How To Stop the Paper Trail – Organized Bill Paying

How about a little organized bill paying?  Bill paying is inevitable and it typically isn’t very cute.  I am a visual learner and person, so bills are not my forte.  But, add a little cuteness to them and I am totally on board.  This is how I keep track of my bills – what needs to be paid, what’s been paid, saved, and progress on debt.  (You could easily do this with a notebook and pen, a binder, a folder….anything that works for you – I am just showing you how I handle the bill paying.)


Today’s post is one to get you thinking about how you pay your bills – is there a better way for you to track things?  Are you sick of having stacks of bills?  This week’s challenge is to see what can you do to simplify your bills and bill paying.
 I used a report cover and plastic dividers with pockets
then I used the free template that came with the plastic dividers to make six sections/tabs (checklist, due 1-15, due 16-31, savings, debt, budget)
use the pockets to keep track of savings and debt repayment ( I don’t know about you, but seeing my savings and debt on paper is very motivating)
I keep the budget at the very back of the folder – it’s for 3 months at a time, so it’s nice to see three months laid out in front of me.
What’s helpful for you to keep your bills in order and organized?
I used my Budget + Bill Pay Kit from my shop for this post – if you are interested, I sell it in brights and aqua + lime versions.
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  1. You are so organized! Love it.

  2. When do you actually sit down to pay your bills? Certain days of the month? Every Sunday etc?

  3. I think you have just about saved my sanity – I’m struggling to get the bills paid on time and in the right amount. I love on line bill paying, but it makes the money a lot less tangible. Can’t wait to work on this after the holiday! Thanks!

  4. This is awesome! What do you do after you pay everything? Do you keep them in the binder or do you have a separate file?

  5. why do the monthly budget sheets have only 3 weeks per month, or am I not looking at it right? Thanks.


  6. Love this idea! How do you use the savings sheet?

  7. Love this idea! How do you use the savings sheet?

  8. Cute idea! I basically do the same bill paying method but track it in a spreadsheet. No paper but the bills that come in! I save them in a file folder to pay and once they are paid I throw out the last months paper copy. Track savings hs in the same spreadsheet as the bills but on a new tab.

    • Lori – I do the same thing, but take pictures of the bill with my phone and file it away in Evernote – which has a notebook setup very similar to the binder above (sorry clean mama).

  9. When you talk about report covers, are they three holed?

  10. Love this!! Can’t wait to get more organized. What font did you use to make the divider tabs? So cute.

  11. Linda L says:

    I have downloaded you Clean & Organized 2013 for April. I really needed to find your blog. I am a “Messy” and I do not like it at all. I want things clean and organized. I will be your favorite “fan” from now on!
    Thank you so much!!!

  12. christina says:

    I love this idea! just wondering if you have any tips for me… we don’t get bills in the mail, and most things are taken out automatically (my husband is in the military and we set it up that way before he deployed and just left it like that after he returned) but i still want to track and budget… any suggestions? thanks!

    • Hi Christina!
      I like to use my bill pay checklist to track bills that are paid online and sent in – less paper, but still keeping track of them is super helpful for me!
      xo, Becky

  13. Thank you so much, I have been looking for a way to organize my bills & budget. I am going to be buying this kit very soon.


  14. Cheyenne says:

    I just stumbled on this post and put my bill paying folder together. What an awesome idea! Paying bills and budgeting, which I now have scheduled for Thursdays, should be a lot more fun from now on! You also inspired me with your cleaning routine, and I’ve set up something similar for our household. One basic cleaning task (dust, sweep and mop, vacuum, etc.) per day, one 15 minute decluttering session per day, and one paperwork task per day (plan budget, pay bills, menu plan, plan weekly activities, etc.) I dread decluttering so I do it first to get it out of the way, then on to the cleaning task and I “reward” myself with the paperwork task (since I love sitting down with a cup of tea and taking care of these tasks). I scheduled it all with recurring appointments on Google calendar and so far it’s working like a charm! Thank you for the inspiration!

  15. Thank you so much for this! I need as much organization help as I can get!!

  16. Where do I get those templates … the Monthly saving tracker, bill and payment check list and monthly budget worksheet? Needing all the help I can get..

  17. Id like to look at your budget binder kit for tracking bills, savings and budget and possibly buy one for my mom and myself. Can you send me your website to order? Thx

  18. Becky, you are a God Send 🙂
    I purchased the kit on your website, made a trip to the office supply store and picked up precisely what we need to get this started!
    Happy New Year – will check back and DEFINITELY recommend your blog!

  19. Genuis! I think this might be the thing that actually works for me!

  20. Crystal Westover says:

    I liked you on facebook! Love your ideas!

  21. I started this in8/2014 because we had 3 hospital bills and were Having trouble controlling our speNosing. Such a big help. This was my first sheet…I kept them in a small accordion file organized and put each bill in with the spreadsheetT. It helps me to pay our bills early and forecast how each check will be used. I can see all the bills for the month in one Sheet. This year I have a binder with sheet protectors. I slide in my bills behind each sheet of monthly sheet. I first printed out each one and wrote in all of the inforMarion and then aT the end of the year I filled in everything on the computer and printed them out to have cleaner sheets to look back at. Calculations and side notes and scribbles–had to get rid of them.

  22. Thanks for the post! Fibromyalgia and fatigue have taken me from a super organized bill payer to a barely keeping my head above water bill payer in just a few years. Will be using a combo of your products for planning and Evernote for storage. Thank you again, and send any of your readers who have been paralyzed with “fibrofog” over to my sites for ideas and support.

  23. Years ago I learned to write the date due on the envelope that the bill comes in. On the receipt I write the date paid and check number. I had a friend who used 5X8 envelopes to collect receipts. I copied her idea. I still use the envelopes for the bills that aren’t paid on line such as my electric bill. I keep track on the outside of the envelope date paid/check number amount/ due date. If ever there is a question, all the information/proof is readily available.
    I do like the idea of keeping the bills together in the two bill pay day folders with the budget.

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