Cleaning with Magic Erasers

One of my favorite cleaning tools is a Magic Eraser.  I buy them by the big box and have them in every cleaning bucket in my house.  I love that the uses are seemingly endless and that they have no odor or cleaner in them (you can buy them this way, but I prefer the plain ones) and that they are safe to use around kids and pets.  (I have tested a variety of brands, generic and otherwise, and I prefer the original Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and they don’t know that I am writing this.)
My preferred method of using the magic eraser is just with water – I usually try to clean this way first and if it doesn’t get the mark or dirt off, I dip the magic eraser in a little soapy water or all-purpose cleaner mixed with a little warm water.  Got a stain or mark or dirty spot that needs a little extra attention?  Don’t waste your time with hardcore cleaners and elbow grease, grab your magic eraser and I bet you’ll get the mark off in no time.
Want to see where my magic erasers work their magic in my home? 
Here are a couple tried and true favorites (if there’s a split picture, the before is on the left and the after is on the right – hopefully it’s an obvious difference)…..
fireplace – somehow my fireplace got some crayon marks on it (shocker)
linoleum – scuff marks removed
soap scum in the bathtubs and showers
dirty aluminum siding
baked on food on the oven and stove
window sills
removing stuck-on labels
Where do you use Magic Erasers?  Any unexpected tips?


  1. I use them everywhere! I love them!!

  2. Yeseterday! Just used mine on the leading edge of my ceiling fan blades….dusting just wasn’t enough!

  3. Scuff marks on walls, linoleum floors, cleans any bathtub marks effortlessly

  4. Scuff marks on walls, linoleum floors, cleans any bathtub marks effortlessly

    • We own a cleaning company and have used them repeatedly. However, we just used one in small areas of a vinyl floor where the dining chairs had left black scuff marks that nothing else would take off. It seemed to take the shine off those areas. It is not a shiny surface floor for sure, but you can definitely see the places we used the Magic Eraser. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix that?


        • The way it works is essentially the same way sandpaper works. If you do too much, it’ll take off protective coatings as well.

  5. I use mine on my white door and pretty much all over the whole house they are easy and cheap to use best thing ever made high 5 to who thought of this great idea.

  6. I love the Magic Eraser for the bathroom!

  7. Where can you “buy them by the big box˝? I have only seen then in small boxes.

  8. I LOOOOOVE my Magic Erasers. I swear by them. Oh you have a scuff mark? Use a Magic Eraser. Oh you have a dirty bathtub? Use a Magic Eraser? Oh you got permanent marker on your brand new washing machine? Use a Magic Eraser. Oh you got grass stains on your new tennis shoes? Use a Magic Eraser. Haha – I’m stopping now but seriously, those things are awesome! And I love that I can just run them under water and TA DA. I use them for everything.

  9. I use mine to clean the edge of my kid’s shoes. makes them all white again!! You know the rubber part around the bottom? Brand new again! 🙂 I LOVE MAGIC erasers too!! I was curious about what the magic part was so I looked it up. basically it is sandpaper, sort of. We also find that it cleans the little tykes outdoor toys super well too. Any thing with a pourous exterior, it is able to get into those little pours and pull out the dirt! so love my magic erasers. In my investigation I tried it on my skin to remove paint. DONT.DO.THAT. I scratched the heck out of my skin. I later found out. Yep, sand paper.

    Just incase anyone else is an information nerd like me this is from wikipedia: in the early 21st century it was discovered that melamine foam was an effective abrasive cleaner.[2] The open cell foam is microporous and its polymeric substance is very hard, so that when used for cleaning it works like extremely fine sandpaper, getting into tiny grooves and pits in the object being cleaned.

  10. I was the most impressed with how they wiped away permanent marker from linoleum! But I stopped using them on the walls because it seems to leave a weird residue that I can’t get off. I’ve tried water, winded and a few other cleaners but I can still see the steaks in certain lights. Aside from that, those things are my saving grace.

    • I totally agree about the walls. They do leave a residue or at least it looks like they do. I wonder if in fact they remove a very light layer of paint which dulls the surface and makes it look like residue is left behind. Either way, not great for walls but for everything else…YES!

      • Yep–that’s what they do. But, if it means painting or using magic eraser?? Magic eraser gets my vote every time.

    • You must have been using them on semi-gloss, gloss, or satin painted walls, because they work better than any other product I’ve tried for cleaning my flat painted, knock down textured walls. I would not, however, use them prior to repainting walls – TSP is my choice for preparing walls for paint.

      I have also used the magic erasers on my oak veneer cabinets with horrible results – must be the micro-sandpaper thing. Same horrible results when I used them to spot clean my no wax floors. Must have abraded the coating off in those areas as those spots are now dull and stick out like a sore thumb amidst the shininess of the rest of the floor…

      Because of the above two reasons, I had nearly given up on the magic eraser; that is, until a friend of mine told me that she used hers to remove hard water buildup from her tub and shower. I live in an area with very hard water and I’m in a constant battle with the crystalline growth of minerals that occlude my glass shower doors, dull the appearance of my fiberglass shower walls, and clog the orifices of spray nozzles in bath and kitchen. If there is one thing I can’t handle, its a dirty shower. Call me neurotic, but there is no way I can get clean in a dirty shower/tub (which is why I compulsively clean the shower in hotel rooms before using them).

      Up until I experienced the magic of Mr Clean, Scrub Free was the biggest weapon in my arsenal used to keep my shower clean. It is a wonderful product, no doubt, but I had one very serious problem with it. I like to clean the shower while I’m in the shower, and if any of you use this product too, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Scrub Free makes all the surfaces extremely slippery and since you’re supposed to let it sit for a bit before wiping it off, inevitably some of it will make its way to the shower floor. I kept having visions of me taking a horrible spill in the shower some day and how some poor individual (probably my son) was going to find my naked and pruned body all splayed out in the shower many hours later. As horrible as the vision of that in my head was, I still continued to clean the shower while cleaning myself, because the alternative was far worse to me. Besides, I was certain that the sight of me in such a way would be so traumatic as to cause the individual to repress the memory forever!

      And then, one day, I took a shower with Mr Clean, and from thereon out I no longer had those things to think of while showering. Not only did my slipping and falling risk decrease by 98%, but my shower time decreased by 65%, saving a good amount of cash on the water bill – BONUS! I’m also sure I’m healthier now that I’m not inhaling toxic chemicals into my lungs while in a steaming environment (which helped my lungs to absorb even more at a faster rate). I’m amazed by how quickly and easily it removes the soap scum too.

      • i have hard water too so i take a bottle of drinking water in a spray bottle into the shower and spray it down after the shower. then squeegie the entire thing and it never builds up scum or hard water spots on the glass.

  11. Magic erasers are the best!!!!!!!!!! I coudn’t believe I hadn’t bought these sooner – a good friend put me on to their magic a few months ago.. I will buy these ALL the time now.. well actually I still use Tilex in my bathroom.. I just like to spray and wipe down.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I like the way these work but does anyone have trouble with them falling apart almost immediately? I can get a new one out and it is breaking apart before I even finish cleaning the tub. I find that part really annoying!!

  13. i use them on my glass stove top for getting off burnt/cooked on grime. I also use them lots on front doors around the doorknobs and moulding where fingerprints seem to collect.

  14. I used it to get someone’s red car paint off my car door. I use them for cleaning our doors, light switches. I have tried on my baseboards and it stripped the small area I was cleaning and no luck on my walls, must not have the right finish of paint – I get a streaky residue

  15. I used then on our rental appliances (we have a plain white fridge and dish washer, not stainless). The fridge handles are WHITE again. No amount of scrubbing and cleaners ever got those handles clean, but the Magic Erasers did. I’m in love. I also use them for the baseboards, showers, sinks…they do everything.

    • Christina says:

      I have gross rental appliances too and I also found that the magic eraser works really well on the fridge handles!

    • I’m a manager and I make a thick paste of Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking Soda, slather on, walk away and go clean elsewhere, Return and wipe off. If bad add a tablespoon of salt to the mixture first.

  16. I keep meaning to go get some because I have heard wonderful things about them! I keep putting off cleaning our (slightly disgusting–I’m ashamed) bathroom until I get them.

  17. I use them on my daughter’s sneakers, to wipe the switchplates and even for getting food stains off of tupperware.

  18. I actually started scrubbing my kitchen floor with them. At first I thought I ruined the vinyl, but then realized this is what the floor SHOULD look like. But after using 3 boxes of them, my floor still wasn’t even 25% done because of how fast they got used up…but I use them for tough jobs that need a little help.

    • Theresa says:

      I was at Wal-Mart the other day in the grocery section and saw that they now carry a magic eraser mop! Looks like a sponge mop.

      • debbie stovall says:

        I did the same thing but I accidentally got red hair dye on my hands ( that’s a longer story ) giggle…. and it rubbed the Hyde off me. Ouch. Ok I did find out it takes INK off of skin very well and fast. My great niece got a hold of an ink pen and in literally 30 seconds she had scribbled all over both legs. I freaked….I was babysitting…so I looked under my sisters sink and found a magic eraser, wet it and WAH-LAH it wiped right off. No scrubbing or skin peeling….too bad I didn’t know you have to wipe lightly before I used it on my hands. I am totally hooked on these erasers.

      • debbie stovall says:

        Are you serious? They sell a magic eraser mop? But I wonder if it falls apart quickly and leaves the little pieces on the floor to pick up. Has anyone tried the new mop?
        Has anyone tried cleaning silver with it ? I’m going to clean my silver tray and I’ll let everyone know how it worked…
        I’m going t o try it on my silver jewelry too. Usually I polish it with the white paste toothpaste.

        • Kathleen Price says:

          I have used the mop – I was totally impressed – at first. The next day when i looked at my kitchen floor in daylight I noticed all the gloss was gone. I have low gloss tile but it was all gone – thank goodness i didn’t use it in the whole house! It does fall apart too. I am going back to my shark steamer.

        • Kathryn Kemp says:

          You should NEVER use an abrasive to clean silver. It will spoil the surface. Other items in this thread explain that these things are like extra-fine sandpaper, so I wouldn’t risk it.

  19. I use them anywhere my kids leave crayon, pen, pencil, or marker marks! Also on sneakers/sandals to get them looking whiter again.

    It made me smile to see your magic eraser posed by all the cleaning spots–almost like you set it loose and it cleaned on its own!

  20. I love them for all the uses listed above, except for walls and baseboards. They take some of the finish/paint with them…that “streaky residue” is actually paint smeared off. We found that out the hard way, after we built a brand-new home and our little ones discovered they could use markers on the walls and trim. We had the builder-grade flat paint and glossy trim, and you can see where we used the Magic Eraser. The glossy trim isn’t glossy where the eraser was used. It’s still white, but has a flat look to the finish. The walls are lighter in the area where we used it. All in all, THAT SAID :), I do love them and use them everywhere else I can!! They do SO much! I didn’t know they work so well on shower glass, though. Will definitely be using them there, now!

  21. on my stainless whistling tea pot…any grease in the kitchen levitates onto my teapot; but the pad gets it off with water

  22. I use them all over the house on everything that I can, I also cut them in half as I find that way they seem to last longer because you are not soaking and rubbing with the whole thing so it all doesn’t fall apart when you are just scrubbing with one end 🙂

  23. There is little a magic eraser can do that another, more environmentally-responsible method can’t. The main problem with magic erasers is that they don’t last long and end up in landfill. Far from an environmentally-friendly method especially considering the alternatives are fine.

  24. Nice to see these magic erasers being so helpful in home cleaning.

  25. They are great for cleaning up leather tennis shoes.

  26. Can’t live without Magic Erasers! I use them all the time on the back of my stair treads. The kids shoes constantly leave scuff marks and a little bleach and my magic eraser and it looks like I’ve repainted them. Thankfully I discovered these almost the same time they first came onto the market. I have three boys and I am certain life became easier the day I bought these!

  27. Quick warning!! I had a green mark on my neck from wearing a necklace and my mother tried to scrub it off with a magic eraser and it is know red and extremely painful!! Be careful around little children with them!

    • another anonymous says:

      I had a similar experience. I bought new black shirts for work. Must have been cheap dye in them. When I took off the first one, my underarms were stained black. I washed and scrubbed and was about to see a doctor when I tried the Magic Eraser. It helped some but left a painful burn. Note to self? Do NOT use Magic Eraser on your skin! Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

  28. I still don’t get how these can clean so well without any cleaners or chemicals. I guess that’s why they call them magic. I’ll have to pick some up and give them a try on my next routine house cleaning.

  29. I love to use them in my bathrooms as well–wonderful for sinks, fixtures, ceramic tile and countertops 😀 I honestly need to try it on my shower tho. Tried using it to clean my vinyl floors and it took the shine off of the vinyl…

  30. I must not be using them right because they do not work. I just bought the heavy duty Mr Clean because I needed to clean up some plastic lawn chairs and they were pictured on the back and it did not do a thing. I was so disappointed. I also tried a tip, cut them into small pieces and leave in toilet overnight and it will take out rings in the toilet. Nothing is working at all. Pointers?

    • Did you wet it first? It won’t work dry.

    • Anonymous 5 says:

      The erasers only work when wet. Keep a bucket of water with you when using them. Also, someone mentioned how the eraser seems to fall apart. It is very similar to an eraser on a pencil. Also, you cannot use them with any kind of cleaner that has bleach: they instantly begin to crumble! If you have used them on glossy linoleum floors, you can buy a product by Congoleum to put the shine back on. Congoleum also makes a product to strip your linoleum of buildup dirt/waxes. It is amazing and then you put the shine product on and your floors look brand new!

    • Anonymous 5 says:

      I use the smaller pieces and put the liquid inside a bottle of Airwick plugins on the pieces and put them in your vacuum cleaner bags and the air smells great!

  31. I cleaned pencil marks off the painted front door. My daughter carries pencils in her hands when she goes to school and always manages to mark up the door as she’s opening/closing it.

  32. I had no idea how filthy my leather car seats were until I swiped them with a magic eraser. WOW! I was so amazed how clean they came.

  33. I had no idea how filthy my leather car seats were until I swiped them with a magic eraser. WOW! I was so amazed how clean they came.

  34. what kind/brand all-purpose cleaner do u use?

  35. on tennis shoes …

  36. Hello. Great post. I definitely have to try it. Where did you get the white bucket?

  37. My daughter drew a picture on the arm rest in the back seat of my car with pen on cloth & I heard that Magic Eraser would get it out so I purchsed the box where you can select your size. I got a medium sized one, wetted it & had my daughter scrub her drawings.They’re completely gone!!

  38. Would you believe I just used them this past weekend in my college son’s house? His roommate’s mother and I decided to sneak in and thoroughly clean (ugh!!) their house while they were on a ski trip, and she told me to try the eraser in their bathroom…..WOW! I couldn’t believe it!
    It’s Magic Erasers for me from now on!

  39. I have a tub that needs to be re-glazed. It absorbs dirt and grime. Magic erasers combined with CLR bathroom spray is the only thing that will clean it.

  40. I use them to clean the steps of my pool. The steps are white and seem to get a grey ring on it from sunscreens, lotions, oils etc… We just get one wet, scrub the area that has the ring and it looks brand new when done. I use them on everything mentioned above too! Love them!

  41. I also use them on everything for a super quick clean up. Tips I’ve heard about making them last longer is not just to cut them up, but to them squirt them with water instead of wetting them with the tap.

  42. Here is a great MONEY SAVING IDEA! The only thing Mr. Clean Erasers are made of is Melamine Foam. It is basically a really fine grade sandpaper. You can buy Melamine Foam much much cheaper than Mr. Clean Erasers!

  43. they are great for cleaning the soleplate on the bottom of your irons! you can clean it while it is hot by spraying water on the eraser and pressing heavily with iron in circular motions and running the sides of the iron on the eraser. if iron is cold, wet the eraser and scrub the soleplate and edges. much better than the smelly, smoky iron cleaner!

  44. My tip for using Magic Erasers is doing the dishes. I have found they take those pesky baked on grease spots on cookware and anything stuck on the rest of the dishes. It has saved my lots of time and energy. LOVE!

  45. Theresa says:

    They aare great for removing baked on food spills from casserole dishes and cookon on grease from pots and pans.

  46. Went through a heap of magic erasers on my tiled kitchen floor, but it cleaned the tiles beautifully. I am amazed and thrilled.

  47. I use Magic Erasers on everything! Have even gotten out dried in stains on toddler clothing. (Wouldn’t try this unless you think it’s already ruined.) The only thing I’ve ever discovered NOT to use it on is your car finish. 🙁 Live in the south & tree sap bakes on my car. Thought it would work well on that too…NOT! Didn’t think about it removing the clear coat :O Oops, lesson learned.

    • Park the car in the summer sunfor a few hours and use ur nail and it comesoff easily,

    • My late Dad gave me a hint to remove tree sap; in mornings when your car is covered with dew simply rub that dew all over the area before washing your car & you’ll be amazed how the dew dissolves the sap without chemicals.

  48. Top of electric stove….If burn on a long time use Easy Off blue oven cleaner then keep it off with magic eraser.
    Coffee stains as well as stainless steel cookware.

  49. I’ve never found these to work, i don’t know why

  50. Yes, magic erasers do work wonders. However, the foam when water is added creates an abrasive scrubber that can cause 3rd degree burns when rubbed on skin. DO NOT let small children play with them. The questions about walls residue-you are scrubbing the paint off the walls. Magic erasers are basically melamine foam used in furniture manufacturing. You can purchase the same foam for pennies on the dollar at a participating upholstery shop. Then cut them into the size you need to clean.

  51. mrsharper says:

    I have cut them into strips and put one in each of my toilets and leave overnight… practically cleans the toilet for you! I usually make my husband clean toilets but now I don’t mind…. and I despise cleaning toilets!!

  52. I so agree on the awesomeness of Magic Eraser. My grandson drew w permanent Black marker on a NEW wood desk in my husbands office. I almost died!!! And I first tried hairspray which jsut took off some and finished off w ME dipped in water – oh, and elbow grease! Voila – it looks new again.

  53. Melamine foam is extremely abrasive when rubbed against something but other than that is pretty much soft to the touch.

  54. it’s fantastic! now I know how to get rid of stuck-on labels! thank you very much for this tip!

  55. These really do work great. When my son was 2 he drew all over the walls of his playroom with a sharpie…magic eraser got every bit off without ruining the paint! I work at Marriott now, in the housekeeping dept. And we use them for bathtubs walls sinks….pretty much everything! 🙂

  56. I also love to use the for our coolers. They always get so gross looking after taking them camping. Make them llok like new again….inside and out! 🙂

  57. Hello mama! Although the sponges are soft, they are made from an open cell melamine that breaks down and makes dirt and smudges disappear in the process. Try them on sneakers and patio furniture too. Our company makes these sponges from the exact same material as the Magic Eraser – it’s called Basotect. You should let your viewers know that they should be wary of dollar store knock offs that may be laced in China with chemicals. You can also tell them to go to and they can get the real thing for as little as 29 cents a sponge with free delivery. 🙂 if you ever have any questions about the product, feel free to reach out to me.

  58. SoCalLynn says:

    I clean my white kitchen cupboards with them, my white refrigerator door handles become spotless.
    I receive a lot of used books from, and I always give each book a wipe down with a barely damp Magic Eraser and they come out like-new. (This does not work on rough paper-textured books but on all the shiny surface books it works great.) No more sticky dirty book covers.

  59. Princess Chrissy says:

    Im gna have to agree with everyone in saying magic erasers are AMAAAZZZING!! MY FAVORITE and absolute best use of the magic erasers are cleaning my shoes! Makes my sneaks look BRAND NEW makes me heels shine again, cleans all scuffs and don’t wear out the fabric!! They also do wonders on cleaning an expensive purse! I tend to buy really expensive Coach bags for every occasion and season nd sell them on ebay when im done and let me tell you how much more money im making and positive reviews I get from these bags looking brand new! seriously girls these things clean items and delicate xpensive girly stuff to brand new shape.

    • I am so glad someone mentioned shoes. Also, they work great on sneakers. erasers are the identical material to the Magic Eraser at a fraction of the cost and shipping is free!

  60. I use them in my classroom for white boards. They keep the class whiteboard super clean. I also cut them into small squares and give to the kids to use on individual boards. It works so much better than the white board cleaner that has all those smelly chemicals, and the kids LOVE them so they are eager to erase and clean up after themselves!

  61. I feel like I don’t understand Magic Erasers. They break apart easily and just seem to move dust/gunk around, you don’t really get any “lift” with them.

  62. After reading this post I used my magic eraser on my glass stovetop and scratched it really bad. That was a horrible tip. I’m really sad, as it was just a year old and the surface now looks awful…

    • Hi Fani!
      I never recommended using the magic eraser on a glass top stove. I used it on my grates and on the oven and stove – which is recommended. Always make sure to test any cleaner before using it – I don’t have a glass cooktop but I believe you are only supposed to use specific cleaners on them.
      xo, becky

      • I quote “baked on food on the oven and stove”. You didn’t define what kind of stove and the picture shows a black wide thing with soap suds, which I mistook for a glass stove. You might want to define what kind of stoves you can clean, so nobody will make the same mistake.

        • Hi Fani!
          The picture shows the stove top with the grates removed – it is clear that it is not a glass top stove.
          Please refer to my disclaimer on my about page:
          Terms of Use
          All information found on is for personal use only. All the information provided on this site is expressly for entertainment purposes only and is my opinion. I am not providing medical, legal or other professional advice. Understand that if you are using any of the information from, it is at your own risk.

          • I came to this site looking for information on cleaning a glass stove top using a Magic Eraser. I saw this photo and also thought it was a glass stove top. Thankfully I read this comment first. Perhaps it would be a good idea to change the photo.

          • Nope, it’s a gas stove 🙂

  63. Barb13658 says:

    The best thing I use them for is getting bugs off my car.

  64. RaeLynn says:

    It was a total disaster with my grandson drew all over our new cream colored plush carpet with a black Sharpie. Tried the magic eraser with water and a little elbow grease and the carpet was new again. Not sure about colored carpets but saved our cream colored one.

  65. Ladies,
    You MUST use coconut oil on your shower glass doors. Works like a charm. Also good for taking off makeup, moisturizes your skin at the same time, good for stripped screws, greasing a cooking pan, good on food and in your coffee and so many other uses.

  66. Eraser sponges at are identical material to the Magic Eraser at a fraction of the cost. And shipping is free!

  67. I just used it on my kitchen tiles, and guess what? I have patches of rough surfaces that I assume they are existed right after I scrubbed the floor. They look so bad under the light. I don’t know if there is way to fix it…Any suggestions?

  68. Hmm… Just wanted to mention that these are made with melamine… Which is proven to be very very very bad for you. I believe it is formaldehyde.

  69. AngelA Bates says:

    They will also remove baked on residue and food from your bakeware!!!!

  70. These work amazing for outdoor items… Patio and Boat cushions (especially in the stitching). We also use them for hand-me-down toys to make them like new. Just avoid any areas that will show scratches like unbreakable mirrors or plastic windows. I also use them on our chair rail & wanes coating. Perfect!

  71. Has anyone had issues with their nails after using the magic eraser? My nails were strong and growing like mad but after a deep cleaning if my kitchen floors using the magic eraser my nails are peeling off. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue.

  72. Coffee stains on counter tops! I LOVE Magic Erasures.

  73. I just learned this wonderful tip the other day… drop a chunk of magic eraser in the toilet over nite and in the morning… shiny toilet. I thought that was kind of out there, but I tried it. I cut about a 1/2 inch strip off the short end and dropped it in before bed and, dang, if my toilet wasn’t cleaner than I can get it on my own.

  74. I have never cleaned with magic erasers. Usually I use sponges but the truth is that they left soapy tracks on the furniture and I hate that. I will definitely give a shot to these erasers. I am curious to see whether they are really magical!

  75. I can’t believe I waited so long to use these magic erasers. I’ve been teaching 3rd grade for 19 years and you can only imagine the mess that has accumulated in my room. Stains that I tried forever to get off with no luck, simply washed away when I used the magic sponges. The first time I used them on the table, my students thought I was crazy because I was making such a big deal of how wonderful these sponges worked! Now I use them all the time for EVERYTHING!

  76. I’m curious on using them on glass doors and windows. Do the erasers scratch them.

    • I haven’t had that problem – they work great on doors and windows. Try in an inconspicuous spot first 🙂

  77. The biggest problem is they get so filthy after one cleaning. Can you put them washing machine without detergent?

  78. I haven’t tried it myself, but was told that if you have that dark stain in your toilet bowl at the water line, to cut up some tiny chunks off a magic eraser, drop them in the bowl and leave them overnight. Supposedly the stain is gone in the morning. Has anyone tried this? Would love to know if it really works.

  79. I used the Magic Eraser on my wind shield on the car. The car sets under a tree all the time and the wind shield looked like it had spots on it. The Magic Eraser worked like wonders. So much easier to see out now.

  80. Bkbekka says:

    I use magic erasers for white leather sneakers or my white bottomed soles (on mesh sneakers) Although I don’t suggest continued use on the sneakers…the erasers are great for scuffs, or stubborn dirt marks. I probably use it too often myself and have had no real big problems using it so often, but I can see wear spots on some of my older sneakers . Other than my sneakers.. . I use it on almost all my porcelain, white counter tops and cabinets. The only think I personally don’t like using the erasers on are wiping down large areas of my walls.

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