How to Stop the Paper Trail – Receipt Storage

Let’s continue working through our paper trail, shall we?  This week we’ve been tackling receipts.  A few people wondered why I was sorting receipts…..if you itemize taxes and take deductions, you need to keep those receipts for at least 7 years in the event of an audit.  So the receipts pile up.
Here are some guidelines from
Here’s the process I used to sort through my receipts:
1. sort them by year
2. then into categories that make sense for your filing system – my categories are:
food + entertainment
home improvements
gas + travel
I put three years’ of receipts in one plastic box – as long as the envelopes are labeled, this is a great way to consolidate receipts and save on storage space.
You could use a shoe box, a small plastic box, large envelope, or another type of storage container.
I used these plastic storage document boxes:
Let’s talk receipts, shall we?  What are you doing for your receipt storage?
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  1. i have a question, i want to know why you save receipts for? i’m from another country and we do not keep them? thanks

  2. Great ideas… Love that you break it down simply and VISUALLY for me. Also, it applies perfectly to me, as I often come across random stacks or bundles of receipts that I pulled from purses I was switching, etc. thank you! I can do this!

  3. Nice tips. Even I have used the shoe box for papers storage I warped up with coloured paper it was look nice.

  4. These are great tips. If you want to avoid the paper clutter problem, you can scan the receipts with your smartphone and upload them to a cloud service like AboutOne.

  5. I love this advice and your blog!

    Where did you get the tin tubs you store some of your receipts in?


  6. I keep my receipts in small plastic pencil cases with zippers that go in a binder. Current month goes into my control journal. Others are put in file drawer. Ones that are for tax purposes go into current tax papers file, ones for major purchases get stapled to a copy of front of box or at least copy of model #, serial #, etc. Then into a file of their own.
    Receipts for fuel, food, dining out, and miscellaneous are kept until billing statement comes and are checked. Then they are recycled.

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