español 😉

    hello!! hello! I would love it to be in Spanish = )

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