How to Use Microfiber

I use microfiber cleaning cloths for cleaning  just about everything and every surface, so I thought I’d show you the ‘winners’ in my book.  I’ve purchased different brands and types of cleaning cloths with my own money so what you see today are microfiber cloths and tools that really work and are worth the small investment.
What is microfiber?
  • typically an 80% polyester/20% nylon blend
  • comes in various textures and weaves to clean different things

Why use microfiber?

  • no lint left behind
  • dries quickly
  • no streaks
  • no paper towels
  • pennies per use
  • each microfiber cloth has 300+ uses, so if you clean once a week, you’ve got at least 6 years of use on any given cloth
  • washes easily

What’s the best way to clean microfiber?

  • microfiber can be rinsed and wrung out as your using it
  • launder with detergent – never use fabric softener
  • dry in the dryer
Where do I use microfiber?  Everywhere!  Microfiber is my floor to ceiling cleaning tool.  And I definitely take advantage of certain cloths that are designated for cleaning specific things.
{brands are below the pictures if you are curious}
I like this ‘just for wood’ cloth with furnture polish for polishing furniture
{Method brand for wood microfiber}

{Williams-Sonoma dusting mit}

{Method window/mirror cloth}

washing the wood floor and baseboards
{Target brand from the automotive aisle}

{Target brand from the automotive aisle}

this cloth has a tough/scrubbing texture that works great on linoleum floors
{Bissell scrubbing microfiber pad}

electronics – this cloth gets rid of all the dust that collects on screens
{Casabella microfiber for plasma and lcd screens}
{Scotch-Brite 2-sided microfiber cloths}

New to microfiber?  Buy a pack of cloths – different colors work well because then you can use designate different colors for rooms or tasks.  Try using it instead of paper towels or other rags and I think you’ll see that microfiber is a great cleaning tool!

Have a favorite microfiber product?  I’d love to hear about it!


  1. My favorite is the Norwex towels that clean windows…so easy and the windows are streak free and no lint on the windows when done, not to mention – no other window cleaner needed.

    • I haven’t used Norwex, but have only heard good things!
      xo, Becky

      • I was just going to say the same thing about Norwex! They’re amazing and they get rid of more germs than using cleaner because of the silver fibers. I didn’t want to fork over the money at first, but my friend let me use hers and I was sold…cuts my cleaning time in half! I have a friend that sells them if you’re interested…start with the microfibers and window cloths 🙂

    • Janelle Parker says:

      Just finding this blog while researching which microfiber cleaning cloths to buy. Very good information. I was interested in Norwex, but when I saw the prices I was floored. I went to my go-to website for comparison shopping–yes, and continued my research. So many choices, but what I ended up going with was a brand called Skylarblue Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. A pack of 24 was only $25.00–less than the cost of ONE large microfiber cloth from Norwex. Just received them the other day and LOVE them. What sold me was the 300 gsm weight and the quality edges that won’t ravel out. I’ve had that problem with others. I would be leery of any brand that won’t tell you what their weight is in gsm (I think that’s grams per meter??). Anyway, the higher the number, the thicker the cloth. Just my 2 cents!!

      • Janelle, I don’t see the brand Skylarblue on — is that where you ended up buying yours?

  2. I’m assuming you save up all your microfiber from the week and wash all at once? Do you rinse out your washer ( if you use fabric softener on regular loads) to ensure there’s none on the cloths? I’d love to go paper towel free, but just haven’t made the jump yet!

    • I do wash them separately when I have a bucket full and then I usually run the ‘clean washer’ cycle afterwards. I don’t worry about residual softener from other loads.
      xo, Becky

      • Laura, SW Pdx says:

        Do you put them in the dryer or let them air dry? We have our first bucket ready to go!

        • Yay! Dryer!
          xo, Becky

          • margaret minor says:

            I let mine “air dry”. I read somewhere (?) not to put them in the dryer! Takes the “micro-fiber” away. I don’t know–you tell me!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • I have a cleaning business and use only microfiber all day. I save them up in a wire basket (like a trash can) on my dryer and wash once a week (unless I’ve had a super busy week and run out). I wash in hot water with detergent and bleach (because of the fact that they are being used in many different households). I also dry in the dryer. I probably don’t get the same number of uses that those who don’t do this every day get, but I don’t have a problem replacing them when they start to get less fluffy. Actually I just give them to my husband and he uses them in our garage for his projects. I recently bought automobile detailing cloths to use on windows from a company called Adam’s. They seem to work quite well and I don’t get the lint that I was getting previously. It’s all good!

      • I use micro fiber for everything. when I have to wash them I usually have a load of bath towels and I only rinse with vinegar. and I through a couple of balled up aluminum foil in the dryer with them. (found that tip somewhere on pinterest)

  3. Last week I cleaned my wood floors per your instructions and I smile everytime I look at them. They have never looked so good. I use microfiber towels on my stainless and granite.

    • Yay! So happy you like the method – I can’t believe how much cleaner my floors are too! I love microfiber for stainless and forgot to add that to the post, shucks!
      xo, Becky

      • Heather says:

        Hi Becky!

        Love your website! My house has hardwood floors with a layer of polyurthene on it. Would the vinegar be safe to use on it? Thank you! Also, wouldn’t the floors leave an odor after using the vinegar? Thanks so much! 🙂

    • I love microfiber. I clean model homes and they save me so much time, product and trash! Which microfiber do you use for stainless? I haven’t had success with the general cloths…maybe the glass cloths?

    • for stainless steel try their stainless steel cloth or the polishing cloth (if there isn’t stuck on messes) checkout the specials…great variety pack ending Aug. 31, 2012

      I have both Norwex & Ecloth products, both are great but Ecloth keeps more green ($) in my pocket 🙂

  4. I to use microfibre for everything!!!
    Can’t live without them anymore.
    I’m from Holland so we don’t have the same brands as you have and there is a differents between where you buy them but most of all they are working verry good!

    • Microfiber is a great invention, isn’t it?
      xo, Becky

      • Shannon C says:

        Do you really need different colors if you put it in a laundry basket after each use? I understand it all gets washed together anyway so it’s not an issue of washing each set of germs separately. I’m just trying to come up with the simplest way to implement a cleaning system in my home. Thanks

  5. Thank you so much for introducing me to microfiber. I’ve been using them for almost a year thanks to you, and I’ll never go back to rags and paper towels.

    On using different colors: I’ve heard the phrase “pink in the sink, blue in the bowl” as a reminder for which color to use where so you don’t mix them up. (Pink for bathroom counters, sinks, and tubs, blue for toilet exterior parts) Forgive me if I heard this from you and am repeating something you’ve already written, but it’s a great little mnemonic device!

  6. Can you tell me the brands of the microfibers you use in the pictures? I need to know great brands because I want to make the switch!

  7. I can’t wait to buy some microfiber cloths!!!

  8. Great advice for people that aren’t familiar with the wonderful world of microfiber. I would just add that you should not wash your microfiber cloths with bleach or any detergent that contains bleach as it will destroy the fibers.

    One down point to microfiber is that it is SO very good at picking up (and holding onto) dirt and grease that the cloths frequently become stained. Higher grade microfiber (like e-cloth – which recently won a bunch of “best of” awards in REAL SIMPLE magazine) can be boiled which opens up the fibers and releases more dirt. e-cloth also has scientific testing results showing that they pick up over 99.9% of bacteria ( . This is NOT true for all microfiber cloths. I’ve posted a lot of information about how to clean and care for your microfiber on my blog ( – if anyone is interested.

  9. Microfiber cleans very well, although I have not completely changed over to just those. And the towels are good too.

    I have just been throwing them in with the other wash. Do you have any other suggestions?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I love the Bona mop,includes a microfiber cloth head

    • margaret minor says:

      Me too!! Haven’t found anything that cleans as well as the BONA–NO streaks!! Got rid of my Swiffer a LONG time ago!!

  11. Micro Fibre is brilliant, especially on smoked black glass, which shows every speck of dust.


  12. I would really LOVE to use microfiber cloths! However, I find that I cannot stand that they stick to my fingers – does this happen to anyone else? Almost like my skin is too dry – but they don’t look or feel like it. Just wondering…

    • I get the same feeling when using microfiber cloths. It makes you feel like it is lifting up your skin cells. I do still use them, my gripe is that I have to pick out bits of stuff after I launder them, there is a lot of sawdust, wood chips, and craft moss at my house- they hold on to microfiber for dear life!

    • A good quality cloth will NOT give you that icky skin feeling OR contain bits of stuff after you launder them. I love ecloth brand because the price is reasonable for the amazing quality. Enjo is a premium but expensive cloth. Premium cloths do not have cut ends, but are woven and that’s why they don’t stick to your fingers.

    • I have the same complaint about microfiber. I brought a set of sheets and didn’t read the package and once i used them realized their were microfiber. I’d love to use them but can’t stand the way it feels on my skin.

    • I found that the Norwex envirocloths don’t give me that icky feeling when wet, not even when dry. They have a tighter weave.

    • I would like to use microfiber cloths but here is no brand of microfiber anything which works for me. Wearing cotton gloves helped but they really aren’t enough.
      Many people have a sensitivity to synthetic material and feel much healthier using natural fibers, even if cleaning takes longer, sheets are more expensive, etc.
      Nothing wrong with using paper towels when you can’t tolerate other cleaning methods. Plus, you can use them repeatedly if you rinse them after use. If nothing else, use them to clean a countertop, rinse and wipe up anything on the floor!

  13. Wow this website is amazing on residential cleaning I am actually excited to go home and start cleaning after reading all of this! I usually in the past would rather hire out someone else to do it for me but now I feel like I can actually get the job done myself, Thank you!

  14. great article ! I honestly love cleaning and dusting the home using microfibre cloths. I recently purchased a steam mop called h2o mop x5 and it comes with fantastic microfibre clothes, picking up everything and trapping it in. There are lot of steam mops on the market that come with the micro fibre cloth, it makes buying a steam mop all the more worth it then just using a conventional mop. For those interested in buying a steam mop there is a 15% off coupon code available at

    using microfibre clothings on a steam mop is just the icing on the home makers cake !

  15. Where dud you find the scrubbing pad and the television pad?

  16. this may seem obvious, but why no fabric softener?

    • The softener coats the fibers in the cloth and it can’t absorb as much water/cleaner, making it less effective.

    • I would also just add that when used dry, microfiber cloths are pretty good dusters but you need the static charge, which is another reason to not use fabric softener.

      • Why is there a powdery residue on my furniture as I try to dust?

        • Is it the dust being pushed around? What are you using to dust with? If you are using a microfiber cloth, try getting it barely damp so it picks up the dust a little better.
          xo, Becky

          • Thanks Becky. I thought of that but was afraid to use a damp cloth on my good furniture. Wouldn’t it leave streaks? I’m just beginning to use the microfiber cloths and am suffering from information overload. Would love to be able to use the cloths in all the ways I have read about. Wish there was a
            easy to read instruction manual.
            Thanks again will try 🙂

          • If the cloth is BARELY wet it should be fine. Switch out or shake out your cloth often too 🙂
            xo, Becky

          • When I first purchased micro fiber clothes, the instructions were to rinse them with hot water and wring out thoroughly. This works great, especially for dusting furniture. It picks up the dust rather than move it around and It dries instantly. Washing windows with this same method is very effective also. The quality of the micro fiber definitely makes a difference. The only ones that have not worked for me are the ones they sell for drying dishes.

  17. Where do you buy the Bissell pads? Are they cloths or pads that are used for a steamer that you use on floor separately? Thanks!

    • The Bissell pads are from Meijer – they are specifically for cleaning tasks – purchased separately, not for a floor cleaner. But…they seem very similar in texture to a floor cleaner 🙂

  18. Becky,
    love your blog! When you talk about using vinegar on “hardwood” floors are these true hardwood or laminate flooring. We have laminate but I am very loathe to “wash it. I sweep and dust mop all the time but I am not sure if you can damp mop it any ideas?


  19. I love Clean Mama! Thank you for your tips. I have just joined Norwex as an Independent Consultant and I love micro-fiber. It is the way to go in cleaning, and is so much easier. Thanks for helping to make my life a little easier.

  20. Love Norwex microfiber cloths. Better for your skin, better on your wallet, better for the environment. Use only with water while they antibacterialize. Cleaners ruin them.

  21. Also remember that microfiber should only be washed with low or lint-free laundry, so the lint doesn’t “clog up” the microfibers before you use them (so they pick up as much stuff as possible).

  22. Erica S. says:

    Just found your site via a friend’s pin; can’t wait to really dig into it when my 3yo goes to bed tonight 😉

    Question about the microfiber cloths–I have several, but I’m lazy and have always washed them with fabric softener. Is there a way to ‘rejuvenate’ them so that they work better? I, too, experience the prickly, skin-grabbing feeling while touching the cloths (with a sensory disorder, I truly hate that feeling)…

    • Hi Erica!
      You could try soaking in hot water and then laundering as usual (without the fabric softener :))
      xo, Becky

  23. We use microfiber cloths to dry dishes, works better than any other dish towel I have ever bought.

  24. I pretty much only use microfiber in my house. Norwex enviroclothes for kitchen and bathroom and their kitchen rags are great for little fingers and faces (soft yet grippy!). Microfiber on my floors with the mop, windows, in the car, for drying dishes. I even use the Norwex kitchen cloths on my kid’s noses when they’re sick because they’re antibacterial too. No, I don’t sell it, just super duper love it 🙂 I’ve had my bathroom rags for 5 years now and they are still as good as new. Oh, I also used the bathroom faceclothes to remove makeup. No makeup remover needed! It is amazing how much time and money I have saved by investing in my Norwex stuff (actually, most of it was free from a few parties I hosted) because I don’t have to worry about using soaps and cleaners anymore.

  25. I have tiled floors (not those vinyl stick down or roll out things). No matter what I use, they always show streaks. Any suggestions on what to use on them?

  26. Yachico Walker says:

    Great Tips…. Thanks for sharing….. Be Bless

  27. Glenys Eagar says:

    Hi.i want to start using micro cloth and enjoyed reading your page.I am a bit confused as I not sure if you wet them for surfaces and mirrors or just use dry?

  28. Thanks for the post! I’m convinced that microfiber helps you clean better and faster. Plus, when they are rinsed in super hot water and rung out (granted no cross contamination), microfiber rags can go much longer without needing to launder them.

  29. where do you keep your microfiber rags? do you put in the dish cloth drawer or with the scrubbers and sponges under the sink?

  30. where do you keep your microfiber rags? do you put in the dish cloth drawer or with the scrubbers and sponges under the sink? also can you lauder in washer and dry with other rags and towels? do you recommend microfiber cloth over scotch brite scrubbers? can you use bleach and 409 with it? can you wash and dry dishes with it? No lint, right?
    Are you suggesting that we need to buy all these different brands for different uses – window, floor, etc. Is there one you can use for everything? One of the posters said she uses on kids’ faces. Wouldn’t bad chemicals get on them? Sorry I only came across this when research how to clean piano. Microfiber was never even on my radar before.
    Thanks for the information.

  31. Am I missing something? Where are the instructions for cleaning windows with microfiber?

  32. Can these cloths be used with disinfectant cleaners

  33. After you wash with these cloths how do you clean them? I feel like I don’t wanna throw them into the same washer that I wash my clothes in. I wouldn’t put them in the same time but even to do a load right after with undergarments kinda seems like there would be chemicals and house dirt on them

    • I run them on the sanitize cycle in my washing machine – detergent, no fabric softener. Then after that load I run the clean washer cycle 🙂

  34. Jeamme Nadalet says:

    I was given a large quantity of microfiber towels (yellow). Does their color imply they can only be used for specific tasks?

  35. If you want a great deal on microfiber cloths, check out Harbor Freight in the automotive section. They have a four-pack and a 12-pack. The 12 is between 6 & 7 bucks as i recall. Doesn’t get cheaper than that and they get good reviews. I haven’t had mine long, but good so far.

  36. My microfiber cloths are great for dusting and picking up spills, but when I use them to clean the bathroom or kitchen sink I find that they simply push the dirt around and don’t actually seem to pick anything up. Do I just need to try a different (better quality) brand?

  37. I work at a car wash and as long as I can get my hands on a fiber towel that is new and not used much I can get clean windows , but after getting stained and washed several times the streaks are inevitable ? What to do ? UI use a detergent and rinse , they just do not get clean enough to keep from streaking ? If there is a automotive car wash detergent to use that come completely out during rinse please help me and let me know what to use . The longer we use them at the car wash the worse they get . I am talking about severe use . The usual towels we used were cotton blend and always worked great through their life and only started streaking after wearing out and getting thin . The real advantage I see in microfiber is durability they don’t seem to wear at all , but I need clean windows all the time no residue streaks ??????

  38. I know this is an old post so maybe you won’t be able to respond, but I absolutely despise the feel of microfiber on my hands. It is like nails on a chalkboard to me. Are there certain brands that you’re aware of that won’t give me this awful feeling? I wanted to buy the ones in your shop, but I’m afraid it will be like all the other microfiber I’ve used and just make my skin crawl :/

    • Hi Colleen!
      It depends on the percentage of Polyamide to Polyester – mine are soft, especially the gray/polishing ones. Also try dampening them first and I bet you won’t feel that scratchiness 🙂

  39. To minimize the “snaggy” sensation on your hands, wash your hands well, then apply hand lotion. The snaggy sensation is the same thing that grips the dirt and dust.

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