Make It: Southwestern Chicken Chili

My sister recommended Mel’s Kitchen’s Southwest Chicken Barley Chili recipe to me a couple weeks ago.  It’s now one of our family favorite recipes – you really should try it.
I made a couple changes – I couldn’t find barley, so I used Trader Joe’s Harvest Grains Blend (Israeli Style Cous Cous, Orzo, Baby Garbanzo Beans, and Red Quinoa).
I also used fire-roasted canned tomatoes, and cooked the chicken first and cut it up.  I then combined everything and heated it up on the stove to a nice simmer and put it in the crock pot for an hour or two before dinner.  Make sure you add a scoop of sour cream and grated cheese to finish this delicious main dish – a crowd pleaser, even for the five and under set.


  1. Love Mel’s Kitchen recipes! This week, I made the fajitas and classic lasagna — both delish!

  2. This looks delish…and I especially love it because you are using a different whole grain!

    I just came upon your site, you are my kind of gal with the cleaning and organization! I recently started a nutrition/health/fitness blog. Now that I’m home with the kids I thought I’d use my education and experience to help other. Check it out!

    It’s new, definitely a work in progress, so bare with me!

  3. This sounds awesome. I love chili and trying out new kinds. Thanks.

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