Holiday Shortcuts – Decorating

Have you started?  Finished?  We’re running a bit behind this year, but hopefully we’ll get the tree and some decorations up  by this weekend.  Keeping it simple, I will most likely leave a couple bins in the basement, knowing that what goes up must come down.   
Here are a few shortcuts I’m taking this year….
Only put out special decorations – here are a couple pics from last year that I’m re-creating this year
This is a bit of my Spode collection that I display in the kitchen window sill.
I love snow globes, so those will definitely be back out on this ledge.
Decide now what decorations can go to a friend, Goodwill, garage sale stash – don’t put them back into storage after this year.

Do a couple special kid projects that are simple – a gingerbread house (the kind you buy), make a couple ornaments – I love these:

Make a garland – here are some ideas that I’m loving from Pinterest:

So how about you?  Any decorating shortcuts you’d like to share in the comments?


  1. I’m planning a slumber party for my 13 year old & we are doing a holiday craft! Just not sure which one yet. I think homemade decor is awesome 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I actually did exactly what you said this year (only put up SPECIAL decorations), and bagged the rest for donations! HOW FREEING! And my house looks classy instead of cheesy!

    I wish I could post pic’s of before and afer, but I don’t have last year’s pic’s. But I’ll definitely take pic’s of this years decor like you did to refer to next year 🙂

  3. Pinterest has the best DIY/craft ideas! I love those handprint ornaments.

  4. Mommyblogger- a cute craft is a candle holder. Sponge paint white on a glass round ball candle holder (imagine snowman head). Once dry use a black sharpie to draw dot eyes and dots for the mouth. Then use an orange sharpie to draw a triangle carrot nose. Very simple. Don’t overdo the drawings. Cute!

  5. This year we have been super busy with work so we are also going “light.” I just got put our Christmas lights up this afternoon, but other than that our tree and stockings are up along with a few holiday candles and that’s pretty much it.

  6. Such a good idea to only put out the special decorations. I decided earlier this year to really minimilise Christmas this year with regards to decorations, so to choose only special decs will be a real blessing.

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