Day 2 – 31 Days to a Clean House

Welcome back – it’s Day 2 of 31 Days to a Clean House!

I made a printable for us to track our progress, you could just take it and run, but I think you’ll like the daily motivation and tips and tricks that this series will provide. So come back every day for the assignment and check off your progress as we go. You can go here to grab the free printable.
Today’s task is to dust/vacuum vents.  If you are looking for bonus points, you can unscrew them one by one, wash them off in a utility sink, let them dry thoroughly and then put them back up.  Because I promised you this will only take 10-15 minutes a day, I’m going to suggest using a dusting wand or your vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment – move left to right and top to bottom on each vent in your house.
That’s it!  Go grab your vacuum or duster, set your timer and get started!
See you back here tomorrow!
If you want to keep up on other daily cleaning tasks using my simple routine you can check out my free October cleaning schedule – to learn more about my cleaning routine and how I make cleaning a little bit every day an easy and manageable thing that we do. I have more free printables here too!
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  1. Any creative substitutes for those of us in older houses? lol I’m thinking maybe vacuum out heaters?

  2. love this blog!

  3. Improvising over here as I have an older home with baseboard heating…. Vacuuming them instead!!!!

  4. Thanks for doing this! I’m a day behind but I’m kinda liking that because I can get the info abd be thinking ahead to the next day and prep for it. I had my 4 and 2 year old “help” me with the corners and edges by wrapping the end of a yard stick and their play broom with a microfiber rag. I also got to explain the difference between an edge and a corner. Bonus learning lesson!

  5. Dusting wand or vacuum cleaner makes the cleaning task very easy and less time consuming!Tremendous work with this blog.It was really convenient from a reader’s perspective.

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