Spring Cleaning Challenge : Closets

5 Simple Steps to Clean + Organize Any Closet via Clean Mama

It’s Day 3 of the SPRING CLEANING CHALLENGE!  Are you ready to spring clean a closet (or two, or three)?  Here’s my quick and easy way to make your way through WHATEVER you have piled up in that closet.

  1. COMPLETELY EMPTY THE CLOSET:  Yes, moving stuff around will get this task done, but I find that without completely emptying the closet out I am not able to really clean it.
  2. SORT CLOSET ITEMS INTO 4 PILES:  keep, toss, donate, relocate.  Be ruthless with your sorting – weeding out unnecessary items will make it easier to put your closet back together.
  3. CLEAN THE SPACE:  No special cleaning supplies are necessary, a microfiber cloth, cleaning rag, or paper towels are all you need to take care of the shelves and crevices.  Dampen your cleaning cloth with water or use a gentle all-purpose cleaner if necessary.   Vacuum out any crevices you can’t wipe down and finish the space by vacuuming the floor – give it an extra run through to make sure you got all the edges and corners.
  4. GROUP THE ITEMS:  Put your keep pile in front of you and group like items together.  Grouping items together in a closet keeps it looking tidy and it is so much easier to find what you need, when you need it.  The whole point of organization, right?
  5. CONTAIN:  Add boxes, bins, and baskets if necessary to contain like items and to give your closet that spring cleaned look and feel.  Look around your home and see if you have any extra containers that you can repurpose for your closets.

Simple Steps to Clean Any Closet via Clean Mama

That’s how I spring clean my closets – here are a few posts from the other bloggers in our Spring Cleaning Challenge:

Here’s a summary of the challenge…

2. Take pictures of your work and share them with your challenge co-hosts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Use #SpringClean2014 so we can comment, share, and celebrate with you! Here’s how to find us:

3. Enter to win these amazing tools to keep your organized!


The Spring Cleaning Challenge official rules can be found here.





3 Simple Steps to Organize All the Toys In Your House

3 Simple Steps to Organize All the Toys in Your House via Clean Mama

This week’s organizing focus is TOYS.  If you haven’t grabbed April’s FREE cleaning and organizing calendar yet, head on over to this post for a little more explanation.  If the toys focus doesn’t apply to you, take the week off of find another area to organize.  If your kids happen to be on spring break this week, have them help you.  That’s what we’re doing!

Let me preface this by saying that I love the messes that my kids make – it means that they are having fun, using their imaginations, and being KIDS!  I have three little ones – there are toys for boys, toys for girls, toys for school-aged kids and toys for toddlers.  This post isn’t about how many toys you have or don’t have, this post is about how to keep from having toys strewn from one corner of the house to the other.  Figuring out a system that encourages play and discourages the frustration of so many toys being out that it’s hard to know where to start cleaning up (for kids and adults).  That said, there are 3 simple steps that you (and your kids) can take to organize all the toys in your house.  The key is finding systems that encourage your kids to put away their own toys and knowing where to find their toys.

Step One:  DE-CLUTTER.  Get rid of toys that are broken, not used and loved, or outgrown.  Donate the toys and/or give them to neighbors and friends.  If toys are broken or missing pieces, toss them.  Move quickly and don’t think twice about the toys.  If you have toys that can be saved for younger siblings, pack them up and put them away in storage.

Step Two:  GROUP LIKE ITEMS.  If you’re going to keep it, group it with like items.  Toys can be put in a basket or bin or a lidded container.  Store toys in playrooms, bedrooms, and/or closets.  If you don’t have room for said toys, get rid of them or figure out a new system.  The best thing about grouping items together?  Start enforcing a ‘one or two things out at a time rule’.  When your little ones are done with that one thing, all the legos or blocks, or ponies go back in the bin and put away and then a new plaything can come out to play.

Step Three:  START DOING A 5-10 MINUTE CLEAN UP (everyday).  In my opinion, this step is the key to keeping things orderly – set a timer for 5 to 10 minutes and do a quick clean up of the house.  We do this before dinner and it really helps to keep the clutter down to a minimum.

Organizing toys is tricky – there’s a fine line between enough toys to play with and be interested in and too many toys that multiply and take over the house.  This week make it your goal to weed out anything that isn’t played with and loved.  Have any tricks that work at your house?  Share them in the comments!

I did a mini-series that I’m including this post in – Let’s Clean House – Cleaning With Kids.  Go here to see the other posts in this series.



Start Here. April 2014 FREE Cleaning + Organizing Calendar

start here logo

Happy Spring!  If you’ve been working through the Start Here. calendar since January, I hope you’ve met successes and made some progress in your home.  If you’re new here, check out the first post in this series for a little more explanation.

What’s behind the success of any clean and organized home?

Consistency and follow through.

This series Start Here. because without starting something, you’ll never finish anything. Don’t get bogged down in the every day messiness that is life, you have to start somewhere to get anywhere and that’s what we’re doing today. Start here.

Ready? We all have to start somewhere – let’s Start Here.

Here’s a little infographic that explains the cleaning and organizing schedule…


Start Here.  Cleaning + Organizing Calendar Infographic via Clean Mama

Want to join in on the fun? Grab a FREE cleaning and organizing calendar for April (this is free in my shop – if you’d prefer to grab it from Googledocs, you can go here to grab it) and give it a go. Follow along all month for motivational posts and tips to keep up with the daily and weekly tasks.  Need a little more explanation?  Here’s a post on Weekly Cleaning Tasks and a post on Daily Cleaning Tasks.  I’ve/we’ve covered a lot of cleaning and organizing ground – you can go here to see all the posts in this series.  If you’re getting in the mood for spring cleaning – check out my series on Spring Cleaning.

FREE Cleaning + Organizing Calendar for April via Clean Mama

Go here to grab your FREE calendar for April 2014!

My book, The Organically Clean Home, comes out April 18th!  Get your pre-order in!  (Thank you!)

The Organically Clean Home - Clean Mama

cmp ad - 250

(If you like this calendar style, you’ll love The Simplified Life Series in my shop!)

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The Secret to Keeping Mail Off the Counters

The Secret to Keeping Mail Off the Counters via Clean Mama

Last week’s organizing focus was on keeping your counters clear.  Seeing how popular this post was and how many emails and responses I received I am guessing that counters are a common trouble spot for a lot of you.  I’m not going to pretend that there is never a stack of mail on our counters, but I am going to let you in on my secret to keeping the mail off the counters.  Ready?  The mail is sorted immediately.  Revolutionary, right?  No, not really.  But it works!

Here’s my super simple process – I bring the mail in and sort it on the first little counter in our kitchen:

Sort Mail Right Away via Clean Mama

  • JUNK MAIL- recycle or shred
  • BILLS – toss/recycle/shred envelopes and other unnecessary inserts.  Place bills in bill paying basket.
  • MAGAZINES and CATALOGS – recycle those that I don’t want – if I want to keep them I place in my magazine basket.  Another clutter key is that if my magazine basket is full I make myself purge magazines and catalogs so there aren’t piles and piles of magazines.  I only keep what’s in the basket – everything else has to go.
  • INVITATIONS (anything that needs a response) – toss envelopes (unless I need the return address) and put in organizer on the little counter.
  • COUPONS – put in organizer on the little counter.
  • You might think that the obvious secret is to go paperless or paper light, but there is still mail on a daily basis.  I like to pay some bills with a check or at least have the paper bill and then pay online, so yes, I will always have mail.   The REAL secret is to deal with mail right away and to have a place for everything.

This process takes less than 5 minutes a day and you can start it TODAY.  So this week add keeping mail off the counters to your routine with this ‘secret’ and you’ll be well on your way to clean counters for good.

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September Organize It! Link Party

Organize It Linky party at orgjunkie.com

Welcome to the September Organize It! linky party hosted by the Top Organizing Bloggers! Do you have a room or project you’ve been working on organizing? We’d love to have you share it here! Check out the categories below and link up in the appropriate space. We can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to! Our favorites throughout the month will be pinned to our Organize It! Pinterest board.

Organize It!  Files 2

your hosts





  1. Must be organizing related.
  2. Must have the button or a text link, linked back to one of our 8 blogs.
  3. Must be a new link up each month (No duplicates).
  4. A maximum of 2 posts may be linked up each month.
  5. Please link to the correct category.
  6. The link up must be your own work.
  7. We have the right to delete anylink ups that do not follow the rules.




The event will last all of September. You can link up on the first day, the last, or any day in between. Make sure you only link up a maximum of 2 organizing posts per month. We will share our favorite linked up blog posts on “Organize It!”, our Pinterest page. Have fun, get lots of inspiration and share the party with the world!


Organize It Monthly Link Party Organize It Linky party at orgjunkie.com


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BrightNest Guest Post: Clutter, Clutter, Everywhere! 5 Tricks to Fight the Mess

Have you seen the BrightNest website?  It’s a great website that puts a fun spin on taking care of your home.  We’re visiting each other’s sites this week and today I have a great post from Jessica at BrightNest to share with you.


BrightNest is a free site that provides tools and tips to homeowners to help them save money, get organized and keep their homes in great shape. Sign up for a free BrightNest account today!

We all have an Achilles heel of clutter – that catchall for papers, books, knick-knacks and “stuff” in general. Even if the rest of your house is immaculate, this spot (or spots) can be a serious stress zone. Clean it up, clear it out and fight the clutter with these tips.

1. Entryway. If you’ve had a long day, it feels great to drop your bag and empty your pockets at the entryway. The problem is, long days add up. And so does the clutter in your entryway. Creating a system is quicker (and easier) than fighting habits, so identify the problem and adapt: If it’s mail, create a mail system for your family to follow. If it’s shoes, place a shoe rack by the front door. And if keys are the issue, add a bowl to the entryway table or a few hooks to the wall.

2. Under the sink. Your bathroom may look spotless on the surface, but under your sink lurks chaos. Toiletries, hair products and cleaning products all work together to form an intimidating mess. The solution is simple: First, audit what you have. Then, toss what’s old or expired. Lastly, group similar items together in clear containers so you can see what’s there. Done!

3. Top of the fridge. Fridge clutter is generally caused by refugee kitchen items. Make room in your pantries and cabinets for the clutter that’s living on top of your fridge. Once you’ve made some room, move things from on top of the fridge and integrate them into your pantry system. If you can’t break the fridge habit, at least make sure that the items are used every day and organized so that you can see what’s available. Tip: Mason jars make top-of-fridge organization easier.

Go here to see the last 2 clutter-busting tricks!


Kitchen Organization – Under the Kitchen Sink

The space below your kitchen sink can easily turn into a messy catch-all of sponges, cleaning supplies and plastic bags.  But with a couple containers and a little organizing and planning, the space under your kitchen sink can quickly become the efficient space you need it to be.

What goes under the kitchen sink?  It depends on what you need at-the-ready in your kitchen and near your kitchen sink.  For me, it’s a spot to dry dish cloths, store extra hand and dish soap, kitchen cleaners, veggie scrubbers, garbage bags, pot scrubbers…

Use containers to hold similar products – sink and dish scrub brushes are in an upcycled flower pot, veggie scrubbers are in a little dish, and sink stoppers are in a wire container


Need to access cleaners in a hurry?  Try a lazy susan - always have your cleaning products easily accessible.

Some other ways to pretty up the cupboard under your kitchen sink?

  • contact paper – adds a pretty touch and protects your cupboard from leaks and spills
  • containers – group like objects together
  • cover the box for garbage bags with contact paper to coordinate with the bottom of the cupboard
  • lazy susan – keeps spills and drips on the lazy susan and off the floor of your cabinet

What do you have under your kitchen sink?

Curious about my favorite cleaners?  You can check out my updated ‘cleaning routine’ page.

Click here to see all the posts in this series.

Kitchen Month – My Spice Storage + FREE Spice Inventory Printable

Yesterday I talked about spice storage - I gave you a few ideas and challenged you to do a couple things to clean up your spice storage.  Today I’m going to show you how I overhauled my spice storage.  I switched two cabinets around and I’m so happy that I did because it really makes a difference with the efficiency in my kitchen.  Here’s a before pic showing how I had my spices stored before (yes it’s organized, but it didn’t work the way I’d hope it would).

So I cleared out both of my cabinets – the corner cabinet and the one to the right (where I was keeping vitamins, tea, and some miscellaneous baking supplies)

and then I proceeded to switch the items around until it made sense for me – then I evaluated what I would need.  I found  two large (14 inch) clear lazy susans for the corner cabinet, (two smaller 11 and 12 inch) clear lazy susans for the spice cabinet and two tiered spice storage holders.

First up, I rearranged the corner cabinet, moved some of the shelves up  to accomodate the lazy susans.  This is a great solution for us – meds and vitamins are easily accessible, tea and cocoa is right to the right of the mug cabinet, bulk spices are out of the way but still accessible, and my canning jars are at the ready but not in the way.

Once this cabinet was under control, I took on the spice cabinet.

I considered all of my/our cooking and baking needs and annoyances and figured out a way to get the space workable.  First of all, I needed to be able to see everything.  Secondly, quick access to the spices was key.  I was getting tired of hopping on the counter or a stool to find the celery salt.  And I wanted it to look clean and organized.

The Method?

Sort by baking and cooking – alphabetize and put away.  I also separated my cooking herbs out by blends and plain herbs/spices to make it even easier to find the garlic salt.

Here’s a photo run-down on specifics:

What’s the best part?  How easy it is to find everything – isn’t that the point of organizing?  Finding a system that works!

A couple highlights?

I use canning jars for storing everything from baking soda to cupcake liners  (this idea came from Mel at Mel’s Kitchen Cafe) - we bake a lot of muffins to it’s a pretty solution for storing those liners.

Did you spot that spice inventory on the door?  I printed it on cardstock, cut it out, and laminated it.  Then I simply  attached it to the door with removable adhesive strips.  Now when I am running low on a spice I  just put a little check mark in the gray box.  Then when I order my spices I just check the inventory and I know exactly what I need.  It’s a great spice system!

I thought you might like a little spice inventory too to help with your quest for an organized spice cabinet/drawer/wall -  here’s a little freebie just for you!

So tell me?  Does your spice cabinet need a little revamp?   What’s your plan to make your spice cabinet work for you?

New here?

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Have you seen my shop?  It’s full of organizing printable goodness!

If you need a little help starting a cleaning routine, you’ll love my ebook!

New Year’s Organizing Revolution – Week 5

I can’t believe we’re coming to the end of January already – if you’ve been following along with our New Year’s Organizing Revolution, you’ve been challenged to organize your office, your kitchen, your closets, and your living areas.  This week you get to help choose the top four spaces and grand prize winners for this month’s challenge!


But first, the three winners from last week’s living/play area challenge are:
1st Place: 
Laura, from Casual Fridays - JOYS paper filing system

2nd Place:
Katy from Kate’s Great Crafts - Scentsy gift pack

3rd Place:
Vanessa who’s Pinterest pictures are here -  $100 Gift Certificate to Thirty-One {Jessica Wright, Consultant}

NOW these three and all the winners from the weeks before get a chance to see the GRAND PRIZES and vote for the #1 winner!!! Here are the grand prizes.

For First Place:

An Oreck Versa Vac

Oreck Vacuum Website

Value: $249.99

Paragraph (from their website): ”The VersaVac, a full-powered bagless vacuum cleaner that is also a steam mop. The ultimate multi-functional, multi-surface cleaner, VersaVac is powerful and is easy to use — on all floor types. With its incredible suction, an on/off brushroll and adjustable steam settings, the VersaVac has all the power and performance you expect from Oreck. With its dual functions, the multi-tasking VersaVac eliminates the need for multiple cleaning tools!”

For Second Place:

A Membership to Alejandra’s Power Productivity Program


Prize – $197 value Power Productivity Program
 Alejandra Costello is a Certified Professional Organizer who shows individuals how to become more organized and productive on a daily basis by setting up systems that work for their own organizing style. Alejandra started her company, Alejandra.tv, in 2008 at the age of 23 and to date has shared her organizing expertise with thousands of people in over 100 countries around the world. Formerly an IT engineer, Alejandra was named 1 of the 5 most organized people in America by HGTV. Her expertise has been featured in HGTV, The Washington Post, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, The Washington Times, CBS, NewsChannel8, and Mashable. Sign up for her FREE 7-Day “Jumpstart” Video Series  on her website to start getting organized today!

For Third Place:

A Cricut Machine!!!
580538_Cricut Mini 250x250
Prize- Cricut Mini Prize Package- $129 value
Cricut is the family of products that will help you hear the three little words most creators just can’t get enough of: “You made that?” It doesn’t matter if you want to craft cards, scrapbooks, home décor, organizing labels and more. One thing’s for sure, Cricut will always craft a smile. Portable and lightweight, yet powerfully creative—what more could you ask for in a creative partner? The Cricut Min®i machine is perfect for the new and seasoned crafter alike. Designed to work in tandem with our innovative design tool, Cricut Craft Room™, your creativity will reach new heights thanks to this petite inspiration machine.

And for Fourth Place:

Office Depot $100 gift card

Get your gift card and get your home organized with all kinds of Office Depot products. 

Office Depot Facebook Page
Office Depot Twitter

We want to thank all our sponsors for being a part of this challenge. Please go and visit them!

5 Dinners in 1 Hour
Alejandra TV
A Time for Everything
Clean Mama Printables
Clever Container
Closet Maid
Fridge Coaster
Joys Paper Filing
Office Depot
Off the Floor Rack-It
The Neat Company
Thirty One {Jessica Wright, Consultant}

Remember, our hostesses for the month long organization challenge:

If you don’t already follow them on Facebook or Pinterest, this is a group of bloggers you definitely want to follow! You’ll be glad you did, they all have some great organizing tips, and love to work together to bring you fabulous opportunities like this one!

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  • Grand Prizes: Voting for Grand Prizes will include the four winners from each of the four prior weeks. Voting begins 6 a.m. PST January 28, 2013 and ends at 6:00 p.m. PST January 30, 2013. Grand Prizes will be determined based on the highest number of votes accrued during the Grand Prize voting.  4 Grand Prize winners will be announced on January 31, 2013.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.
  • Entrants must be 18 years or older.
  • Winners will be e-mailed and announced here on January 7 (Week 1 winners), January 14 (Week 2 winners), January 21 (Week 3 winners), January 28 (Week 4 winners), and January 31, 2013 (Grand Prize winners).
  • Winners have 7 days to respond to e-mail.

So, who are the past winners that qualify to be a part of this grand prize round?  Vote for your favorite!  The winner will be announced this Thursday (January 31st) so hurry and vote:

Clean + Organized 2013

It’s officially 2013 – Happy New Year!  Ready to get started on a ’Clean + Organized 2013′?  It’s going to be a great year – full of new habits and routines.  You’ll be cleaning a little bit every day – just for 15-30 minutes.  Think of all the time you’ll save not having to look for things – they’ll be where they need to be.   Did you grab the cleaning calendar?  Go to this post to see an infographic and explanation of my monthly cleaning schedule and the FREE printable.

It you bought my eBook, hopefully you’re in (or ready to get into) decluttering mode.  Pulling Yourself Together: Creating a Cleaning Routine that Sticks has a great decluttering section and worksheet sure to get you motivated and on the right track.  I’ve been re-working and decluttering  a couple areas in my home this weekend and I’d love to share them with you.

First up?  Kids’ dressers.  I went through everyone’s clothes and packed away the outgrown clothes, put some in a donate basket, and tossed a couple worn out socks and undies.  Then I put the clothes back like this:

If you don’t fold and put away kids clothes like this, you are missing out!  I’ll have a tutorial this week (it may seem silly, but it will revolutionize your laundry).

We paired down the large toys in the family room to one big basket (on sale at Target this week).

Then I added a couple baskets to the master bath closet and reworked the toiletries a bit.  Nothing too spectacular, but definitely much easier to find everything.

What’s up for you today?  Relaxing?  Taking down Christmas decorations?  Starting in on your resolutions?

Today’s the last day for the big sale in the shop:

Did you see the new Work @ Home Kit?  It’s intro priced at $6 through today – use the 25%off coupn and it’s only $4.50!

New Year’s Organizing Revolution – Week 1

Welcome to week #1 of our New Year’s Organizing PRIZE Challenge. We created this challenge to get you jump started into organizing your homes this year!  You can go HERE to see the introduction , grab a free calendar for the month and see all of the prizes!   Our challenge will only last for 4 weeks. We encourage you to join every challenge to be entered into the grand prize drawing at the end of the 4 weeks!


This week we are organizing the home office or a desk area that you have in your home.
I want to challenge you to start with at least one area in your desk area or office.  It could be a drawer, a shelf, your bill paying method – anything that you do that can help to move you forward in your organizing venture.  I believe in small steps that move you forward in a way that will help change your habits and consequently how you organize your life and routines.  Instead of showing you my whole office, I’m going to show you a couple little areas in the office and encourage you to do ‘a little something’ today and then ‘a little something’ tomorrow and so on.  You’ll love the results!
My favorite organizing ‘techniques’ to use in the office are to use containers and to group similar items together.  The containers keep your drawers neat and grouping similar items together saves you time and energy looking for paper clips, or paper, or the stapler.
I love clear plastic drawer organizers – visually less clutter and they have plenty of space for all the little office items.
Here’s a quick idea – kids home on break?  Have them test your pens and markers and toss the dried out and empty ones.  Then put your pens in a cute mug or cup on your desk.  See, just a couple things will start to make a difference!

Or how about organizing your bill paying this week for the new year?  Here’s a great post on how I did just that!

Ready to get started in your own home this month?  Here’s how to start:


To join our week 1 challenge, follow these 5 steps:
2. TAKE PICTURES of your organized space (you can do an after pic OR before and after pics).
3. LINK UP ON THIS BLOG POST FOR WEEK ONE (put the button on your post)  from your blog or Pinterest (by Thursday night).
4. FOLLOW the hosts of the challenge on Pinterest and Facebook (below).
5. VOTE ON THIS POST for your favorite space of the week (Friday-Sunday)


Below are the prizes for the winners of the week 1 challenge
1st PRIZE – NeatReceipts Scanner $199.95 Value
Neat® is the developer of several cloud-based Digital Filing System solutions, designed to manage personal information with ease and simplicity in order to save time and increase productivity. NeatReceipts® is a portable scanner and Digital Filing System, weighing less than a pound, making on-the-go organization a cinch. NeatReceipts also includes Neat’s unique software that identifies and extracts the important information from receipts, business cards, and documents to automatically organize it for you. All scanned and imported documents can be searched by keyword in Neat’s software so that you can find exactly what you need. Now, users have seamless access to their information from anytime, anywhere via NeatCloud and NeatMobile. We welcome you to visit our social media sites… www.facebook.com/NeatCompany and Twitter feed – @NeatCompany.


2nd PRIZE – $100 Gift Certificate to A Time For Everything Etsy Shop
I am passionate about people living within their means and getting out of debt, but I don’t believe a cash system of budgeting has to mean tattered paper envelopes reinforced with packing tape! I offer a variety of lovely cash envelope system wallets with the hope that each of my customers can find a product that fits her budget, appeals to her personal taste, and functionally suits her needs. My wallets and accessories are handmade by me using designer laminated cotton which is lightweight yet very durable, CPSIA compliant, and free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates. Live within your means with style!


3rd PRIZE – Clever Container: Sophisticated File Box
Is it a file box? Is it a handbag? It’s both! Sophisticated, practical and handy! This beautiful PVC tote comes with 4 coordinated standard letter-sized hanging file folders to fit the 26” file rods which are embedded in the core. The three interior pockets hold keys, phone, and accessories. (11½ x 14 x 6½)
Clever Container is an organizing product direct sales company committed to providing top quality, unique products and solutions to reduce the stress of an organizational task. We have products for kitchens, crafts, closets, drawers, children, storage, offices, and more. Clever Container Consultants provide organizing tips, techniques, and products to help simplify your life in a fun, relaxed setting. Consultants demonstrate the products, provide multiple uses, and share organizing tips which you can use as soon as you get home. Our motto is “It’s not just the product, it’s the process.” As a professional organizer striving to give people the most efficient and effective home, personal lives, and businesses possible, Ashley Meyer of DBL Designs Lifestyle & Small Business Consulting found the perfect partnership with Clever Container. Through Clever Container, she brings quality, affordable organizing products to her professional organizing clients.


Who are these fabulous organizing bloggers that are hosting? They are listed below. We would love for you to stop by each of our unique blogs and say hi.


If you are joining our organizing challenge, grab a button and display it on your blog.
A Bowl Full of Lemons


  • Organize your office or desk area – Even if it’s just a few drawers or the surface of your desk!
  • Take pictures of your finished project — Anna has great photo tips HEREto help you take the prettiest pictures!
  • Post your picture on your blog OR {if you don’t have a blog}, post them on a Pinterest Board
  • Come back to THIS post and link up your Pinterest Board using THIS POST to help you or link up your blog post.
  • On Thursday we will open up the voting, and you can send your friends here and help to vote on their favorite office or desk area!
  • There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!

If you don’t already follow them on Facebook or Pinterest you should – you’ll be glad you did, they all have some great organizing tips!

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New here?  You can go here to grab your FREE January Cleaning Calendar for 2013.

I also have a sale in the shop through January 1st if you are looking for a new, fresh start for 2013 – enter the code 25NEW for 25% off your entire order!

If you need a little help starting a cleaning routine, you’ll love my new ebook!

Clean + Organized 2013 – FREE January Cleaning Calendar

I’m continuing with the Clean and Organized theme for 2013, but we’re going to step it up a notch.  An updated cleaning calendar and look were in order – the calendar has a Sunday start and it’s now vertical to fit in a cleaning or homekeeping binder.

 I made a little  infographic to explain the calendar:

Get ready to start the new year off right – it’ll be a clean and organized 2013!  Are you with me?  Follow on Facebook for friendly daily cleaning reminders.

You can go here to grab your FREE January Cleaning Calendar for 2013.

I also have a sale in the shop through January 1st if you are looking for a new, fresh start for 2013 – enter the code 25NEW for 25% off your entire order!

If you need a little help starting a cleaning routine, you’ll love my new ebook!

See you back here on Monday for the Top Organizing Bloggers’ New Year’s Organizing Revolution!


Pulling Yourself Together: Implementing a Cleaning Routine that Sticks

In the scheme of things a cleaning routine can seem trivial, but without one your home can get out of control in a hurry.  My hope is to help you gain control over your clutter and start with a fresh approach to cleaning your home.  The tried and true methods and techniques I provide are sure to help you pull yourself together in a hurry.

I’m so excited to introduce you to my eBook…

Pulling Yourself Together:  Implementing a Cleaning Routine that Sticks

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What do you get when you purchase Pulling Yourself Together: Implementing a Cleaning Routine that Sticks?

Five Chapters sure get your home and routine in order:


The chapters have spots to write in thoughts and ideas and ways you’ll implement what you’ve read in your own home. 

Here’s a sneak peek at Chapter Two:


Of course a Clean Mama eBook includes great printables! 

Clutter and chaos taking over your life?  Ready to start Pulling Yourself Together?  This is a color PDF eBook (instant download) that you can print out (recommended method), read on your computer screen, or your iPad or tablet.  I know you’ll love the methods of de-cluttering your home and the simplification of a cleaning routine that this ebook will provide.  Priced at just $10, it’s an inexpensive way for you to put some order in your life.

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How to Stop the Paper Trail – Card Storage

We’ve been working through letting go of paper clutter over the past few weeks, tackling areas and methods to eliminate the stream of paper and piles. Today we’re talking about CARD STORAGE!  Perfect for this time of year, no?  I’m not talking about cute displays for your Christmas cards that you see all over the place this time of year, I’m talking about what you do after the birthday or holiday is over.  Do you keep them, toss them, save them in a special place?  I don’t keep all cards, but the special ones I do save.  My ‘organization method’ for cards is a ziploc bag with the event and year on them.  Totally not archivally safe and not a great method, but at least it’s a step better than crammed in the back of a drawer, right?  So I’m working through this with you and I’m here today to provide some ideas for cards storage for all of us.  Here are a couple ideas that I’ve rounded up….
cute idea if you only save a couple really special cards


use an expandable file folder – divide by person, year, event…
this could work, but the cards would have to be on the smaller side
my favorite idea – cute covered box for card storage


 So….do you have a great method to share your sentimental card storage?
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4 Free Organizing Tricks

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your home organized.  Heck, you don’t have to spend a dime with these four organizing tricks that I’m sharing with you today.  They’re simple, you might already do them, but most of all I hope they encourage you to look around your home and think of simple ways you can organize with what you already have.
Trick #1: take paper goods out of their container and place them on a shelf.  Toilet paper even looks better lined up in an orderly fashion rather than on a shelf in the plastic wrapping.
Trick #2: use jars for simple, upright storage – I use this vintage little pimento jar for holding my small makeup brushes.  Use jars to organize dry goods, craft supplies, and for holding pencils and markers.
Trick #3: cut the tops off of boxes for easy access.  No flaps to open and close, just trim off the flaps and you have free storage.
Trick #4: hang cleaning supplies from wire shelving – I do this in our mudroom – easy to grab and the bottles are out of the way.
So there you have it, 4 easy tricks that you can use to organize for free.  What organization hack are you using – have a great idea to share?
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