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The Perfect Picnic Bag

The Perfect Picnic Bag via Clean Mama

I like to plan things out and being spontaneous isn’t one of my best qualities.  But I’ve found that I can embrace spontaneity with a little planning ahead.  And guess what?  No one needs to know that the surprise picnic was easy to pull together.  In the summer it’s fun to grab sandwiches for lunch or dinner and head to a park for a little impromptu picnic.  This perfect picnic bag is how I pull it off with ease.  It’s super easy to pull together – you might even have the necessities already!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a bag large enough to hold your supplies
  • plastic bags to tote away any garbage
  • disposable plates
  • wipes for hand and face wiping
  • silverware and napkins
  • plastic straws (if necessary)
  • bath towel to wipe down any tables or equipment
  • tablecloth for sitting on or covering a picnic table
  • large rocks (in a plastic bag) to hold down the picnic tablecloth or blanket

Picnic Bag Supplies via Clean Mama

I love having silverware ready to go – this works great for get-togethers and for this picnic tote.  If I’m doing this for a get together I’ll put the wrapped silverware in a basket at the start of the buffet line or in the middle of the table.  Easy peasy!  All you need is silverware (disposable or not), napkins, and washi tape.  Simply roll the silverware into the napkin and adhere a little washi tape to keep it together and that’s it!

Pre-Wrap Silverware via Clean Mama

Ready to make a little spontaneity in your meal planning?  My favorite part of picnic-ing (next to the quality family time, of course!)?  No kitchen mess!


Chores and Responsibilities for the School-Aged Child + FREE Printables

Chores and Responsibilities for the School-Aged Child via Clean Mama

As a mom to three children, two elementary age and one preschool, I can firsthand testify that our home runs more smoothly when everyone pitches in. As children grow older, their ability to contribute to household tasks and chores increases as well.  If you haven't included your children in tasks around the home or if you're struggling to come up with age-appropriate tasks, you'll love this post! I recently featured a post full of all sorts of … [Continue reading...]

FREE Cleaning Calendar for July 2015

Fresh Start Calendary for July 2015 via Clean Mama

It’s almost July and that means that it’s time for July’s FREE cleaning calendar! If you’re feeling like you need some help with your cleaning and homekeeping and don’t know where to start, you’re going to love my cleaning routine and calendar. I keep daily homekeeping tasks to 15-30 minutes a day and this simple plan is how I do it!  This is a solution for busy households – give it a go, I think you’ll be surprised how a little bit every day can … [Continue reading...]

30% OFF FLASH Summer Sale!

Summer Flash Sale - Clean Mama Printables

Happy SUMMER!  I'm just popping in to let you know I'm having a FLASH Summer Sale in the shop - Clean Mama Printables - through Monday.  Use the coupon code 30SUMMER for 30% off your ENTIRE order!  Hurry!  Ends 6/29/15 at 6PM CST pm … [Continue reading...]

Chores and Responsibilities for the Preschool Child + FREE Printables

Chores + Responsibilities for the Preschool Child via Clean Mama

It is a question that I receive often - how do I get my kids involved in cleaning? Just what chores are appropriate for their age?  With three kids of my own, two elementary aged and one preschooler, I feel as though I have honed in on just what to expect for a variety of ages. Today I am covering the preschool age group while the older kids will be covered next week. Preschoolers are eager helpers and it's hard to figure out just how to best … [Continue reading...]

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Just popping in to tell you that The Clean Mama Newsletter is starting up this week.   If you already get my posts in your inbox, you're all set and ready to receive the newsletter.  If you don't get them, make sure you sign up in the sidebar where it says Get Updates and Subscribe or you can just pop your name and email address into this web form: What will the newsletter be about?  I'll feature a handful of my favorite posts from the month, … [Continue reading...]

The One Task That Will Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

The One Task That Will Keep Your Home Clutter-Free via Clean Mama

If you are new here, chances are the title of this blog post reeled you in.  If you're a regular reader, you know that I am big on simplifying and streamlining tasks around the house.  Keep reading for some realistic action steps you can apply today to getting and keeping your home clutter-free. If you can relate to at least one of these statements, chances are you can benefit from ONE TASK that will help you and your family keep your home … [Continue reading...]

Homekeeping Society | July Essentials + coupon code

July Homekeeping Society Main - Clean Mama

If you feel like you need a little help staying on top of the dailies, you will be thrilled with July’s HOMEKEEPING SOCIETY. Complete with seasonal touches, this month features a soft navy and kelly green with a summery picnic plaid design. Not sure if Homekeeping Society is for you?  Try it out this month and use the coupon code 25JULY for 25% off your FIRST month (offer ends June 30th). You'll love the EASY PRINT feature, simply open and … [Continue reading...]

30+ Things Your Kids Can Clean : A Room-by-room Guide for the Home

30 plus things your kids can help clean - a room by room guide for the home via Clean Mama

With the onset of summer and the end of the school year, it isn't long before both moms and kids crave a little routine and order. A looser summer schedule brings both freedom and a little extra chaos as messes tend to accumulate a little faster and are a little more rampant throughout the house. To help offset the inevitable, I like to have my children help clean whenever and wherever possible. Even little ones can learn how to help with simple … [Continue reading...]

Toilet Care Game Changers

Toilet Care Game Changers via Clean Mama

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The Clean Mama Cleaning Routine FREE Printable

The Clean Mama Cleaning Routine FREE Printable Checklist via Clean Mama

As part of the Simple Summer Challenge, I'm encouraging you to incorporate a couple simple tasks into your routine.  These tasks are my normal cleaning routine, but if you haven't tried them or followed through, try adding them in this summer and see how it works for you.  I made a cute printable for you today that might make it a little more fun to keep on track with the tasks. The Clean Mama Cleaning Routine is the routine that I developed … [Continue reading...]

Shop Update + SALE : Homekeeping Foundations + 2016 Calendars

Homekeeping Foundations planner pages via Clean Mama

I am so excited to share a brand new product with you today! I've been working on an updated home management binder kit for what feels like years and finally have it ready!  Managing a home can be complicated and I wanted to take the guesswork out of it and create something that is pretty to look at and functional.  Enter THE HOMEKEEPING FOUNDATIONS KIT.  Each section is color coded, it prints off in one easy print document OR you can print … [Continue reading...]

Kid-Friendly Cleaning Caddy + DIY Cleaning Spray

Tools for Cleaning With Kids via Clean Mama

With summer upon us, structure and routines change.  In our house, the kids are responsible at an early age (I start with simple tasks at 2 years old) for tasks and chores around the house.  It's helpful for me, teaches responsibility, and keeps the nagging away.  With my cleaning routine I am doing a little bit of cleaning every day and I integrate that into the kids' days as well.  We all do a little bit every day and it really is just a couple … [Continue reading...]

Clean Mama’s Simple Summer Challenge

Clean Mama's Simple Summer Challenge via Clean Mama

Can you believe next week is the start of June?  My kids are out of school next week (yay!) and we've been thinking about what we want the summer to look like.  We've done a little brainstorming and goal setting and have come up with a reasonable schedule for the summer.  My goal for the summer?  Get bored, relax, and really enjoy the time that we're home together.  It's such a short window of time between now and when they'll be setting alarms … [Continue reading...]

Homekeeping Skills You Need In the Bathroom

Homekeeping Skills You Need In the Bathroom via Clean Mama

Keeping house is not instinctive for most people, it’s a learned behavior and habits that need to be repeated (all the time, unfortunately) to be effective.  Here are 5 most-asked questions regarding tasks for cleaning and maintaining bathrooms answered in true bossy-pants fashion.  Try out my techniques and see what you think!  Hopefully my methods are time-saving and effective for your homekeeping endeavors.  Keep an eye out for more posts in … [Continue reading...]