How to Stop the Paper Trail – Photographs

We’ve been working through letting go of paper clutter over the past few weeks, tackling areas and methods to eliminate the stream of paper and piles.  We only have two areas left…today we’re going to talk about photograph storage.
Photographs are a touchy subject because there are so many forms and ways to store them.  How you store and keep photographs is a personal preference, with no real right or wrong way.  Obviously, if your photos are taking over a room or part of your life, it’s too much, but today let’s look at some ways to store and keep photographs.
I keep extra photos in photo boxes in an upper shelf in our craft room closet.  You can see the whole post about my craft room here if you are interested.
I like having favorite pictures in frames throughout the house, but I do photo albums too and we keep them in a little antique hutch in our living room.  We love to look through photo albums!
Here are some other great ideas for organizing your photograph storage from my Pinterest board….
This is a great tutorial from ABFOL on how to organize your photos digitally
another great tutorial from


great storage tool from The Container Store
I love this idea from a thousand words for photo books


So….what’s your method for photo storage?
If you haven’t seen this yet, how about a ‘paper’ checklist?
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I’ve got a BIG announcement here on the blog on Wednesday – I can’t wait to share it with you!  See you then!


  1. You have a lot of great ideas! Thank you for the tips- and especially the inspiration!

  2. Thanks for the link!

  3. Just don’t rely on online photos too much or backup systems or any type of storage disk. Online photo companies change policies, sell, do weird stuff. Backup systems fail, no matter what system, they can fail. That includes the online cloud services. Don’t rely on disks, CDs or anything else. All of these can fail, do fail and will fail. Multiple systems help, they are not foolproof.

    If anyone thinks they can go paperless for everything, and people do, you have to have multiple ways to do that. You have to have multiple hard drives, backup drives, cloud systems, and on and on. I speak from experience, not as someone crying wolf.

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