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Sunday Prep : Simple Things You Can Do to Get Ready for the Week

Part of the beauty of my cleaning routine is that Sunday is a day of rest, relaxation, and family time.  I still keep up with my daily tasks –  make beds, check floors, wipe counters, clutter, and laundry, but I don’t have a specified cleaning task.  Some Sundays I use that extra time that I’m not cleaning routine-ing to do a couple things in the afternoon or evening that set us up for the week ahead.

Don’t think that you need to do all of these things, just choose one or two that you think will be benefit your next week self.

Sunday Prep : Simple Things You Can Do to Get Ready for the Week

  • Double check the calendar and/or your planner and make sure you have everything accounted for and that you know what’s coming in the upcoming week.
  • Empty dishwasher or finish washing dishes – put everything away.  I love starting the week with an emptied dishwasher and sink.
  • Clear a counter or small space – a mini declutter session sets your home up for more organization.
  • Scrub the kitchen sink – I use this recipe and method.
  • Wash and cut produce for lunches, snacks, and dinner.  This is super helpful for keeping good habits of snacking on fruits and veggies in lieu of other choices and it’s time-saving for the coming week too!
  • Catch up on laundry – empty those baskets and make sure everything’s put away.  Check out two methods here.
  • Set out clothes for Monday or for the whole week.
  • Prep a meal or two (or more) for the coming week.  Simple steps like cutting up veggies for a salad or crockpot meal or browning turkey for spaghetti can make the week run a little bit smoother.  Here’s a post with a free printable checklist perfect for meal prepping.
  • Bake something!  We make muffins, granola, and energy bites on weekends.  They’re great for breakfasts and lunches for the week ahead.
  • Finish a project – if there’s something that you need OR want to get done, just finish it up.  I find that Sunday evenings I’m rested and ready for the week and a little more ambitious.  I might work on going through photos or finish up a good book.  It doesn’t have to be housework!

What’s one thing that might help your upcoming week?

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