Clean + Organized – 3 Ways to Clean Your Baseboards

Doing a little Spring Cleaning this month with me?  Cleaning your baseboards is a time-consuming, but worthwhile spring cleaning task.  Here are 3 ways to clean your baseboards:
  • Magic Erasers and soapy, warm water
  • microfiber towel and soapy, warm water
  • non-toxic cleaning wipe or baby wipes (my favorite method – it’s the quickest and easiest and I can usually enlist some little helpers)
I start at the top of the baseboards and scrub until they are clean (this job is easier after vacuuming the baseboards and edges).  Another trick that I use is to put a piece of painter’s tape to mark where I need to touch up the white trim after the baseboards are clean.
Any baseboard tips to share?



  1. Never thought of the baby wipes! What a great idea.

  2. In process of doing paint touch ups now! (Aren’t magic erasers wonderful??)

  3. Magic Eraser is the best thing invented!!! I just love it 🙂

  4. I like to use diluted white vinegar in a spray bottle and soft cloth. My kids can help that way too!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I pay my 10 year old $1/room, and hand him a rag and a windex bottle filled with water.


  6. Don’t forget to bring a toothbrush in a cup of soapy water to get into the corners! This was my LOVELY job all growing up so I consider myself a pro 😉

  7. I’m love love love magic erasers. They’ve always worked the best for me.

  8. You definitely want to vacuum the baseboards first! Nothing is worse than trying to clean up wet dust. Vacuuming first really does half of the work for you.

  9. Rather than vacuum first I have a “Webber” broom I sweep over with first!

  10. Scrubbing with dryer sheets can help to pick up any dust and also create a static effect to keep as much dust from settling there

  11. Karen Thompson says:

    Used dryer sheets. 🙂

  12. I discovered the wand style toilet bowl brush made by Clorox, I think. It also makes an excelect handle for holding sponges as well. I had one I got free and never used it for it’s intended purpose. It has the clamp end on it to hold the toilet sponge pads , but it also holds other sponges as well. Great tool for extending my arm so I don’t have to crawl around so much.

  13. Anyone know how to get carpet adhesive off which has sprayed onto the baseboards during carpet fitting and has now gone yellow? It looks so unsightly and I’m loathe to have to repaint them.

  14. I always vacuum first, in the bathrooms I use whatever Multi purpose cleaner I am using and in the bedrooms/main rooms usually pledge Multi surface since I use that to dust.

  15. A fantastic breakdown of cleaning your baseboards – I referenced it on my blog post today –


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