Day 27 – 31 Days to a Clean House


It’s Day 27 of 31 Days to a Clean House!
I made a printable for us to track our progress, you could just take it and run, but I think you’ll like the daily motivation and tips and tricks that this series will provide. So come back every day for the assignment and check off your progress as we go. You can go here to grab the free printable.
If you want to keep up on other daily cleaning tasks using my simple routine you can check out myfree October cleaning schedule – to learn more about my cleaning routine and how I make cleaning a little bit every day an easy and manageable thing that we do. I have more free printables here too!
We’re definitely in the home stretch and today I think that washing/cleaning throw pillows is in order.  Here’s a quick how to guide for you to reference.
(Just in case you want to know where the pillows came from the aqua one is from Target a couple years ago, the brown velvet is from Target, and the cream sweater pillow is from Pottery Barn.)
ALWAYS check the tag on your throw pillows before washing.
  • if a throw pillow has a cover, remove it and launder the cover separately from the pillow
  • even if the pillow insert cannot be laundered, it can be tossed in the dryer on high heat with some clean tennis balls to ‘fluff’ it up
  • wash pillow covers inside-out on cold and gentle if needed
  • dry pillow cases in the dryer on low or no heat to ensure no shrinking or line dry
  • can’t remove the cover?  and you cut off the tag?  try washing on gentle/cold – chances are it’ll be fine.
I wash my throw blankets with my throw pillows as long as they are the same color – lights with lights and darks with darks.  Great time saver and way to get both items spruced up at once.


  1. I’m late in catching up to this blog… I just saw this and have already downloaded the printable. I think I’m going to use this for November to get my house ready for the holidays… that, of course, means getting a jump start tomorrow and doing a couple of days at a time at least twice a week so I’m done before Thanksgiving!

  2. You nearly forgot the tried and true method of smacking the cover against something. It doesn’t do the best job but it’ll get the dust of quick smart 🙂

  3. Can I use the dryer on high heat with down inserts as well?

  4. Melissa Montano says:

    Do you know how to get chocolate stains off a white throw pillow???

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