Summer Fun – Bubble Bin

Summer officially kicks off around here in a couple weeks, but with all the great weather, I’m starting to pull together some quick and fun summer activities for the kiddies.  Last week we declared it bubble season and put a ‘Bubble Bin’ together.  (The bin is kept in the garage, having everything in one place makes it easier to keep track of parts and pieces.)  Once the bin was assembled, a bubble party ensued and now we can have a bubble party anytime.
Want to be the mom with the great bubble party idea?  It’s a fun reward for behavior, a job well done, chore charts, a cure for the afternoon grumpies and what do we do now’s.  All you need is a container, a big jug of bubbles, and a mess of bubble wands.  Ice cream and popsicles are optional.
(All items were purchased at Target – the mess of bubble wands was a 25 pack for under $5.)
(I made this recipe on my Pinterest board and it worked really, really well, but it was a little bit sticky with the Karo syrup and my kids tend to dump bubbles by accident a lot….)


  1. what a cute, cute idea!!!

  2. I love the idea of a bubble party, how fun!! But, my two kids always ALWAYS ALWAYS spill the bubbles…so I found these little bubble tumblers
    You can find them at Target, Fred Meyer, probably toys-r-us, or any grocery store in the seasonal section. They are AMAZING, the bubbles can’t spill out of them and they only cost $1-2…I bought several in case one gets lost, and then I just refill with the big bubbles. Now our bubble parties can last longer than the 2 minutes it takes for someone to spill their bubbles, or step in the bubble dish.
    Down side? you cant use the fun bubble wands :(, but they are fun for everyday use.
    There also is a large version of these that has 3 large wands, but we found that the big one didn’t work very well and everyone got frustrated.

  3. I LOVE the bubble bin! I’m going to put one together today! Such a cute idea…my 18m old is obsessed with bubbles, and now I can tell him to go grab his “bubble bin” when he wants to play with them! 🙂

  4. We made something similar over the weekend! Have you heard the “Bubbles” song by SteveSongs (from PBSKids)? We play it when we get the bubbles out and it gets everyone dancing and chasing the bubbles. We all love bubbles!

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