Quick Tip – No More Sliding Silverware Trays

It’s probably just me, but isn’t it annoying when you open a silverware or kitchen tool drawer and the tray slides back and forth and front to back?  I know you can put down a drawer liner that will help this problem, but I wanted something a little more stable.  So after some thought, I decided to try I these 3M picture hanging strips.  (I love them for hanging pictures, so I thought I’d give them a whirl this way.)
Guess what?  They work beautifully!  I put one tab at the back of the drawer, and one on each front side.  I removed the adhesive tab and carefully placed the tray in the drawer.
So there you have it – a quick and inexpensive solution to a common kitchen dilemma.


  1. Great tip Becky! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Why have I not thought of this before. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is so smart. I tried the poster adhesive by 3M. Didn’t hold that well. Gonna try this. Do you line your other drawers and shelves? If so with what?

  4. What a totally awesome idea. Brilliant! I have a totally new kitchen and the drawers are much bigger than I was accustomed to. EVERYTHING’s SLIDING! Gotta try this!

  5. I use a big loop of blue painters tape and just replace it when I do crumb clean out every once in a while. Works well and is easy to remove =) All my inserts are plastic though so they are lighter.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m having the same problem.. I tried this and it didn’t work! (maybe my boyfriend just shuts and opens the drawer too hard) I put a little block of wood I had lying around in the back of the drawer so the tray can’t slide anymore!

  7. Anonymous says:

    You are a genius…this makes me crazy…doing it right NOW!

  8. You can also try velcro

  9. You can also try velcro

  10. You can also try velcro

  11. You can also try velcro

  12. Crystal E. says:

    I think I’m in love with you right now!

  13. socialmedia@mmm.com says:

    Our Command(TM) Brand team noticed your blog and fun idea! What a unique use for the Command(TM) Picture Hanging Strips! We wanted to reach out and share some tips for when it comes time to remove them from your drawer. Our medium sized strips need up to 12 inches of room to fully stretch out the strip. The front edge of your drawer will interfere with that so instead, we recommend using a piece of dental floss to cut through the foam portion of the strip. You can hold the dental floss close to the bottom of the drawer and in a back and forth motion, saw through the foam of the strip. This process will remove the picture hanging strip and will probably leave some adhesive on the drawer which can be rolled up and removed with your fingers. Please advise if we can be of further assistance socialmedia@mmm.com. Here is a link that will help too:http://www.command.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/NACommand/Command/Resources/How-to-Use/#video

  14. OMG! Duh! Why didn’t I think of this? thank you for sharing! I’ve been using the stuff you put under the rugs to keep from sliding but it still slides back-and-forth and I have a huge drawer so it ends up all over the place

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