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9 Things to Clean When the Kids Get Sick

9 Things to Clean When the Kids Get Sick via Clean Mama

Sickness has been making its way through our house this week and while it seems pretty much impossible to stop, I thought I’d share a couple things that I do as soon as possible when someone gets sick in our house.  Call it the Clean Mama ‘My Kids Are Sick’ Cleaning Routine.

Full disclosure:  I am a little freaky when it comes to illness.  I was much worse when I was a teacher, going into full-on internal panic if someone looked a little green.  Being a mom has loosened my paranoia quite a bit, but I have a little routine that I put in effect when anyone comes down with something.  When I say come down with something I am NOT talking about the sniffles or a little cold, I am talking fever, stomach flu, viruses, etc.  I hope it goes without saying that  of course I take care of my children before doing the things on this list.  Usually I complete these when said sick child is sleeping or on the couch watching a movie.

  • Change hand towels.  Continue to change hand towels daily ( I do this as part of my routine, especially during cold and flu season) until everyone is better.
  • Remind kiddos about the importance of hand washing – 30 seconds, sing happy birthday, wash past the wrist, etc.  Practice what you preach and wash your hands frequently too.
  • Give kids a plastic bag (ages 4+ only for safety) for tissues – keep on the couch or wherever they are camped out so tissues aren’t strewn all over.
  • Clean all bathrooms – if you only have a couple minutes, wipe down the sink handles and toilets.  Here’s how I clean all my bathrooms in 15 minutes – a great method anytime, but especially effective when everyone comes down with something.  When everyone is well, do a thorough cleaning of the bathrooms.
  • I keep a plastic bucket in the garage and line it with a plastic bag for anyone that might not make it to the bathroom.  Use plastic liners in garbage bags to contain the germs a bit as well.
  • Use a cotton ball or cotton cosmetic cotton pad with rubbing alcohol and wipe any remotes/phones/video controls.
  • Use a sanitizing wipe or rubbing alcohol pad to wipe down switches and switch plates, door handles, and the refrigerator handle.
  • Wash bedding – I usually change pillow cases and leave the actual bedding until the sick child(ren) is/are better.  Don’t forget to wash pillows, comforters, quilts, and throw blankets on the couch too.
  • Soak toothbrushes in hydrogen peroxide for about 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly in water.  Replace toothbrushes when illness is over.

I’m always so thankful that I have a cleaning routine when something unexpected strikes – the house is tidy because I keep up with the daily tasks, so a couple days of not completing every task isn’t a big deal.  Don’t ever fret about not completing a task for the day: a) it’ll be there later, b) it’s just cleaning, c) you can catch up on Friday or next week.  And I’m always up for extra cuddles and snuggles from my babies.

Here’s a little idea for a sick kit – something simple to throw together and have on hand through the fall and winter.

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